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  1. The real question is whether it contains an April Fool’s prank/Easter egg….
  2. That's unfortunate, it would've been nice to learn more about the new planet before you removed it
  3. This is quite intriguing! Im also curious about the game mechanic that these neat radiators will be attached to. Will it be more like Nertea’s excellent SystemHeat, or more like the stock system we have now? I would personally prefer the former.
  4. hmmmmm seems I missed a few calls. hopefully @ColdJ or @AlamoVampire is here!
  5. Does it use a similar system to DockRotate? I used that mod for months before 1.12 and never had drift issues.
  6. Beautiful fairing. It’s nice to see you making stuff again, even if it’s due to bad circumstances.
  7. The zero g is destroyed by a random deceleration of the ship
  8. Barely. TUBM has smelly feet!
  9. Great work on this! It’s nice to see this sort of thing in a mod for stock parts. I would also recommend taking a look at the work that’s been done with WF+SS for RO. There are some very nice plumes from that.
  10. Banned because I wanted to break the chain
  11. Banned for the very notion of handling truths!
  12. Clack! (If you’re on a typewriter)
  13. Happy February everyone! Here's hoping that those Artemis dates hold up.
  14. So you’re saying carrot juice would be a better choice?
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