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  1. Yes vabien apparently in 1.12 scatterer screws up EVE glow and fog and idk if there is a fix the same issue occurs in KHNS
  2. This was more of you know, joining them and removing but maybe its too much to ask ig
  3. HI everyone Is it possible to make a system where a vessel is treated as 1 part but the sub functions of it component parts remain in the vessel because KSP accounts for every single part although that is for Physics purposes i mean like reentry space station breaking but that also causes kraken so maybe you can enable this mod while in flight or sth or just straight up cheat because the kraken is nothing but the parts physics messing up and and making everything one part essentially negates kraken and if you worry about aerodynamics the aerodynamics is by shape of craft and its not bang on accurate so eh its just reentry and smashing on the ground so basically what my idea is to make a catalog for the OG parts in a Cache file or something which can be Accessed easily and The atmo physics that breaks the parts off can be applied through stress regions i guess but it is a way to do stuff so like the parts are like ghosts they are there but not accounted for and are broken through stress regions how does this sound for a plugin
  4. MAJOR UPDATEMAY 19 2022 I Revamped Anatanis (New VS Old) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Other Planet Updates Teekarden B and C will be by the names Leo --> B and Nara --> C Pembuko to be removed From Kerbol, for use Elsewhere (Not Decided) Kerbol is Completed As Is ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Other News BUG FIX UPDATE 1.3 COMING SOON ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That's All for now Folks, Over and Out, An Amongus Sussy Player
  5. Hey man I really like this mod Infact the terrain textures SERIOUSLY need an upgrade because they are an essential part of the mod (infact the most essential) and just zoom into your maps a little because in my playthrough I have had an issue with Low quality maps
  6. UPDATEMAY 17 2022 I will be doing Teegarden's Star and Tau Ceti these will be Named Teekardens and Kerit Urti respectively. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Proper Markdown and Instructions Now Available on Github : https://github.com/parkerman-com/KHNS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ That's All for now Folks, Over and Out, An Amongus Sussy Player
  7. This is kinda have Low res textures and (that black icon) i recommend to use 4k textures
  8. Thanks for the Update Cannot Wait! Some nice decoding job man
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