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  1. I feel like there's an expectation that modders will add everything and will basically build KSP2 for free. That seems to be the business plan. No life support, no weather.. even the "delivery routes" will be just numbers incremented periodically.
  2. 1. In the future, could KSP2 have a persistent multiplayer universe in which all the community would build and play together? 2. Will KSP2 have an event recording system which will allow us to do a mission, return back in time and then see that mission play out? (enabling parallel missions, multiplayer time warp, space races etc.) 3. Are there going to be (ship and colony) life support mechanics in the stock game?
  3. While I do agree with you, I'm happy KSP collects telemetry. Having a clear window into what players are doing in the game is a foundational step to make the game better. I would be very curious to see the KSP1 lifetime gameplay statistics. We do know for example that most players did not travel beyond Kerbins' SOI.
  4. Good idea, but IMO the devs and Nate have the last word about what stock KSP2 should be. We can only give suggestions. Next comes the decision of the modders about what to implement, and after that the players decide what to install.
  5. I sometimes create polls. And I'm always looking for new ideas to add. I've been through all the forum suggestion posts (old and new), Reddit, mod list in CKAN and the forum. Scraped everything. Always trying to find a new cool idea. Please contribute.
  6. If any wish is missing add a comment. It's just a regular thread, not official. I think most ideas are included. Except for N-Body. Never N-Body.
  7. I "borrowed" every wish I found related to KSP on the Internet and added my own. Except for N-Body.. that will never be on the list.
  8. Yeah and by the time I'm 75 I might be able to enjoy the full game.
  9. It's important to realize that this patch encompasses the work of the devs from at least the past 5 weeks, since the ESA preview event (9 Feb), which had many of the bugs we've seen in the release build. So more than anything it's an indicator of the development speed and a useful way to gauge how long each step on the roadmap might take.
  10. I'm probably going back to KSP1 for a while when the EVE Redux Weather update is released.
  11. Finally! Thank you!!! Location? (nevermind I saw coordinates)
  12. Let's be real about this aspect. Wheels are completely broken now. And I don't understand why Nate was saying they had fun building racing cars. Maybe they were using a future improvement.
  13. They need more of everything.. including collision boxes.
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