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  1. So I stumbled over this combination today and was amazed at both what it does and how old it was and not having known about it sooner. Note: I've not even downloaded it yet, but I figured it might be worth a mention in the fanworks section as I couldn't find a single reference to in on the KSP forums! The basic gist of the interconnection between the games is as follows: (snagged from the Github repo) KSP vessels require Factorio items to be built in addition to funds Science gathered in KSP can be sent back to Factorio in the form of space science packs Old project: Current XenoIndustry github repo: Author:
  2. As has been said, start small and get the simple little things under your belt first. That DSKY was a fair bit of work, but looking back, it was just a *lot* of simple things all combined together. I did have to learn how to code a WPF form to do it though. Simple is all relative to where you are on the learning curve. Something like taking the entire RPM/MAS variable list and pushing it to the Arduino/Teensy, should not be anywhere near a first step. It sounds like your making progress though, and that's all that's required for this hobby - "small progress" It just gets built upon each time you add to it. <- There's a Kerbal saying if I've every heard one. Congrats on the baud rate, that's tripped me up a few times too. I can relate to your plan with doing a software focus first. I've tried combining the hardware builds at the same time and just burn out for a month or two due to no progress as there wasn't software planned out to run the hardware. Other people can do it the other way around, so there is a bit of personal preference there.
  3. Despite having a monster-size workload LGG, you still managed to fit another mod into the stable.. Thanks for picking this up!
  4. 16.Sep Righty-o. Test rig constructed mainly to check placement and size of all the things I've tested and built over the last few years. Next few weeks will be creating mock-up printouts of the dials and switches I plan to install. I've already checked the size of the DSK and I managed to get that size perfect / close enough by accident. The 4 digit, 7segment LED modules are 5cm x 2cm. With two of these side-by-side, there is still room for decently sized warning lights. The CRT screen looks like it'll fit nicely on the bottom right - still waiting for the LCD screen to get here from the US.
  5. I can see who liked posts, but I can no longer see / click a like post button. Is there work going on this weekend?
  6. Thanks for that. In progress trying to do a MFD "lite" option for my implementation.
  7. K thanks - It's my mission to earn one before KSP2 comes out.
  8. Was this patch ever a real one that Squad gave out at some point? I thought I remember it on a video blog or two. Do they still unofficially award them to exceptional work / people on social media? Or are they long gone?
  9. 9.Sep OK, Winter is finally over here in Canberra with the -6c morning mostly in the past. I've restored my itch to do something... bigger. The throttle sat in the shed over winter while I was absorbed into a combination of Factorio and Space Engineers (SE). Such is my habit when I *need* something to be 'finished', I turn to other building games to get that fix and eventually come back to this project when I need a 'make progress' fix. It's an endless cycle I cannot get out of. So, throughout this years downtime, I built my SE base into a mountain with an impossibly high entrance only accessible via the air. Because SE has a slow grind due to the collection of resources, I eventually tired of drilling into rock. I'm again in need of 'making progress' on a project, so last weekend I've moved back into the physical realm of my KSP controller and started constructing with cardboard. Just need to source some more larger pieces of cardboard and I can start sharing progress.
  10. I'm looking for inspiration for what has been developed so far to allow the creation of Maneuver nodes outside the map screen. I specifically am looking to create some IRL interface to use with the KSPSerialIO mod. Trying to work out the amount of buttons and what logic is required. I found the ALCOR version that initially used mechjeb and then created their own MFD interface which uses RPM. I found this discussion on a proposed RPM MFD screen UI for creating maneuver nodes. And there is this Telemachus example Last options I found were KRPC using the function "NodeAddNode" and KOS with .ADD() - but these two example are outside what I'm looking for. I'm more after ideas around the UI. Does anyone know of any other methods of create maneuver nodes (outside the MAP screen) other than those already mentioned?
  11. Ah thanks! That pointed me to exactly what I was after. The RPM evaluated "TARGETLAUNCHTIMESECS" value uses MechJeb function 'TimeToPhaseAngle' with an angle of 12.7 I found my requirements for that button to work: timer mode 5 (LCH button) vessel is landed at KSC and in prelaunch source mode 2 (TGT button) target exists and if using ALCOR (must have power) I coded my DSKY launch button with the old RPM/MechJeb code, did a rough launch and got within 3.7k of the target by the time I got to the other side of booster bay - which is a first for me to meet up in less that an orbit. Works great and I wasn't really trying to get 'close'! Bringing it back to a MAS specific context - I can see you already have a MAS equivalent 'TimeUntilPhaseAngle' function under the MASItransfer Proxy. Looks like you're a good way there already. Love the work! look forward to it when you get to it.
  12. Thanks for that. Was the code in an old version or RPM I can reference / check out?
  13. Slowly pecking away at my project. I have two videos for show and tell (both shot in portrait mode sorry) These show my very rough work in progress KSP controller project. Progress is quite slow and I've been on and off at it for years now. It'll still take a while to get to something more than a breadboard. I've had to learn all sorts of things to get this far, but it's been quite fun 'working the problem'. Still a long while off, but I figured someone might be interested in the progress so far. The last month of my most recent tinkering has rewarded me well with these two elements that seem to be actually working. Debugging continues. Video 1: External ASET Prop (RPM) CRT display test. With @NavyFish PDAI integration for port renaming / selecting. Buttons in order: UP, DOWN, ENTER, ESCAPE, SORTMODE Video 2: ASET Prop (RPM) DSKY software logic test before hardware implementation. Copied the lau script logic from @MOARdV Buttons implemented: AP/PE buttons: Orbit, Tgt, Rndz, Mnvr Time buttons: Ap, Pe, An, Dn, Mnvr, Lnch (no code for this one as yet) DeltaV buttons: Total, Stage, Mnvr, Trnf Additional code snagged from @alexustas from multiple mods. I've managed to get all the Annunciators from the ALCOR lander can working (in software) and registered on the Arduino. However, I still need to create a test page to verify I've got all that logic straight. Also a big shout out to @linuxgurugamer for the Logger mod. It's an excellent mod to get the data out of KSP/Unity so it's usable for something other than shoving down the serial line of this mod. Allowed me to update a text file as required. This is then read by an independent WPF application that watches for file updates. That app just reads the updated file and formats the text using the same fonts from the ASET mod pack for the display on a small separate monitor. I've got a 800x600 monitor on order that will be it's proper display. Doesn't work as well on a widescreen. Oh - and can't forget a big thanks to @zitronen for making this mod in the first place. Note: you do NOT want to see what I've done to your code to get it to this point. At last count I'm pushing about 400+ bytes across 5 different structs through my serial connection and the Teensy 3.6 is keeping up fine. It's split across various timings, some are updated periodically, others are 4 times a second, still others are faster. Current plan is to have a layout like the Mk1 lander can. I still think I can use LGGs custom resolution mod to expand the screen across two monitors, stack those monitors vertically, then add the LGG camera mod, which should allow me to have a fwd and down facing 'window' like the Mk1 Lander Can.