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  1. unfortunetly, it no longer works on the latest version of blender, the glass is deleted and the hair turns gray
  2. So, I was in an early career mode, with jeb flying a craft called "IDIOT II" (because the engineers that designed it were idiots, as you will see soon) as it reached the upper atmosphere, I went on IVA and got out, but this happened: The kraken removed 2 side panels from the pod, leaving jeb exposed to decompression and low oxygen levels . Luckily he survived to pilot "IDIOT III" and see Valentina again.
  3. 9 years later and jool's moons were added into the game! Eeloo also did, but much better! Sadly, for Dahy, Potatus, Fonso, GP2, GP3 and GP4 were never added as well as easter egg narrative. Hope they do in KSP2
  4. The olimpiks are finally here at the KSC! Everyone, from kerbal tadpoles to elderly kerbals want to see them! Especially the hardest event: the bost race, which takes the participans from the KSC, troughout the Kacifik ocean, into the Karal sea delta, troughout the Karal sea, enter the krater lake, and end up in its central island. Your mission: build a boat and do the race in the fewest time possible. Use this image for reference, print it if you want: The KSC, marked with red, and your destination, in blue. RULES: 1. All default rules, which are below 1.1 No use of physics altering mods (don't uninstall them, just don't use them), kraken exploits, alt + F12, etc. 1.2 No editing your submissions, except for accelarating them 1.3 The UI must be fully visible AT ALL TIMES 2. You must build a boat, launch it from the runaway, and get it to the sea using wheels, NO STRATOLAUNCHERS NOR ROCKETS ALLOWED SUBMISIONS: a comment with the video of your mission, from the runaway, to the crater lake island, with the mission clock always visible Scoring system: The one who does the challenge in the fewest time wins
  5. takeoff, LKO, transfer burn, landing, return burn , and reenty
  6. LMAO IT'S PERFECT! I actually thought you would crash into the sun at the 2:01 minute, but you didn't! However, guuess i'lll remove landing bonus even tho, you win! Also, the spacecraft you used was epic, you definetly didn't use all the radiator i'd expect.
  7. ok, thx. Does this mean you will make my next challenge (timing not needed)
  8. I did watch it, but I was focusing on the ship, I rewatched it, and noticed something a bit weird about the kerbals, they were moving too fast. It was probably that. So, lemme recalculate your points... You did got 63 I'm sorry, but I didn't pay much attention to the UI, except the speed meter I hope I didn't cause any issues, sorry
  9. It's sad, but after being more than 20 years in orbit, NASA is considering retiring the ISS by 2024-2031, deorbiting it, and crashing it into point nemo (furthest point from any landmass) which is already a space station and sattelite grave) Here is the location of point nemo, and the other station that ended up there, the Mir space station And here you can see how far away it is from other landmasses It will retire it to get back some funds, and the ISS is already quite old, and NASA wants to focus on other stuff like the artemis program. Plus, Russia will possibly leave the ISS project by 2025, and the tension with Ukraine might speed it up At least we got a lot of science from there, and Jeb could travel to it, at least once YES, Jeb was on the ISS!
  10. in fact, NASA has already a better solution: the getaway space station, which would look somewhat like this: (credits to NASA for the image) The Orion spacecraft would dock into it, the crew would get on a lander docked on the station, and then get back to the station
  11. Here it is! It's a drawing on val, standing in the laythe coast! EDIT: I THINK I'M GONNA GET MY OLD PIC BACK
  12. If it's a visual mod, it's ok, if it doesn't has new parts nor another planet pack it's also ok, Just try to use it as least as possible
  13. The Koyager 1 probe is the one that is the biggest pride of kerbalkind. Since Bill made its blueprints to nowadays, it's been sending incredible data about the kerbol system. And even today, that it has left Kerbol's SOI it's still sending data, however, it seems a bit random. However, with the help of very intelligent scientists, chess players, mathematicians, Squads (That's how they call monkeys in Kerbin) and snack manufacturers, the KSC has finally decoded the message; It appears that an alien race known as the humans, a few lightyears away, have touched their star's atmosphere using a probe (the parker solar probe) Wernher Von Kerman Exploded in anger as he saw this, and now the KSA has a new challenge; build a spacecraft that can get closer to the Kerbol than the parker solar probe, and then do it back to Kerbin safetly. Your mission: Build and launch a probe that can get closer than 41,842,944 km (the closest distance from the parker probe to the sun) to kerbol, and then return to Kerbin's SOI. Challenge modes: 1. Normal mode: Build a probe that can get at least 41,842,944 km close to Kerbol, and then return it to Kerbin's SOI safetly 2. Hard mode: Build a probe that can get at least 20,000,000 km close to Kerbol, and then return it to Kerbin's SOI safetly 3. Impossible mode: Build a probe that can get at least 10,000,000 km close to Kerbol, and then return it to Kerbin's SOI safetly 4. Legend mode: Build a probe that can get at least 5,000,000 km close to Kerbol, and then return it to Kerbin's SOI safetly 5. God mode: Build a probe that can get at least 500,000 km close to Kerbol, and then return it to Kerbin's SOI safetly Rules: 1. No exploits, kraken drives, cheat menu, etc. 2. No mods (this doesn't mean you have to uninstall them, just don't use their parts/functions) 3. Your probe core can't overheat to death, it must survive 4. You must get back to Kerbin's SOI after you approched Kerbol Bonuses: 1. Add at least one kerbal to your ship, it must survive (+5 pts.) 2. Your craft must survive reentry and landing into kerbin (+10 pts.) 3. Launch an impactor from your craft into Kerbol, wait until it gets 5,000 km close, then do science in there and transmit it until it crashes or overheats (The impactor gives 15 pts. And every 5 experiments you do yield you 1 extra point, you cannot repeat experiments, i.e, if you did a magnetometer BOOM scan, you can't do another one) Scoring system: The one with the craft that gets the closest, and the most bonus points wins Required submissions: A comment, indicating which challenge mode you did A video submission, showing from the moment your craft was launched, to the moment you returned to kerbin's SOI
  14. Alr, but before you sing victory... lemme check if u added the points correctly... You flew for 3:57 minutes (or atleast that's the lenght of the video) but you still reached impossible mode speed so... uhhh... Guess I'll give you 3pts for the flight time, multiplied by 3 (9) then, for the bonuses you got 69 points (you got more points than you were originally thinking of) And, so far, I guess you won, until someone gets more points than you. gonna submit new challenge now
  15. seems fine, but I need a video of the mission, not a sreenshot. About the X-15, It seems cool, and I will consider adding that speed!
  16. I didn't say that you had to delete mods, just don't use their functionallities
  17. Yes, nice argument, one small issue: I'm inside your walls I said no mods, and you have a ton of them so no
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