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  1. Yep - appears immediately next to the icon now. Awesome!
  2. So I only did a quick test and can confirm the double circle flicker is indeed gone. Congrats! I wiped the previous install of AntennaHelper and noticed the new download of ver 0.10 is missing the Settings.cfg file. It probably gets created the first time you load it, but I noticed that my first attempt didn't have the window again. It came up after I switched to another vessel though. Occasionally the window is right along the top with just enough of a sliver that I can click and drag it back to a readable location. Having said that, unless you see an specific thing in the code, I might just chalk that up to my persistence file issues than this mod. Side note: I finally launched a station with a couple of decent 15G dishes that can 'just' cover the entire of Duna orbit. As I've now got something with good antenna range, I can confirm that the circles do indeed stop drawing around about 2-3 mouse wheel steps prior to when Sarnus orbit is fully in view (OPM mod) Orientation isn't all flat and there seems to be more angled circles compared to previous version, but you said that was expected / might work on it later. It is mostly level - I see them range around <10 degrees (I think) off level compared to the DSN circles. Still very usable for it's intended purpose. I've never gone interplanetary, so learning the large antenna ranges (>1G) is new and interesting to me at the moment.
  3. The Cryptography Thread!

    I'm a bit slow with the Emiko station reading... (it's a mammoth story to start from scratch) so that's why my post is months behind when it was first discussed. Here's my full working - no kidding here, actual answer as far as I can tell. But most of the work was done when you released the code table. and here's my response. With all the decryptors out there, I figure this one should be straight forward: XTM AIIEBSCR UA GCYXL OAMWW VWOQ KRCGOPSD SD USBX?
  4. The Cryptography Thread!

    Ok - So I've been catching up with Saga of Emiko station and go to the part about cyphers and gave it a go with plugging in the details into MS Excel and playing around for 10 mins. Is there a typo in the second cyphered letter? Shouldn't it be: RGGTNNRT NNNGGRGNGT LGRRLLNN NGGRTNGN RRTTRG LNGTGTGNGRNNRT? My answer for @qzgy : (Spoiler Warning: gives away the answer - albeit indirectly)
  5. Flickering always acts like that regardless of warp. Warped as highest speed for a week and no change to flicker rate. The connection lines are white due to the mod CommNet Constallation that recolors links based on selected network. for disappearing circles, when zooming far out I can't really tell when I hit the draw distance. Mainly because it seems that the disks are still being drawn all the way until it gets hidden behind the planet map icon. (ie I can still see the circles wen I get a big of Jools orbit in screen I'll give a few tests a go during the week with stock
  6. here's a vid the shows both issues - ignore audio (Was listening to a video while recording) I already forgot you changed the window to be movable, but eventually remembered near the end The 2nd satellite I switch to around minmus is the one with the angled disks (as viewed from the first satellite) When I switch to that 2nd sat, it's active connection view is the one that flickers between two disks and has it's orientation linked to the disks. (video deleted)
  7. just drawn underneath. It mostly work, it only seems to duck underneath the DSN at certain camera angles.
  8. Thanks for the update - I'll download and check now. Just a suggestion I thought of, is there a way to ensure that circles with smaller radii are drawn higher than those with bigger a radius? When I had the DSN and relay view on occasionally the smaller circles would disappear behind the DSN disks. I'm going to find out if I can record a video with windows so I can show a real time example, rather than screenshots.
  9. Here's the screenshots to show the details in the right client menus for antenna and probes. Anything I can look into in the the persistence file to fine out why the probe have a range of nano meters? The probe in controllable via the DSN (green link on both sat. The sat that freezes my game has a red comm link to the sat in question.
  10. Hi @nightingale, just wondering if there was any plan to revive this? Or did the recent updates break that 'Jool bit' too much to worry about? Anything the community at large could help with?
  11. Hi @Nereid - just wondering if you're had a report of errors occurring on scene loads after previously dismissing a Kerbal from the astronaut complex? Order of occurance: I've rescued a Kerbal due to a contract and upon recovery, they got a few ribbons. As I was over my complex cap of 12, I 'fired' that kerbal to get one of the type I wanted. When I then go to a new scene(eg Tracking center or returning to space center), I get a FF error regarding not being able to find Kerbal in hall of Fame for the Kerbals that were dismissed. [ERR 20:26:35.823] FF: boarding: no kerbal in hall of fame entry No real effect on the game other than a few lines in the log and not really an issue as it is. The error doesn't appear when loading the Hall of fame screen at all - only when changing scenes. Just reporting in case you might look at some adding a check to avoid loading hall of fame details for Kerbals that have been dismissed.
  12. First up - I love the mod and I'd be happy to help troubleshoot anything you'd like more info on. I had an idea like this mod ages back but had no idea how to mod / still learning to code. Very glad you brought it to life as will be a staple for me until I learn how to go interplanetary. Graphical representations are awesome! I've reinstalled and I'm still trying to reproduce the toolbar issue for a repeatable sequence for you. While doing that, I ran into a separate issue. I now get vessels where the range disks are drawn at the orientation of the vessel when viewed specifically in Relay mode and viewed from the control of a vessel that is relaying through that vessel with the angled disks. (ie the controlled vessel doesn't have angled disks.) The disks angle shown seems to be the angle from the focused vessel and the vessel with the slanted disks. When I switch to the vessel with the angled disks, it then shows 2 disks at 90 degree from each other. These seem to flicker between the 90 degree offsets of the vessel orientation. I can see both disks move if I rotate the ship while in map view. I can't capture a screenshot of the flicking disks as the screenshot only grabs a single frame and thus only shows 1 disk at an angle. Do you have two different draw methods occurring in the same frame? The below screenshot is of a vessel that is drawn fine, but can see a vessel with the angled disk issue. It seems to only occur in Relay mode. This screenshot is of another vessel seeing a vessel with the angled disk (in relay mode again). Vessel is in low minmus equatorial orbit, angle disk vessel is the one you can just make out in high orbit. Other issue: You can also see that the Antenna helper menu has climbed it's way off the screen. (screenshot not clipped) I've seen the menu do this in windowed and fullscreen mode. I don't seem to be able to move the window, but I assumed that was due to it not being movable at the moment. Any chance that window could spawn next to the antenna helper toolbar icon like Kerbal Engineer Redux does?
  13. Discussion - Community Category Kit

