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    Fusion rocket technologies development manager
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    Inside the crammed mk1 command pod
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    Fusion rocket engineer (no seriously)

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  1. @Weak Playerif you have a discord server, pls link the server in your signature so more member can join it :)

  3. [snip] lets not be so rude just say goodbye as the person may be under a mental breakdown or in depression... idk but being rude isn't good at this type of time
  4. Ok i could help you in the fourms but if you want to leave then its your choice i can only say good bye, I will maintain Titania from now, Good Bye @ffx hope your journey ahead is going to be a good one!
  5. We had a discussion @smushanoob isn't a full time dev so ye
  6. absoluteyl ded im very busy tbh in kopernicus modding for spur
  7. @TheProtagonists May I use the EVE sunflares and cloud maps? I WILL credit you and I will NOT take any planetary textures and configs, thats my promise I hope you understand
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