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  1. [1.3.1] HexCans Uncanned - v18.02.14

    Thanks for bringing this back! I've had a half patched / cobbled together folder that I've been working with ever since the previous author decided to part ways with KSP. These are great parts that are fun to load up with whatever you need for a mission.
  2. 'Mk1 Lander Can' IVA Replacement by ASET[1.1]

    Golden age indeed! I have so much love for this IVA interior style and it's functionality. There is a clunky, click/clack, chunky-ness about the controls that screams "I'm a rocket pilot" that I can't resist. Thanks so much for making this I've been having a lot of fun playing with as is, but it's taking me a while to get used to IVA gameplay. Just need more practice. I might add a few QoL additions to my own version, eg: an EPR handle, some additional annunciators I like having in ALCOR.
  3. I haven't had a chance to test this due to PC repairs - but does anyone know if the command seat unpack / animates OK in the current KSP version?
  4. Ah - thanks so much for that resource link. That's exactly what I was after to understand all the bits and pieces. I have plans. All good here for warnings. I deliberately had them all turned on to 'learn' the cockpit operations. Also - I'm curious as to you had a rough list of what extra development you had planned? It's quite beautiful now, even thought it's still in "Pre-Release"
  5. I'm going through the current packet contents and found there is a lot of savings to be had depending on what I plan to implement. For my displays, I've found there is a lot that doesn't need to be displayed at the same time for my goals. Also, I've found that I can reduce a good number of 4 byte floats to a 1 byte value. 0-100% maps to 255 with good resolution and the gauge only gives the indication of amounts as a percent anyway. I've got my packet plan down to 132 bytes at the moment, but I'm rapidly filling it back up with various system statuses and flags. Note: This isn't asking for any specific changes or anything. I just thought I'd share my thoughts for those that might be thinking that the data packet is already full and are OK with a little bit of coding.
  6. I had a question about 1/2 of the annunciators in the ALCOR capsule what triggers it: What is the Tumble warning for an when does it trigger? I've tried rolling the craft on the ground and spun it wildly in space, but neither triggered when the warning was sent to "on". Note: I did manage to trigger 'Altitude', 'Descent', 'High G' and made 'Contact' flicker a bit, but no "Tumble'. For the Slope warning, does that trigger for anything not zero, if not what is the range allowed before the warning starts? Looking in other threads for an answer I see that the Dial in the Mk1 lander can >=15 is Red, and >=6 is yellow. Not sure if Alcor would have the same slope trigger limits?
  7. Thanx @zitronen. Thanks for the reply. Was hoping seperating functions for the gate wasn't being overly careful. Plan is to do a throttle control first that has buttons for full & cut throttle. That should keep me busy for a bit.
  8. [1.3.0] Malah's Quick mods [2017.05.31]