    Nah, good idea, but I don't have it installed. Still looking as to what's causing it: I've tried a minimum install and still see all Cacteye parts under OPT. Only KSP1.3.1, CCK2.0.2, OPT(Spacedock page) and CactEye telescope (Github zip) installed There is nothing in the tags for CactEye parts to latch onto with a custom OPT category that wouldn't exist if CCK weren't installed, but it gets included for some reason. Cacteye: tags = CactEye telescope planetary camera science OPT: tags=OPT SSTO spaceplane Can you see anything in the log? Was wondering if you can replicate the issue too? for reference, this is the Category.cfg file from OPT. Based on the wiki it looks all OK there. @CCKExtraFilterConfig { Item { name = OPT tag = OPT normalIcon = OPT/Category/OPT //selectedIcon = usedByMod = OPT } } Edit: For the record, I fixed my game by changing the category to "cck-OPT" and replaced the tags string for all OPT parts. With that done, there was no problems with CactEye Optics appearing in the cck-OPT category. Only reason I'm adding this post is I think I found a bug somehow or something weird that stock is doing and thought you'd like to check my findings.
  14. [1.2.2] [0.9.5] KPBS/MKS Integration Pack

    I checked the version file and it's the same one as listed in the Aug release on Github. I downloaded that version again and found that yeah, it doesn't have the double pass. I've reinstalled and should be good if that's the default. No idea where the extra pass game from
  15. [1.2.2] [0.9.5] KPBS/MKS Integration Pack

    Okie dokie - the new ModuleManger 3.0.0 is out and it seems KPBStoMKS is the first one I found to be pinged for adding in multiple passes on the parts. I can understand why there is multiple with wanted to load after both mods this mod refers to. As this results in the patch not working, any idea which one should be the one left on the patch? PlanetarySurfaceStructures or USITools? or is there another option? [ERR 23:36:00.970] [ModuleManager] Error - more than one pass specifier on a node: KPBStoMKS/Part_Mods/Inflation_changes/@PART[KKAOSS_Habitat_MK2_g]:AFTER[PlanetarySurfaceStructures]:AFTER[USITools] [ERR 23:36:00.973] [ModuleManager] Error - more than one pass specifier on a node: KPBStoMKS/Part_Mods/Inflation_changes/@PART[KKAOSS_Greenhouse_g,KKAOSS_LS_MKSAddon_Greenhouse*]:AFTER[PlanetarySurfaceStructures]:AFTER[USITools] [ERR 23:36:00.976] [ModuleManager] Error - more than one pass specifier on a node: KPBStoMKS/Part_Mods/Inflation_changes/@PART[KKAOSS_Science_g]:AFTER[PlanetarySurfaceStructures]:AFTER[USITools]