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  1. Hmmmm, I think either Laythe or Minmus are overrated. Or maybe I should mention Eve as well. The most underrated is Moho or Dres and maybe Pol and Bop
  2. Yesterday I continued with the VTOL projects and I MADE A PLANE THAT CAN TAKEOFF WITH FOUR JUMO ENGINES. But I threw it away. Too slow. Might try to make it Mk3 sized and use BIGGER engines. I also tried making a Falcon 9-styled Booster but... The game crashed (for some reason it always happens on the PS4) and I Was too lazy to restart the game. Any tips for good engines for such boosters? Note: I might want the booster to be an SSTO
  3. So today I was casually playing on my PS4 and I was making a VTOL with harrier-like nozzles. It didn't work, but I got interrupted by SEVERAL bugs. First was: "Auto-saved craft being loaded" second, "vessel doesn't get fully loaded" and the last one: GAME CRASHING. So that's why I think of moving to the PC/Laptop version. Does anyone know If there's a way for me to get a free copy of it?
  4. Today, the brave kerbals Jeb, Bill and Bob returned from the Mün SUCCESFULLY. It was Jeb and Bill's second mission there, but Bob's first. However, Bob had to stay in a LMO, because of the Apollo style. Btw I tried making a polar landing to visit the kerbal Santa, but the re-entry decided to sent me at the southern pole. At least I still landed on ice. Fun fact: I decided to crash the lunar module at the Mün after Jeb and Bill transferred to the Command Module. Another thing I did today was RECONFIGURING my space station. Not a lot, but it looks cooler. And I tried making a Space Shuttle but what came out was POOP I successfully entered the worst orbit I've ever seen (350k and 71k meters). I mean, THE VECTORS MADE THE WHOLE THING SHAKE. What was the cherry top was the Columbia style re-entry. Hmm, actually not a lot exploded! Only the control surfaces on the left wing and the Right wing. I tried [roleplaying] saving the kerbals by ejecting them from the cockpit. Jeb survived, but Bill was hit and... Ded. So I reverted to VAB. Oh, and it was Jedny Kerman's first time in orbit (during the space shuttle mission). He is a replacement for Val after the Incident on a Soyuz test flight. Valentina and her crew were lost after a bug. Guess why the Space Shuttle was bad? Because it wasn't BURAN! I should attempt a recreation at it as well
  5. I saw it and it added the game to ps5 and xbox series x. Quite a disappointment for me.
  6. Mine is on the Mün along with Bill. Bob is in an orbit around the Mün. Val, however, is dead. Died from a Soyuz test flight bug. Back to the mün, jeb and bill placed some experiments near my first ever ground base. This was also the first crewed flight to the base. Wish Jeb luck!
  7. I have a small question: Will 1000∆v be enough to achieve munar orbit of 8000m apoapsis and periapsis?
  8. I always post on this topic the day after I played KSP for some reason. Ok, so I didn't do a lot, half of the time was spent by a bug in which the craft that spawns on the launch pad is the last autosaved one. The mission was based on sending Kerbals to ze Mün again. The first time was with a [bad word] rocket. This time I sent the same kerbals (Jeb and Bill) While Bob is in an orbit. (Apollo styled) The rocket used was the failed Duna and back rocket. It is a Apollo themed lifter, again. The mission had to send Kerbals on the mün (near a ground station(its still the core) and put some experiments) I landed 400 meters from the location (which is good for the first time, right?). I will bring the boys back home tomorrow (or whenever possible) Make sure to wish me luck!
  9. Hmm, you guessed it right! @StormpilotIs it gonna be you?
  10. Alright, sadly I won't be able to use pictures of the missions, but ok. This is what I did in the last couple of days: I made a Proton M rocket recreation (I called it Kroton), but its actually a remastered version of an earlier version that almost reached orbit. I made an attempt at a shuttle (Not the real one) and... It didn't work. What did you except? It to work? I would never be able to make a successful SSTO/shuttle! Anyways, I also made a giant monstrosity of a VTOL ( Well, at least I tried) and it didn't fly. I still think of upgrading it with MOAR PROPELLERZ!!!1! I launched a Jool probe with the Kroton as well making an encounter with Tylo (Tylo, Tylo, its off to space we go!) and took a distant picture of Laythe. I really think of placing a relay there.
  11. As a console player, I can say there is an app (or whatever you want to call it, maybe widget?) in the down right corner in the VAB hud, its for ∆v. You can toggle sea level/altitude/vacuum. That's how I found out why all of the engines I listed are useful. Is it on stock PC too?
  12. Guess who's back to revive a thread without a reason! I think the Skipper is the best engine both for first and second stage, because of high power for such efficiency. And its very low tech. The Poodle is another good engine for a second stage (Wolfhound is better but the double thing on the Poodle is just superior) And the Skiff too. The Dawn is good for interplanetary travel (Only for probes), as it has a very high ∆v, although electricity runs out quick. The Vector is only good for HEVY rockets where small, but powerful engines are necessary. The bad thing is it costs quite a lot. The almighty Nerv is a good engine too, but I still haven't made a what you can call a successful rocket. Terrier. Recommended for first Mün and Minmus landing. R.A.P.I.E.R. is poop for a first SSTO, better for gigantic SSTOs or Laythe SSTOs Fun fact: Its 2:00 AM local time and idk what im doing with my life. I have school after 11 hours.
  13. Hmm, after all why not. Why not *CLICK*
  14. Because it will be too far away. Why can't we restore X-15 plane?
  15. 3/10 I started seeing you lately. Btw the tech tree I use is Germany
  16. 0/10 hmm, never seen you before?
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