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  1. Hi, I have recently installed this mod, but I can't enter the game without getting some errors. What happens is: I load in, and on the home screen Kopercinus tells me something along the lines of 'There was an error in the loading process; cannot load custom planetary systems'. If I try to load a save (its a new one, so my old ones don't get corrupted), the loading screen stays there forever, with the planets in the bottom-right spinning unusually fast. What I see in the logs is that Kopernicus seems to have failed to load Jupiter and KSP is spamming NullReferenceExceptions (I'm not an expert). Also, I used to run RSSVE without problems, and I also installed GGE without problems. However, I installed EVO and this mod, and they both have the same issue (described above). So I'm assuming EVO is causing the errors. I am running KSP 1.11.2 with ~100 mods. LOGS: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/k66104hyl6gcom1/AABXcUidTa5hVVvzTP6TlLP6a?dl=0
  2. Hello I've been playing scatterer for a while now, it's a great mod! I'm playing on 1.11.2. The scatterer version I use most often is the 0.0767 Pre-Release. However, once, I tried using 0.0722. This version's sunflare is a bit messed up, but makes TUFX and Engine Effects and Reentry effects look much better. 0.0767 Doesn't have the cool effects, but the sunflare works. Does anyone know a version that has a working sunflare and cool effects, or a config that makes 0.0767 have cool effects, or a config that makes 0.0722's sunflare work? Images https://imgur.com/a/DDCjvPJ I also don't have the log right now, if you need it. I'm quite new to the forums. I hope this problem doesn't need it. This is in RSS with mods that may or may not affect this such as Reentry particle effects renewed, EVE, scatterer (obviously), RSSVE, Engine Lighting Relit, TU, TUFX (I use Fox's Warm HDR Profile) and Waterfall, if that helps. Thanks!
  3. I want the making history suit for all of my kerbals. Unfortunately, I am too lazy to got to every single one, click on the coat hanger and switch the suit. Is there a way to make the suit default or a shortcut to make all kerbals wear it or something?
  4. Oh yeah. The Centrifuge required three engineers to be able to deploy. I got all of them onto the ship but, now it requires repair/material kits. With skill though, I believe that's what those stars are. However, all of the crew have five stars.
  5. Right. I checked the forum post again and saw a lot of stuff I didn't want hear - life support, equipment wear, etc. Not going to get that. Anyway, I'll take a screenshot when I try to deploy it again later. And no, I know it wasn't disrespect. I was just trying to sound 'normal'. Guess I didn't look at enough posts before signing up. 2.5x isn't a big problem. I have plenty of parts and engines capable of lifting over 200t payloads into LEO so it wouldn't be too hard. I don't think it has anything to do with crew or skill. I'm playing sandbox.
  6. Hmm. Maybe I read wrong. I don't know what 'material kits' are so I may have read it as repair kits. I'll have another check. In the meantime, I'll also see what 'MKS' is. Didn't see it anywhere. Edit: Yeah, I don't have that. I'll download it today. What else could I say? Give me suggestions, I am new.
  7. Why does deploying centrifuges need so much stuff. I'm using the Cronus Extensible Centrifuge and it requires 13200 repair packs. Thats way too hard. Why is this?
  8. I've heard that using Parallax for RSS would kill your computer. That is why I am scared to install it. My game already runs on a low fps (best is around 20-30, has been down at 3-5 with high-part crafts, not too often though) with my (a big number) mods. I've also heard, however, that parallax doesn't have much of a performance impact. Now I'm confused. Someone, please tell me if I should install Parallax for RSS, bearing in mind that if the FPS stays below 10, I will go mental.
  9. Although I do have a question: What if I skip the soft docking and don't extend the ring at all? Would that work?
  10. Oh! Good to know I'll try that today then. Thank you!
  11. I can't seem to be able to dock. I have two rescaled ASPM docking ports. One of them is passive, the other is active. When I try to dock, the craft just hits the port and does not move any further. The active one's ring is extended. I suppose it might be because I rescaled it (which you can't do with stock ports) or maybe because it needs a specific orientation. Please help. I already deorbited one and am not looking forward to doing it to the other one.
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