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  1. Harvest Vall's surface and bring it to minmus, so you have a topping for the minmuscream.
  2. I have a discord server where my friend can request spacecraft and one of my friends edit them. The issue is the edits have the hud open because I need it to fly. Is there a way i could make more cinematic footage for my friend to work with, while still being able to fly my craft? Because the hud really make the videos look bad.
  3. umm.... Why are parts on my ksp save insane? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sroWCICnaHtLufXYL1XMCJNxW-e2-xYA/view?usp=sharing
  4. One newton is a square cicular called a circlular square, or just impossible?
  5. Because it takes someone 30 minutes to understand the question. Why was a pinged at 12 am over a gif?
  6. Because laptops are portable so you can play games on the go.
  7. Positive kerman was the best test pilot in the space program. He had done missions to every body in the solar system, he even claims to have gone to dres. No he was sitting in a scrappy little crew capsule, about to be blasted up to the first interstellar ship. But then, he heard the loud beep signaling the final countdown to launch, but he forgot about that and was so startled that he jumped up, hit his head, and then landed face first on the abort button. Being unbuckled he shot up to the top of the capsule as the Escape tower detached. He smashed head first through the docking port airlock and flew out of the capsule. He pulled his parachute, nothing. He pulled his back up shoot, it shot out but had a massive hole, he cut it. Then the ground got closer, then closer, then even closer. All his suit cam showed was a green puddle on the visor. Watermel00n kerman - Replying to a rutabaga
  8. Talking about punch is against the rules, how DARE you cheat.
  9. Painini load cassette beat the meat bug truffle stimulator of all chimes
  10. I am sad to say, but KEAG has lost funding and will shut down immediately
  11. E kerman was a humble bird research. He lived in a treehouse, was vegan, and even went to laythe that one time to investigate reports of laythe birds (They were caterpillars that had snuck on board the colony ship). One day he was noting down info on birds he was tracking when he saw a bird he hadn't seen in a while, it was SR-73, he had nicknamed it "Yellowbird". He was so shocked that he dropped his binoculars, he then dove to get the binoculars and smashed through the railing. He fell on his back and Swore to himself. He got up and continued watch Yellowbird. Then yellowbird flew down and snatched E's glasses. E got so mad he exploded into a puff of smoke. Bobson kerman - wanting to be the first kerbal on duna
  12. We need at least one song from the mark rober soundtrack in the ksp 2 vab. I was thinking this one
  13. You gotta remember that those ships are carrying the stuff for an entire colony and come from kerbol, a system with the infrastructure of the kerbals. These colonies don't have the resources or infrastructures to build megastructures. Again, I believe that megastructures do not fit the near future theme of KSP 2, large projects like that wouldn't be done when you are colonizing a system, I get you can build large colonies, but that's nowhere near a dyson swarm or Grey goo. Remember, Pilgrims weren't there to build skyscrapers, they were there to start a new civilization.
  14. I think ksp 2 is going for early colonization, meaning these are the first people to visit those place and live there. Large megastructures wouldn't be a thing for the first civilization in a star system. Although they would be cool, I just don't think it fits the ksp 2 idea. The first explorers wouldn't be there to build megastructures, they'd be there to begin civilization somewhere else. Here's a good analogy: The pilgrims didn't come to the new world to build skyscrapers and stadiums, they were there to make a new home.
  15. I had an argument this morning with my friend over whether the speed of light was the actual speed limit of the universe. His argument: Nothing is impossible
  16. One day Trevor was walking down the street when he saw a psychic. He went in and the building looked like a little office. He walked up to the man at the desk and the man said " You'll be hot by a school bus, now get outta my sight!" Tevor walked out of the building and crossed the street without looking both ways, he was hit by a school bus. Tim Kerman - Bringing space down to kerbin for everyday kerbals.
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