    Hi @Malah, I'm thinking of getting a joystick and was wondering if the QuickSAS mod is able to accept joystick buttons as the trigger for specific SAS settings rather than a keyboard command? Love the interface for QuickSAS by the way, very intuitive.
  9. Thanks for the heads up. I'll keep an eye on ram as I go. Ill also research the thread again to see if anyone mentioned extenders, I might of missed it the first time around. From what Ive read, they are supposed to be able to run I2c > 1 MHz, even though the Arduino can't. But, I've yet to have any experience with those chips yet so if anyone has practical knowledge about them being slow, I'd love to know more.
  10. OK - I'm done lurking on this thread... I've pulled the trigger on some ebay items and broken out my trusty Uno to start planning a cockpit controller. Just wondering if someone could help straighten some thoughts I'm having while planning a build. I think I'm trying to solve problems that don't exist yet. You know.. the Kerbal way to troubleshooting, sort of like City Lights before Cities. I've recently gotten on the road to doing a controller/cockpit for KSP and I'm OK with coding up Arduino scripts and interfacing hardware to the point that they work. But I also know that I lack a lot in the design knowledge to properly layout the cockpit. I'm trying to wrap my head around how to balance out the design of the KSP controller with what I want to be available. As I understanding it with this KSPSerialIO mod, the Arduino would be doing two primary jobs: updating any output such as LED / indicators / digital displays triggering events in KSP based on input from specific buttons, joysticks angles, switch states At any point is the Arduino acting as a Keyboard emulator and sending a Key commands that would be read by KSP? I ask as I'm wondering if I should split the processing across two different Arduinos? i.e One that acts as a keyboard/joystick that talks to KSP via the standard Joystick USB connection, the other dedicated to just updating the indicators / displays that is sent from KSPSerial IO. I'm not sure how much processing will be needed to handle the KSPSerialIO stuff. Only just starting the design, but so far I'm up to 45 x 7-segment digits, 8 analog dials, 50 toggle switches / buttons, 13 rotary dials, 40 status indicators. I'm planning on using some I2C MCP23017 IO extenders for the arduino for the shear number of buttons and levers. I've also specced out that I'll need about 6 MAX7219 for the 7segment displays. With all this, I'm sort of going for a 1960's ASET MK1 landing can-alike. I've also setup a shell mod for executing actions that are currently not actionable in the standard setting menu. As an example, I've got a parking break action assigned to Alt-N (why? it was next to 'B' alright. it made sense to me at the time! ), and have a button that sends that command to the PC to activate the parking break in KSP. So I expect that I should be able to have a "Deploy / Retract Solar panels" button that would send an obscure custom Keyboard command (ALT-* maybe?) and my mod will do similar code to All'Yall / ALCOR and just open all solar panels on the vessel without an action group needing to be assigned at all. The downside is I won't know the exact status of the panels unless I add extra packets to KSPSerialIO, or use an ActionGroup. Reasons for not using an AG is because I want to avoid AG's for stuff that I can pickup automatically in the code, (eg Solar, Radiators, antennas, scanners, etc) so I can leave most of them for stuff on a mission. Is there any benefit to letting the PC handle the joysticks and as many buttons as I can shove onto it so it doesn't have to be processed by the Arduino? I've got a UnoR3 and while I know it's not the fastest out there, I still wanted to try to push as much game data to it as I can to keep displays and indicators updated. Or would my main bottleneck be the time it takes for the Arduino to process each incoming packet and control input doesn't really factor?
  11. Yeah, spring return is in the plan. As for the click, the BBQ lighter investigation is worth a look. I've checked out a few breakdown on YT they were salvaged for the igniters proved interesting. Thanks for the suggestion. Actually - that search lead me to a interesting mechanism playlist: Extra Geek time: While looking for a lever, I found the aliens airlock lever and was reading about a prop group that traced the red piece to an old CRT TV grill.
  12. I'm in the beginnings of gathering hardware for my control panel and I'm looking for inspiration on one element in particular. I've got a number of ebay orders incoming, so it's only just starting. I've seen a few panels where the 'stage' command is just a push button and for some reason I have a quirk where that's never sat well with me. Yes, I've used the spacebar forever, but when I envision using my panel, I see a pull lever of some sort recessed into the upright part of the panel that I have to pull to activate the next stage. I'm thinking doing a DIY version of "something like"TM the below pictures, although I've not decided on whether the handle will be vertical (left pic) or horizontal (right pic). It will probably end up being a hidden push button behind the panel that the unseen part of the lever would hit to activate, but the UI would be a pull action that would come out ~20-30 degrees from the panel and a spring return. If I can work out how, I'd love to add bit of a mechanical "clunk" (rather than a wimpy 'click') at the end of the lever action to indicate it did something, but still have a smooth return action and not have to go over the clunk again.. I had a passing thought to kluge/mount a ratcheting socket wrench as the lever, but decided the tinny clicking wasn't quite what I was after. Anyone done anything like that idea? Feedback is welcome.
  13. [WIP]Escape Pod Mod - REKT development thread

    I was looking for some reference photos for a KSP control panel and stumbled over these beauty shots. They look a lot like your REKT retro caps Just thought you'd interested to see when your model might look like if it was done in very high res. Source here
  14. Ah, yeah - I see it. Found a pic where the pin is a lot clearer: (from this site) and would be just something easily aquired from a hardware store. awesome! I've been doing my head it trying to find a solution to that all day. (I added a few other options in the post above. And yes, the original FDAI is an insane piece on engineering that I'm jealous that you have one. As an aside, in my search, I also came across this gorgeous piece of 3d printing.
  15. Wow - that's some awesome progress! Are you still having closed loops for all three steppers? Here hoping you got some warmer weather soon, although not too soon I'm enjoying summer here at the moment. With your dome mounts, does that mean you'll have visible screws that go from outside and screw into the mount inside the ball? My other options were to either have a nut at the top of the dome and screw it on to the shaft. That idea is me least favorite due alignment issues trying to get screws on either side to line up, also a risk of the screws loosing, but it would be the easiest solution. The other one that ran through my head the other day when changing the bulb in an oyster ceiling light (but haven't thought it through yet) was using a pair of ball pins to fix the alignment issue, but still need to think of not too happy with the possibility of it flying off as I'm not sure of the holding force of ball pins. Looking for inspiration, currently trying to work out how the hemispheres are connected on this: But failing that, the last idea I had was to notch the end of the center shaft and slide the hemisphere into place, secured with an e-clip. still need to work out something to stop the dome rotating