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  1. Ok, I understand KSP2 is in focus now, but come on? Why must KSP1 be at the bottom?
  2. Im excited about ehh . Interstellar stuff and multiplayer in the future. And new parts. And new kerbal models. Everything, really.
  3. Ok... WHY I have a laptop. Nvidia GeForce940m. I don't want to upgrade. KSP is somewhat good on such laptops. KSP2 IS A PAY TO WIN. THEREFORE I UHH read the About me in my profile
  4. Its actually 1.10. I played console. A long time ago. I just got the game on my laptop.
  5. You edit the GameData/Squad/Spaces/Partyouwanttoedit/fileinwhichtheinteriorisshown.(usually model001) So in GIMP you have to make sure you export the file as a .dds (its usually a .dds) and set GENERATE MIPMAPS and compression to the first one (BC1). It's... low quality. It can't be better. (I made the tape too) P.S. Of course, to get to this I tried all compression methods.
  6. I didnt know people still commented on this thread, you may now receive your badge! Goes to you as well!
  7. The title explains it. What happened is the place of the poster was grey, like the background grey. Why? I edited the ksp_l_cupola_internal_diff.dds and just put the propaganda (way smaller, of course) on the spot of the picture from the Mun. Now its gray. And I didnt save the version with the original picture.
  8. I have an Eduard MiG-15 (still havent startet it yet). It only has 5 polish stickers (the model requires 6). Now yes, there is a Soviet, a Romanian, a Chinese and a Korean registration too but I want to make the Polish one. But oh well, I'll either buy Bulgarian roundels or make it Soviet.
  9. Ok I have to say it... It looks like the Infinity Gauntlet. P.S. Its hard to land near it. Even harder to land ON it.
  10. I sent a observing satellite to the Mun, after which I found the new easter egg and landed near it with a Kerbal X. Pretty much nothing.
  11. Of course, I got the game on laptop and I'm already in with a craft! The MSS (Mango Space Shuttles) 100 "Phoenix". Along with my first ever FINISHED blueprint!2 Here is the blueprint I guess: And here is the craft on KerbalX (Along with 2 variants): https://kerbalx.com/AerodynamicKerbal/MSS-100-Phoenix-cargo-version Happy flying everyone!
  12. Theres a bad thing about controllers. If you both rotate by any axis and zoom in/out the trim thing activates, which SUCKS. IT RUINS EVERY FLIGHT IN ITS PATH. And of course, there is no way to reset it.
  13. All of my first orbits were polar (why). When I come to think about it, its funny.
  14. If we're talking about atmosphere realism, then 50km is something like 100km on Earth. 70km is something like 1500-4000 where the Earth atmosphere barely even exists. But again, KSP has no orbital decay (and its better that way).
  15. Its just not there. Edit: Im sorry, Im stupid. I forgot to download the mod again after I reinstalled the game. Sorry.
  16. Crimes on the version I got from Epic Games. Im currently trying CKAN. But since I broke my screen (because of War Thunder, I deleted it last week) and now I have to use the original laptop screen that has an awful green hue. Absolutely no red color. I think of getting a no lag simple video recorder (any ideas?). That means Ill continue making videos on my dead YouTube channel. What im doing in this EXACT same moment is Im trying a telescope and camera mod.
  17. The Kronal Vessel Viewer's last update was made compatible with 1.9 or something. Well, it isnt compatible with 1.12. And I dont want to revert the game to an older version everytime. So how do I make a nice and clean blueprint?
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