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  1. I'm going from memory here - but I think it's this class: examples:
  2. I ask mainly as I love the look of the power MFD page! Great work on that design. It did however make me curious what was using the power that was being generated.
  3. Just wondering if there was any plan / possibility to get visibility over the resource harvesting and ISRU modules while in IVA? Checking GitHub I couldn't find anything from RPM or MAS that references the resourceharvestorModule. I figure that in game, the game play element is mainly controlled via action groups, but there isn't anything visible in the cockpit or MFD to indicate where things are at. Eg power draw from drills and ISRU, drill efficiency, resource quality data from scanner. I think I remember I can get the resource quantity from the resource page, but that's about it. Or are those elements just not conducive to easily grabbing the data / not interesting for IVA view.
  4. I'd love to have less 'hard line' biome boundaries and more of a gradual change from one area to another. Related to this, it would be great if everything about a planet isn't given to you from a summary page and you have to research the data to know this. Having specific data sets to discover was one of the awesome things about KSP. I hope to have already builtin game graphing (for those inclined) and being able to map how the atmo temp changes during a launch. Or investigate the same Atmos readings, but during reentry of a foreign planet. Stuff like that really captures the wonder of discovering stuff in this game I love.... all while raging in frustration about forgetting a parachute.
  5. I hope they add all sorts of data to research and collect for those that want to do real science and model the atmosphere, climate changes over long spans, maybe study far solar system formation through reverse analysis of orbits. Less of the 'press a button' to get science and more of the research kind. This game invites people curiosity to delve into areas not previously explored and it would be good for those efforts to be rewarded with specific data
  6. huzzah for multi threading and letting KSP2 use the capabilities of a fully operational Death Sta.. *ahem* ...PC
  7. I hope the graphics engine is at least capable so I can throw GPU power at it and it makes a difference.
  8. Question, can I setup networked PCs for a single session like flightsim? I want to build my enclosed landercan mk1/2! Eg Master PC to run the game, slave PC to run high-end graphics, 2nd slave PC to run instruments?
  9. This close up shot of some of the trainer LEM controls is awesome for reference: Link timecoded to 3:01
  10. I was using the KSPIO Demo files. The config.xml file that comes with the mod under \GameData\KSPSerialIO\PluginData\KSPSerialIO has a setting called refreshrate. Set it to a second (or two or three, just something slow) and then go through your own code and ensure you are not use 'delay' anywhere at all. I quickly learnt that is very important. Here the source I used to learn that from: My solution was custom kludge code written as I learnt the necessary code to get the data to the LCD. I used the LiquidCrystal_I2C library to drive the LCD display and incorporated the guide from here: Sorry it's non-specific as I don't have any of my test code anymore. I know others on the forum here have used the LCD module - they might have more tips for you.
  11. Yep - been there a few times. From my own experience, it was usually the serial buffer filling up because I coded it badly. This resulted in the time it took the Arduino to display the LCD taking too long and it would miss a few receives from the computer. I lowered how fast I was sending data to the Arduino until it got steady and they I investigated what I could do to speedup the process with getting data to the LCD.
  12. Thanks for this - knowing the KSPlogging exists was what I was after!
  13. The issue was that in wanting a "single file" with only a "single line", the mod would 'append' rather than 'overwrite'.
  14. Sorry - very confusing typo there: Works as advertised when onePerFile = true and singleLine = true with the value (per file) being constantly overwritten each update. Updated original post