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  1. wile1411

    Local Solar Time Display

    Sounds like this would be a better fit as a parameter added that KAC could use to set alarms for sunrise on bodies other than Kerbin. It has been raised last year in this post and is being considered as @TriggerAu has mentioned. It is listed as a github issue #103, so it's on the to-investigate list (so to speak) If you're able to help grok the maths required for it to work, I'm sure it would help contribute to it being worked on.
  2. wile1411

    Lowest & Highest Points of Celestial Bodies

    Here a suggestion - not sure if it's worth the effort to do it though - a similar table, but for the highest and lowest point when in a 0 inclination orbit around the body. (ie equatorial heights only) So if you use a polar Orbit, you'd use the first table. If you use the equatorial orbit, you'd use the 'other table' as it would be specific to 0degree inclination.
  3. @IgorZ Congrats on the pre-release - I've finally decided to bite the bullet and update to 1.4.3 (from 1.3.1) and I might as well use this instead of the old KAS for the new career.
  4. I'm creating a science experiment that is required to be returned to Kerbin to earn the science points. This means I've set the experiment settings to include canTransmit = False & dataIsCollectable = False I need to do some testing when I get home, but I've assumed that with canTransmit = False, the float values - xmitValue & xmitBonus - for the ScienceData obj that is generated, would probably be zero. My only available variable looks like I might be able to modify the ScienceData.Amount to a lower number when I wanted the available recovered science value to go down. Once a ScienceData instance is created from an experiment with the above settings, is it possible to modify the 'Amount' value while in the flightscene (using some code I'd write) so the final recovered science points would be lower than it was when generated? The goal is to not have the same static value of science points recovered for an experiment run in the same biome twice. Anyone know if there is something similar done already?
  5. @Snark Just wanted to acknowledge that you have to be one of the more patient moderators / modder on the forums here. Not to take away anything from the other people doing similar work, I just happen to follow a good number of your threads, so it might be selective bias . Even when you have to step into moderate, the post is direct, fair and never seems rash / off the cuff. For your mod threads, I've seen posts that would drive some modders to frustration due to blunt request/ demands, but again all I see is understanding there is a lot of new people to the game, despite it's age. Thank you for your work and sharing of your mods (this one included). I can only image what kind of gameplay you regularly go through to warrant the creation / publications of your mods. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  6. wile1411

    [1.3.1] Docking camera (KURS) (14.feb.18)

    By a LOT of people!
  7. For reference in case it's useful when you are using GEP with GPP/OPM. It shows you the antenna range depending on your Tracking Station DSN level. (Chart from this thread for other planet packs charts)
  8. Can I suggest adding this patch posted by @OHara in the suggestion section for adding aero/drag shielding to parts that appear hollow? Seems like a good fit to be added to the patch list.
  9. I thought this was already done - Pony-People / Laytheans! (At least it is from this narrative ) Thx @Just Jim
  10. wile1411

    What is your worst successful launch?

    My worst seems fairly common from reading the above posts. While lifting a massive kerbed science lander to Minmus (stacked with every science experiment I could slap on the thing), my rocket performed the "no-scope-360" no less than three times before finally making orbit. Each time it rotated, I pessimistically sit at the keyboard thinking "here me go"... left hand twitching to hit escape key for a quick revert/redesign in the VAB. During each no-scoped, I'd wait for something to wobble through a fairing then Krakenize the entire operation. It surprisingly make it through the launch, but only once it all calmed down after getting through the denser part of the atmosphere. Woot! When you spend a good hour on designing a rocket / lander, I really feel the shame of bad design when it doesn't work the first time. (KSP really knows how to point these failings all too well)
  11. No prob. I hope I can be of some help, so we'll see how far I can take it before a proper coder needs to step in The splitting idea was only something that came up when I misread the first post - no all good not using it. Insta-spawn it is. That's something like the end result of a few mods that I can think of / can reference and try to make work within a stand alone mod. I'll note this on the PM later in the week, but I had some additional thoughts about the limitations and effects of ablator in it's normal use.. I think this might need it's own code rather than reuse the moduleablator. (I still need to test on a modded fueltank to see if I can evaporate the fuel at a rate that seems reasonable - if it works, bonus!) Hmm. I would of thought having just 'gold' would promote people protecting it from reentry. Adding goldablator would mean an additional resource and that could also add extra mass to the nugget - and I've seem you already going up and down with the masses trying to find the sweet spot. Adding the extra resource goldablator might push it into the realm of overly complicated when you could simply reduce the ablation effect of the existing gold resource itself. (Just a suggestment though ) Hahah! - I'm not the speediest either these days - so don't rush to think you have to get back by a certain time. I'll move the coding chat to PM from here on
  12. wile1411

    KSP shop on Shapeways is MIA

    Here's a more pointed question. Are the licences for the figurines still owned by Squad / T2 or where they not included in the sale of KSP? I'd understand the delay if there was legal issues / ownership of the model asset itself... Otherwise, it's kinda hard to understand why they don't just flick the switch back on over at the-3d-printing-place-that-shall-not-be-named.
  13. wile1411

    Disagreeing resource scanners

    Isn't that the other way around? M4435 (Narrow Band Scanner) will give you the average of the biome. The Kerbnet GUI will show the spot figure you click on, but only if you have run the analysis for that biome. Surface Scanner (after running analysis) will show the exact abundance in all spots for the biome you run it in. But only after you click "Run analysis". The issue is that you've got an apple to oranges comparison. You've run the analysis in the first screenshot for the "Polar Crater" biome, but in the second screenshot for the "farside crater" biome you've not run the analysis so it's only showing the average [avg] number. You have to run it for each biome to finer details.
  14. erm... (in story question) how do they know the warp transport is safe for Kerbals?
  15. Nice...errr. jump ring you have there @eddiew I'd also like to just quickly praise @Booots for the effort made in making the jump effect interesting. I love it each and every time I see it during the jump process. It's both subtle in it's effect as well as obvious that something happened. I don't want to learn the secret of the process as I enjoy the feeling of seeing time being unstretched when the jump completes.