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  1. On the surface of quite a few atmospheric planets in this pack, I see this weird lighting bug, where whenever i look at kcalbeloh, or the star the atmospheric planet is orbiting around, I see weird boxy lines and glitches, almost like part of the fog is gone from part of the screen. Though when you turn away it looks completely normal. Also why does thatmo from OPM look like this now?
  2. I reckon there should be an upgrade for the orion to include six seats instead of four. Just sharing my thoughts, as I am making a base on the mun and just realised that I want a couple more than four kerbals there!
  3. When you press the recover button and then look at the crew roster in the VAB, the kerbals you recovered arn't there anymore, meaning you can only fly kerbals once.
  4. I found a bug which makes the scatter on planets turn black. Only fix I've found is a game restart. I really don't want to restart my game when this happens, because it happens alot. Are there any fixes???
  5. My rocks turn this weird black colour after playing the game for a while. Any fixes?
  6. Using this mod and waterfall causes my game to lag like hell. Whenever a waterfall effect is active near a planet's surface, FPS tanks. I have tried everything, and I don't know what to do. I love both mods so I don't know which to get rid of. If there is a waterfall effect or parralax effect to disable then tell me which one. HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED GREATLY!
  7. When firing an engine near a planet's surface (I use waterfall with the stock configs) my FPS drops significantly. I've noticed that my FPS is also just in general not smooth at all when near the ground. Places like the Mun are fine, but destinations like Vall cause my FPS to tank. Furthermore, I've noticed that when waterfall RCS thrusters are on near a planet, the game goes down to about 5 FPS. I have a decently good computer, and have tried reinstalling this mod countless times, aswell as my other visual mods. Help would be much appreciated!
  8. When used with Parralax and astronomers visual pack (plus eve and scatterer), I get huge frame drops on some planets - but ONLY when a waterfall effect, whether that be rcs or engine, is playing. Does anyone have a potential solution or fix for this? Any waterfall effect to disable?
  9. How can I make my rcs plumes white instead of orange? Also when will more plume options be available? Vector and Mammoth are the only engines right now with more options. I would really love a hypergolic wolfhound plume and hypergolic terrier plume btw!
  10. Hi, for some reason my grass looks like this on kerbin. (Rest of foliage is glitched aswell) This doesn't apply to any other body, just kerbin. Also, foliage isn't always like this - for some reason after a few launches it switches from normal looking to weird black blades of grass. After I added the mod 'Kopernicus Expansion', this issue started occurring.
  11. Hi, I'm playing on Kcalbeloh in 1.12.5 with the latest version of Kopernicus. Today I just noticed that the wormholes around both Jool and Sera are gone. Can anyone help?
  12. How do I disable boiloff? I don't really want to delete the SimpleBoiloff.dll as when I did, heaps of my craft files had errors about missing part modules. I could still load them and all, but it was sort of annoying. I saw on the documentation page about removing a code block, but when I searched for the config containing the code block, it wasn't there.
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