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  1. Had a question for anyone that's tinkered with the protocol of this mod. Has anyone modding the code to get multiple Arduinos to connect at once that they have code to browse? I'm thinking of splitting the workload across devices (each with specific data) and wanted to check if anyone had done something similar before I continue with my Frankenstein of a project. Before anyone says "I don't need multiple devices", please know that I've already extended the existing protocol to run most of the RPM variable set through KSPSerialIO. This is done through 412 bytes (so far) split across 3 different update protocols that update at different speeds. Only 174 bytes are updating at the fastest speeds. As I'm running a Teensy 3.6, I've yet to hit a speed limit that overflows the buffer, but I'm watching like a hawk with monitoring and timing checks. Stress tests shows it works fine with 115200 baud and 50ms refresh, but I'm planning for longer term expansion plans. I figure it might be prudent to allow a compartmentalisation of the communication to give more throughput across multiple devices (using only one process in KSP) for when I need it.
  2. The mod I'm using is made by Zitronen shown below. I've extended it a fair bit and will eventually share what I've learnt, but it's mostly just experiments at the moment.
  3. 5 Jun Haven't posted in a while, so I figured I give a blip of a heartbeat. So 2020 has been a sh*t of a thing as everyone knows. Since the last post, the immediate area around where I live was threatened by bushfires (no damage) and then we got smacked with massive hail in Jan / Feb. Due to the hail damage, car ended up being a write-off and the house has been leaking for the last 6 months anytime it rains. The house is still being repaired but on the plus side, the Insurance company finally got around to getting us water tight with a replacement roof that finished last week. Work should begin on the inside damaged 3 rooms, which included our electronics / sewing room I share with my wife. All items were saved, but work stopped while repairs are going on. As such, I've mainly been doing on prep work / shop infrastructure project to gear things up when I'm able to get back to this. The shed still isn't organised, but I've completed a new bench with a self made biesemeyer fence for the table saw I've installed into it. Now I can cut decent sided plywood sheets down with good accuracy. Also, a CNC machine I ordered was delivered this month after a big delay due to covid19. I just need to build a bench for it. All-in-all, keeping busy in all the chaos, but still working my way to have that KSP cockpit.
  4. Just figured I'd voice a hope for KSP2. I hope they include something to measure the solar wind from the various sun in the new multi-system game. AND that they include the effects of CME (coronal mass ejections) to satellite communications. It'd be great to analyse the solar activities with equipment and find out what weird long cycle the programmers added to the various solar bodies. Our Sun has an ~11yr cycle between low/high activity. I'd be cool to find out that some solar bodies have a pattern of 21 years of "stupid-high" CMEs that make communication severely degraded around the immediate system. That way it wouldn't be just the celestial bodies (planets / moons) that get all the attention from those plucky Kerbals. The 'fun' part of all of this is none of the data is documented. It's just as something to discover if people want to investigate that dataset.
  5. Interesting. Firstly, congrats on the work, looks like it runs well. What kind of speed / pkt size are you running?
  6. and seeing as it's no longer a necropost, I'll add... We still love you @alexustas! Take your time with life and we look forward to welcoming you back when you pick up the hobby again
  7. two more consoles recently posted to reddit. If there is a local forum build thread let me know and I'll add the reference to the post I'm maintaining here.
  8. I always name mine 'Indigo' station. Works O.K. around Kerbin but the plan is to move it to Eve. For Duna, I like 'Rust Belt' station.
  9. So would I, but you could argue the results are describing the average across multiple small cups of goo. Anyone from @SQUAD got a view?
  10. I always thought the Mystery goo container was 1 container with 'air holes' that allow the main container to be exposed to the environment when opened. I stumbled over this persons interpretation of the goo container for a 3d print. I understand this was done for a 3d model so it looks close to the in game version, but due to all the little black cups, it made me rethink it's construction. Just wondering what other people thought are on this. Is it one container, or are each of the black holes a separate sample being tested?
  11. would this work? It has a camera you can mount to your craft.
  12. 25.Nov These are from September when I posted them onto Reddit, but I forgot to add these to the build log. They are my test of my CPU interface to control target selection, setting manuever nodes and other items that I plan to add. The aim is to have a CRT monitor display to replicate what is shown in the ASET prop pack. I also included the built-in PDAI integration for port renaming / selecting when close to targets so I can control that with just Arduino buttons. It done via a Logger mod to get the data out of KSP/Unity so it's usable for something other than shoving down the serial line to Arduino. This allowed me to update a text file as required which is then read by an independent WPF application that watches for file updates. That app just reads the updated file and formats the text using the same fonts from the ASET mod pack for the display on a small separate monitor. I've got a 800x600 monitor on order that will be it's proper display. Doesn't work as well on a widescreen.
  13. Thanx for the support probably not ToTM worthy with what I've done so far.. Need to get past the prototype stage first.
  14. Mod question: is it possible for a user (not a mod) to edit someone elses thread OP / take over existing thread?