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  1. There are a lot of shuttle elements that deserve some representation, hopefully somebody comes along and releases a new block II parts pack or something along those lines
  2. Launched the Pioneer Jupiter Orbiter using the Shuttle
  3. Never mind, figured it out Is the MEM supposed to move sideways out of the fairing brace or is it just supposed to thrust away from the docking port? it seems like the bracing should be jettisoned, because there's not enough clearance for the MEM to back up. Also, do you plan on updating the textures? The three separate colors of the pod, aeroshell and base clash with each other
  4. Could you provide some updated craft files? I have no clue where half of these parts are supposed to go.
  5. Did a sort of 'Advanced Skylab' type station, designed to be expanded and used through multiple years. I replaced the ATM with my attempt at some sort of external science platform
  6. Are there any plans for what's going to be included in future updates involving Nuclear Apollo parts yet or is it still in very early phases?
  7. Are any parts for the AAP extended lunar stay proposals (LM truck, LM shelter/lab, etc) planned to be added?
  8. Seems like it's still broken. The files are all there but the other missions just aren't showing up. Everything seems to be up to date as well
  9. Added that in to the mechjeb section and nothing's changed. Autostrut/advanced tweakables fail to show up too, despite having them enabled
  10. Is mechjeb reduced to it's bare basic functions without autopilot in this? I'm 50%~ of the way through the tech tree and I still don't have smartass or ascent guidance.
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