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  1. Understatement of the year (Above emphasis mine). Thanks for the info @Ger_space.!There's a good amount of stuff in that paragraph I have no idea about, but I knew this would be an up hill battle when I started. With the new KSP 1.11: Some Reassembly Required including an Engineer function revamp, maybe I could plead to @SQUAD to have something like this on their development roadmap for a Scientist revamp? To get it functional, I'm planning to assign a model, & material where I can. I can't think of much I can do with water (Laythe, Kerbin & Eve other than a sphere of w
  2. I'm not sure what not initialising means in context of game play - does that mean the beacons won't be able to see each other? Or is this just a coding thing that there will be error, but no effect on game play?
  3. Nice work on the mod. I look forward to trying this. I also had a question: Do unloaded ships / kerbals consume life support? Of note, you have a minor spelling mistake on page 1/2 in the user guide about the resource Also:
  4. I think it works that training is for the part / command pod they occupy. e.g if they are fully trained for a 'Mk1 Command Pod', and you modify the vessel to have a Mk1 Lander Can instead, when you launch they will show up as untrained as they didn't do any training in the lander can.
  5. Despite multiple years passing, I'm still poking at this idea. I picked this up again a bout two weeks back and here's what I've got so far. I'm using some of the code from @Ger_spaceAdvancedTextures mod to try this proof of concept. Essentially I want the games scatter models and surface textures to represent the 'surfaceSample' that a EVA kerbal has just stored in the container. I also want to have it so if a player has the BG DLC, a scientist will have a chance to pick up the 'surface feature' models rather than just the scatter 'boulders'. The chance will increase as the Scientis
  6. Is the model that @CobaltWolf worked on a possibility? Dev post mentioning it here
  7. It had some cool models, but the dropbox link goes to 404 error now. so it's been unavailable for a while. LGG must of snagged a copy prior to the link dying. As for why it's 'special', I just like it for more things for the Kerbals to do while in orbit.
  8. FuelScience is coming back?! That will be awesome to see that again. I was looking for it a few weeks back, nice to know it'll be on the cards again at some point. Let me know if you want a beta tester at all for this. Happy to look for bugs before you release it.
  9. Problems don't usually like to group together, but for debugging, it's nice when they do. Also glad it was a bug and not a 'me' error.
  10. I did a search and only found a single reference to comets in this thread, so figured it might be with reporting: With Scatterer Stock:
  11. Sorry! Clearly I didn't know what they looked like in Vanilla. I removed the mod to check and I guess that's how a normal comet looks. It's on the far side of Kerbol and around Eve Orbit at the moment. I was expecting it to be a little more subtle for that distance. Hmmm... just wondering if I should log a KSP bug report for the comet being rendered in front of the sun-flares. (I'm now doing a check without Scatterer to see if that might be related) It's scatterer, I'll post over there. without Scatterer
  12. Thanks for letting us play along with your mod @Well. It's been fun - maybe not for Bob though...
  13. I was looking at the CometModule in the games API and noticed it has similar fields as asteroids. I didn't see anyone ask this, so I was wondering if there is the developers might of added a very rare chance for a Magic Comet like there is for the Magic Boulder?
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