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  1. What mod for that mobile launcher? It doesn't look like the Modular launch pads one.
  2. Looking at this makes me hope for a 5m vacuum engine called the great dane.
  3. CPU: Intel Core I7-10750H GPU: RTX 2060 RAM: 16gb 1080p High settings Temperatures Lower than similar craft in first game Flying Kerbal K2 On pad ~20 fps Launch ~15fps After SRB separation ~30fps After Dropping stage 1 ~30fps Orbital ~40fps My fps is steady and playable.
  4. Now that I don't have major frame drops, I landed on the mun. How bad did that rocket wobble?
  5. Yeah, I made a plane that has a COL right near the COM and it has no maneuverability at all.
  6. I'm ultra hyped for the procedural wings and new UI, this game is awesome and I can't wait to play.
  7. Ooo, I really wanna make the second one, sadly, my BDB/Recreations install is archived for now.
  8. I've seen (and participated) in the challenge, I more meant a challenge based on your style of Kit bashing rockets, not just building rockets made by AI.
  9. He looked for a nearby base and saw a rover covered in batteries and solar panels.
  10. What is the reccomended ascent profile for 2.5? I still have ascent troubles and Dv issues after 6 months of playing this mod.
  11. Not a pro, but I'd suggest making your veheicle boat-like with an engine so it can go through water.
  12. First falcon heavy launch for me. I watched Everyday Astronaut's stream, very cool landings.
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