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  1. If you change the description you lose the shader right>?
  2. Nice Kerbin System Will be Awesome now and Minmus will be Bigger i dont see why you need to change Jool (Only the Planet) Because the 1.10x+ enhancements make it awesome!
  3. nah @ssd21345 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HAuc-8HNZTDl6yBGbgk-859U4MEnnkkM/view?usp=sharing Here is a Patch Courtesy of @Meid It fixes all the known Issues of the Mod I'll put it up on the Github Don't Worry Its KHNS folder only
  4. - Maybe add Easter eggs - Maybe More Craters on some bodies and/or details to their respective maps - Maybe even some funky science texts - Other Mod Compatibility (PlanetShine and DOE and Research Bodies [Maybe even CRP] would be the best and coolest mods to target to add) (the latter isn't very hard and super cool too, upto you though) Again Really Cool Mod, Love it!
  5. Oh its because of the Kerbol revamp Which does the same thing as RSS (replace Kerbol) and therefore things don't work, and yea the other things are coming too (other mod support)
  6. Not the most interested so this is my first and last Second I made a interstellar mod + yea Its quite cool to have These little connections with the community people (Matt is in the community not the Dev team) Thanks for inviting me Over and Out, An Amongus Sussy Player
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