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  1. Can you please share an image of the issue? I have not touched shadows at all in my mod so I could use more information and again Thanks for liking the mod
  2. UPDATE December 3 2022 Patch update 1.4 out now! License Issues Fixed! Some new Textures! Download from here : https://github.com/parkerman-com/KHNS/releases/tag/Beta-1.4 @Astra Infinitum @Superluminal Gremlin
  3. Amazing mod my dude I suggest you add a stanford torus and Eve cloud cities Are you sure you want a MIT license? people can use your stuff as they like i say use All Rights Reserved or CC-BY-NC-ND
  4. Nice Kerbin System Will be Awesome now and Minmus will be Bigger i dont see why you need to change Jool (Only the Planet) Because the 1.10x+ enhancements make it awesome!
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