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  1. That too You also have to provide your log file from C:\Users\(NAME)\AppData\LocalLow\Squad\Kerbal Space Program
  2. BUG REPORT: Upon entering either LEO, map view or tracking station, Earth appears to be partially flooded right up until the night side of the Earth with only a part of the daytime side remaining visible. Images: https://imgur.com/gallery/fA3oCKq KSP LOG: https://www.dropbox.com/s/p1q3g7pl2mjxqcr/Player.log?dl=0
  3. Yea mb, I'll upload the log file once I start the game up again
  4. KSRSS reborn is straight up unplayable for me, it's either load for 1 million years and game crash or play for not even 10 minutes and game crash. Hopefully the issues can be ironed out soon
  5. Beautiful work as always Talv. I wonder when we'll see Shuttle-C enter into service?
  6. I just realised that I deleted all screenshots of AC-101-105 soooo...god damn it!
  7. Question: Why does the rescaled SSME use the stock vector sounds?
  8. Reinstalled RSE btw https://imgur.com/a/IH4DmI4
  9. I thought it was Rocket sound ehancement so I uninstalled it and yet none of the SRBS have any sounds coming out of them still.
  10. Sorry for unexpected hiatus, motivation has been real low as of late, hopefully a new post will come later this week.
  11. Question: Why don't the photoncorp SRBs make any sounds anymore?
  12. CA-5 "And in December, while I do not regard our mastery of space as anywhere near complete, while I recognize that there are still areas where we are behind – at least in one area, the size of the booster – this year I hope the United States will be ahead" With the first flights of the Cronus I successfully validating the first stages perfomance in flight, even having a water ballast detonate in high altitudes, it was time to test out the second stage. The C-IV with 6 RL-10 engines to support it's second stage on the fifth flight of the Cronus I: CA-5 Atop LC-34 stands the fifth Cronus I rocket, perparing for the first flight of it's C-IV stage. 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, we have ignition! 3, 2, 1, 0, commit...We have liftoff, CA-5 lifting off! The Cronus I rocket pierces the sky on its way to test the C-IV stage. For the first time in the Cronus I's history, the C-I from the C-IV. Four ullage motors further seperate the 2 stages and allows the fuel to be pushed towards the bottom, allowing the 6 RL-10 engines to ignite. The 6 RL-10 engines burst into life, burning liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen to place the rocket into a 130 x 1,231 kilometer orbit. The rocket stage continued to send a stream of telemetry data for about 3 days before losing contact, presumably due to running out of batteries. It's scheduled to peform an uncontrolled reentry over the Pacific Ocean. With the C-IV and C-I stage now sucessfully verified in flight, now came for the next series of test flights. A mockup Aphelion spacecraft, comprising of boilerplates Command and Service Modules, alongside real LES rockets will be used to test and verify the aerodynamics of the Aphelion spacecraft.
  13. INTRO Hello people of the internet and welcome to a new KSP forum series I am doing. This series will be a kerbalised take on the Apollo Program. After reading a whole host of space alternate histories, from e of pi's "Eyes Turned Skyward" featuring Apollo derivatives, to @TruthfulGnome's No Shortage of Dreams featuring his take on an alternate Skylab program, to @Talverd's Chasing Dreams starring an alternate, kerbalised Space Shuttle program with his own fleet of orbiters and combined with my own love of the Apollo Program and what it could've been, I thought why not start my own alternate history thread, starring my own, kerbalised take on the Apollo Program, or should I say....APHELION PROGRAM. Yeah I'm terrible at introductions, anyhow this thread will feature of a variety of screenshots and missions from the Aphelion program from 1964-1973, anyhow, hope you all enjoy :> And please, go check out all of the post I've mentioned above, not only have they inspired me to create this thread, but also are absolutely astonishing and are certainly worth your time. (SA-1 through 4 have been cut out as, to me at least, they were relatively boring though I do have a screenshot from SA-4, the final single stage flight of the Cronus I) MODLIST:
  14. Replicas are overrated, make some of the most batexcrements insane launchpads if you wanna. I wanna see stuff that don't exist
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