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  1. I think that you cant do it with the touchscreen thing. I do it with the sticks
  2. Im seriously wondering what the console devs are doing right now. They are probably getting paid for staying there and doing nothing.
  3. Enhanced edition's lag beats Moar boosters
  4. Would be cool if they can get some supplies like DVDs to entertain themselves and be less crazier (but using the same DVD too much will make them crazy again). Also wouldnt it be cool if they calm down when they go on EVA? (Totally NOT a For all mankind reference)
  5. Sergei Korolev beats 100% launch failure
  6. N1 (soviet superiority) beats Saturn-V (stinky american rocket)
  7. Forgetting to turn solar panels on (leading to loss of electricity, therefore probe signal is lost) beats uncrewed probes
  8. I refuse to believe that humanity has upgraded its technologies so far that now we have this. Just imagine how great actual James Webb pictures will be!
  9. Im still wondering what the Enhahced edition team is working on right now...
  10. It would purely be good if we can get KSP on Steam for free, if we redeem that we have it bought on console already...
  11. Yesterday I was trying to connect my MS acc to my Minecraft PS4, but yet I couldn't. So instead of that I made my first successful propeller plane! Its sort of based on the I-15, if we talk about the wings. Thats all.
  12. Enhanced Edition is [Insert bad word here]. It could be better just by getting magical lag reduce and of course, 1.11 and 1.12.
  13. As a console player, I think it has to do something with the R1/L1 buttons. I havent tried so far.
  14. A bunch of medicine defeats old age
  15. Orca (sometimes) beats orca
  16. Shark beats fisherman (sorry lil fisherman)
  17. As PS5 came, im not even sure if KSP2 will come out on PS4!
  18. Nope, this thing aint dying. Reviving in progress!
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