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  1. Starship reference?!?!?!?!?



  2. I could always build a double barrel Saturn V.... Or i could build Jupiter III OR Saturn Shuttle :troll:
  3. "JUNDROO"

    "We like to make games"

    "but it seems like we're doing merch now too"



  4. Not sure what you mean by saturn 1b configuration for the station, but for the vehicle, you might get better bang for your buck for a custom built Saturn-derived vehicle.
  5. Any idea what was being moved around at about 2:50pm (EST)?
  6. Looks like structural panels, chairs, some sort of science equipment, and the apollo rover wheels I may be wrong though
  7. The "Obama Prism" Series (no, I'm not making this up, it was the first thing that came to mind when I built my first rocket in KSP) Also, "Joe Bidome Mk1-4" and of course "[AUTOSAVE]Untitled Spacecraft"
  8. This is actually a pretty well thought out idea! I like it besides the hyjacking thing (only because that's not kerbal enough)
  9. Makes sense. There should be an option though that kerbals can train to increase their strength, at the cost of higher resource consumption
  10. Do the kerbal retextures come with the base mod or is TR just a framework
  11. Yes, outstanding! This is a super brandable name!

    Great way to start a company..


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