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  1. Finally, a (more) worthy opponent.
  2. Quick question, is ksp++ still included in the mod?
  3. Q: How does a orion drive not blow itself up, what about the explosion caused by the bomb? Or shrapnels and/or shockwaves from the explosion? (Shockwaves apply only when launch)
  4. Yeah but before I updated B9PW, It wasn't like that. Should I provide you with a log file?
  5. I have a problem with my textures: https://i.imgur.com/gbswulZ.png It's shiny. it's just a shiny panel... Is it intentional?
  6. A recent issue/bug was discovered when I was testing the config. weird line things were appearing. And a saturated circle was forming around scatterer's water. I removed it at the cost of AmbientOcclusion being removed. Still, it's a temporary fix, I'll try to add the effect back when I can find a solution. Before that, I'll keep it removed. Fix: Removed Module Ambient Occlusion from the main config file. EFFECT { name = AmbientOcclusion Intensity = 2.57861638 ThicknessModifier = 0.0628930852 As of haziness, It does kinda look a bit smoky and foggy... I'll put up a poll, and uhh I'll proceed accordingly
  7. Release Alpha 0.2 7/11/2021 -Fixed *line* issue -better performance Github: https://github.com/Gteditor99/Editor99-sTUFXPROFILE/releases/tag/0.2
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