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  1. no but the terrain will be different so there is going to be some craft explosions but otherwise it will be fine im currently done with most revamps just gonna release it as a gift to the community i will post screenshots soon @Cyrus Playz is doing maps for eeloo's moon and dres's moon and for now ike has a meme map
  2. thats not a the thing those are not pyramids they are caused by the terrible stock wrapping system
  3. We are going to pick out everyone's answers and then we are going to make out which is best @ffx
  4. @Spaceman.Spiff @Souptime @JB182 @Dientus @ShuttlePilot @Stormpilot @ZinkBot @thomas81 We are nearly done with the kerbol system and are planning a new star system but we need a name to the star which is a red dwarf we are calling it gene's dwarf but thats not good soooo
  5. Really the reason is a part of the kopernicus config called randomMainMenuBody = true because that is enabled rather than kerbin its the moon but do you like the moon?
  6. @Souptime So its really simple to make heightmaps in GIMP the best way is shown here : https://imgur.com/gallery/gnTsBcY
  7. Yes im very sad about this at the same time im happy Squad you put a lot of effort and we modders will keep your legacy alive and remeber Ksp1 will never die. again gonna miss you. Hats Off to your work Good Bye One of your game's modders, Weak Player
  8. @ffx we are currently developing eve and eeloo as well and working on moons and you'll see them soon
  9. @ssd21345 Its movavi but seriously i was getting a steady 60-75 fps ingame do you like duna tho?
  10. This mod is a Collab with @Cyrus Playz to make a revamp of the stock planets AND add new planets and star systems We are Aiming for a release of Ksp's 10th anniversary. Plans : Duna completed : (sorry for the fps my recorder was on low speed mode) https://imgur.com/KeQO5nS
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