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  1. Once again it's EA, not a finished game, also far from a tech demo.
  2. 1] Can we expect that at some point in the future, as new updates improve performance, computers that are below the minimum requirements will be able to run the game decently? 2] Since a huge number of people can't run the game with their hardware, are you planning on adding the game to cloud gaming programs like GeforceNOW to allow more people to enjoy the game without spending thousands of dollars?
  3. Did you forget that this is EA? Nearly half of these seem to have been there before the patch came.
  4. Well if they stay consistent with updates as big as this one is every few weeks then I expect most people to be happy pretty soon.
  5. I hope we are far from content updates, this game now needs as many updates like this.
  6. I miss the days when we were throwing in all those cool ideas on little things we wanted in the game, who could have expected that after multiple delays 80% of the things wouldn't be there at launch and that the biggest wish of most people now is to have at least 30 fps most of the time.
  7. Spending that amount of money wouldn't be a problem if the game was any good.
  8. I think that is exactly what his point is.
  9. This video is full of game breaking bugs
  10. And to justify this by comparing it to KSP 1 seems a little bit unfair, as far as I know KSP 1 was made originally by one guy and then more people came later, this is a 30+ member studio with a multi-billion dollar publisher behind them, after multiple delays... I don't know what to think guys.
  11. A little issue I encountered is that the time warp doesn't seem to slow down for me when entering SOI of another body so I just shot past Minmus.
  12. Excited to stran.. - I mean perform many successful missions in the new game, also colonies!
  13. (Around 0:55) "Most of the worlds in KSP 2 come with their own unique sound track". Yes!
  14. Early Access - game is not 100% finished yet and players can give their feedback.
  15. Like I said a month ago when people tried to tell me that if you can run KSP 1 you will run KSP 2 well, they should seriously consider making the game available on GeforceNOW, this would allow thousands of people to be able to play the game on high settings right now (since they offer up to RTX 4080 performance), without spending thousands of dollars.
  16. Oh! I thought It was some kind of a bug when I saw the Kerbal trying to walk on the rocket lol!
  17. This isn't fixable in a week or two mate. Like I sad I do hope that they fix these couple of issues soon.
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