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  1. Doubt we will be getting anything for a couple of weeks.
  2. It would be very nice if they added multiple UIs, for example: KSP1 UI, KSP1 UI but modernized and maybe 1 or 2 new UIs like we see here.
  3. How old is that first image? Isn't the ground shown in Mun terrain progress nicer with more dense scatter? I want my boulders big and small, dense and scarce. It may also be that it's far from the ground so not everything is loaded in. Also that antenna is huge! https://imgur.com/a/bq0sF2A It seems that most of the boulders in the middle will be collidable.
  4. How are they going to make the game not drop to 10fps when you have a huge ship with so many parts and a colony/shipyard next to it? Like in KSP1.
  5. Day 12 of waiting for one of the best games perhaps in the last 10 years, hopefully it will turn out okay since this is the 4th year of development.
  6. Any idea why the dome-shaped habitation parts of the colony are lifted from the ground other than aesthetic purposes?
  7. Yeah I'm u/SuspiciousPillbox, I already commented on your post.
  8. So yeah I think having fuel lines and cables to connect a bunch of different parts on the ground is a great idea, imagine having to somehow dock all parts of a huge colony together to have power for example. With this you can have power generating parts like reactors and windmills and mining sites far away from the habitation and refinery part of the colony (for esthetic or other purposes) while still supplying power and ore for the colony to function and produce fuel. What do others think?
  9. That new capsule looks dope! So far we have only seen how colonies look like when they are massive and advanced, I want to see how the first colonies will look like that can only house maybe 3-4 Kerbals, what parts will you need to bring? will you be able to for example connect power producing parts with habitation parts of the colony with cables? That would make working with different parts on the surface much easier because you wouldn't have to dock every part to another with a docking port or a claw.
  10. I heard that parts will explode differently depending on the amount and type of fuel used.
  11. siklidkid I'm melting your catto in a glass. Day 10 woo hooo! Only 341 days left in 2022.
  12. I hope this silence means that they are working on a gameplay trailer or something equally big.
  13. Day 9! When are we getting boulders?! I can't wait!
  14. I guess now they are working very hard to get the game out this year and don't have time for other stuff, what do others think?
  15. Since I have never been anywhere outside Minmus and Mun I think I will wait until I get KSP 2 and a good PC to finally go to Duna and look at all the incredible looking textures, details and boulders!
  16. Maybe it just says coming soon because there is no more specific date within 2022, not because it is coming "soon"?
  17. I'm pretty sure that the neat thing they had to show us was Planet tech in dev diaries.
  18. Would be very cool if parts get a little dirty after driving for a while like in the trailer.
  19. I'm gonna place a bet that we will get a release date or a gameplay trailer in april and a late summer/fall release. I wanna hear your predictions!
  20. Hoping for a gameplay trailer in april and summer - fall release.
  21. Maybe add a rope with a magnet tied on the end that would connect a Kerbal to the ship and hold him in that general area and you can disconnect at any time?
  22. If that's the case then I don't mind not getting friday posts. Let's hope their target is spring/summer and not 2022...
  23. What would you guys like to see the most if we get anything tomorrow?
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