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  1. two more consoles recently posted to reddit. If there is a local forum build thread let me know and I'll add the reference to the post I'm maintaining here.
  2. I always name mine 'Indigo' station. Works O.K. around Kerbin but the plan is to move it to Eve. For Duna, I like 'Rust Belt' station.
  3. So would I, but you could argue the results are describing the average across multiple small cups of goo. Anyone from @SQUAD got a view?
  4. I always thought the Mystery goo container was 1 container with 'air holes' that allow the main container to be exposed to the environment when opened. I stumbled over this persons interpretation of the goo container for a 3d print. I understand this was done for a 3d model so it looks close to the in game version, but due to all the little black cups, it made me rethink it's construction. Just wondering what other people thought are on this. Is it one container, or are each of the black holes a separate sample being tested?
  5. would this work? It has a camera you can mount to your craft.
  6. 25.Nov These are from September when I posted them onto Reddit, but I forgot to add these to the build log. They are my test of my CPU interface to control target selection, setting manuever nodes and other items that I plan to add. The aim is to have a CRT monitor display to replicate what is shown in the ASET prop pack. I also included the built-in PDAI integration for port renaming / selecting when close to targets so I can control that with just Arduino buttons. It done via a Logger mod to get the data out of KSP/Unity so it's usable for something other than shoving down the serial line to Arduino. This allowed me to update a text file as required which is then read by an independent WPF application that watches for file updates. That app just reads the updated file and formats the text using the same fonts from the ASET mod pack for the display on a small separate monitor. I've got a 800x600 monitor on order that will be it's proper display. Doesn't work as well on a widescreen.
  7. Thanx for the support probably not ToTM worthy with what I've done so far.. Need to get past the prototype stage first.
  8. Mod question: is it possible for a user (not a mod) to edit someone elses thread OP / take over existing thread?
  9. Thanks! I thought about changing the part texture, pretty much the same way that you described. However, I wanted to keep the game how it looked so I could flip back and forth (if necessary) from IVA to external view without there being an invisible part in 3rd person view. The camera I'm using is from the mod Docking Camera (KURS). I bumped the screen problem up in my priority as I needed to know if I should commit any money to the project at all. Hence the recent feasibility test for the cockpit style build I'm aiming for. I'm feeling confidant that I can proceed without too much worry. Seems like the bulk of the things I want will be possible, just need to learn some new skills / get the hard work done. I initially wanted to use the ALCOR lander can, but it has bits / panels on that part which are visible from the inside of the part (specifically the framing panels around the window. When I worked that out, I abandoned that part and went back to the MK1 lander can. I think the idea might work for other stock capsules, but I've not tested anything other parts. So far, I'm managed to get the functionality of ALCOR + RPM/MAS sandwiched into a Mk1 lander can. I'm planning to avoid glass cockpit elements as much as possible to keep the gritty 'used-look' aesthetic. So yeah - I'm inspired by things several layers deep at this point. MK1 Lander Can > ALCOR > RPM > APOLLO > SPACESHIPS! Current to-do: Print more (IRL scale) instruments on paper to work out where I want them placed on the walls / panels of the cockpit.
  10. I used two external cameras, both placed on a cubic octagonal strut and clipped into the lander can model. (it's transparent from the inside) I used precise editor mod to place both cameras in the exact same spot, but have one with a 15 degree downward tilt, the other is facing straight forward. I'm still tweaking / testing the angles and FOV to give me what I want.
  11. 10.Nov Righty-o. Finally decided to bite the bullet and move the computer upstairs and see if I could get an immersive KSP cockpit experience with two monitors. I've been putting this off for weeks as I needed to tidy both the office where computer is coming from, as well as the spare room upstairs where I've currently got the cardboard mock-up of a cockpit. Lots of dusting and moving crap out of the way. I had to play around with the Docking Cam (KURS) mod from @linuxgurugamer to work out how I could modify the screen sizes for the external camera. I first needed to change the aspect ratio in code, then I managed to work out the steps needed to get to the size I wanted. Below is the result. The ascent was a bit hairy (Bill must of been piloting), but it did give a little bit of immersion and tweak the inner ear senses to think I'm fipping in the cockpit, so I'd call that a success!
  12. Thought I'd ask a question that isn't 1.8 related... I found the Export map image useful. Could there be an option to allow the ground track to be included on the exported image?
  13. Someone posted this a few months ago and another kind soul reminded people on Reddit today. First time I'd seem it and figured it needed to be added here. So inspiring for my own project - love the work for a controller you can actually SIT in. (French) Build page here: Edit: Crikey - they keep coming! Another one was linked in the above page: (French) Build log: Awesome custom momentary buttons they made. Edit2: I updated the collection post with the 4 recent projects from this forum that I've seen. Up to 58 controllers now!
  14. So I stumbled over this combination today and was amazed at both what it does and how old it was and not having known about it sooner. Note: I've not even downloaded it yet, but I figured it might be worth a mention in the fanworks section as I couldn't find a single reference to in on the KSP forums! The basic gist of the interconnection between the games is as follows: (snagged from the Github repo) KSP vessels require Factorio items to be built in addition to funds Science gathered in KSP can be sent back to Factorio in the form of space science packs Old project: Current XenoIndustry github repo: Author: