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  1. What's the best way to check this? I keep getting what seems to be fine reports, but that might be just luck of the draw.
  2. This is a nice little shuttle that I think I can actually control Few notes: there are 4 part with their TechRequired line in their cfg files set to TechRequired = start. I've edited these in github and added pull request to make it a quick change for you. mk25tomk3.cfg mk25thrustplate.cfg mk25decoupler.cfg mk25to125.cfg Some of those four part have Issues with their description localization tags in that they have this: 'description = description = #autoLOC_500509' Lastly the mk25decoupler also needed a manufacturer. I set it to : 'Space Tux Industries' Apologies in advance - I'm still learning guthub and ended up having to create 4 separate pull requests for each file edit. What I did was click the pencil in github to edit the file, makes the changes and then created the pull request from there. I'm sure there is a better way to combine multiple changes across different files. If someone knows a quicker way that I could of combined all these into one pull request - I'd appreciate the information. Cheers
  3. No problem and take your time. Look forward to any further work you do on depletion nodes as that look fascinating.
  4. [1.3] Kerbal Health 0.6.5 (2017-08-01)

    Hi @garwel Thank you so much for making this mod!. Kerbal Health and SpaceAge are my two new favorite mods of late. I gave KH a whirl in a separate save, checked the mechanics and loved it and have immediately added it to my career game. Best thing that happened in testing is that in the 100-odd days of checking out the mod stuff, Jeb (the clutz) had two different accidents on different missions and figured that's par the for course for him. I abandoned all LifeSupport mods a month ago as I was a bit bogged down with juggling various resources and hab timers. I was using USI-LS and tried to switch to snacks. I ended up just going cold turkey on LS and installed LGG's Crew R&R instead. But no more! This Kerbal Health mod is awesome and lets me look after my Kerbal without having to worry too much about things. The sickness event is a great gameplay element to add some variety to just ensuring the crew keep positive HP. Oh and thank you for add a no death option. I do play with no respawn turned on, but much rather my Kerbals die due to my piloting than lack of attention to life support. I had a few questions / suggestions for you. In the settings, the "Avg. Untreated Sickness Duration" is defaulted to 10 and "Sickness" loss is -5. Do I read this correctly as a sick Kerbal (on average) will lose 50HP if they get sick for the average 10 day period? I was trying to see how long Kerbal would get sick for, but even with duration set to 20 and no scientist onboard, the worst I got was 11 days of sickness over an 100 day period Just curious as to what is the min/max period for sickness? Is there a rare possibility that a sick kerbal will be sick for 20 days? ie 20*-5 =all a lvl 0 kerbal health? Very minor suggestions (ignore any and all if no good): Could the sickness value (-HP while sick) be a selectable range to add a bit of variety? The idea would be so sick Kerbals are given a value between those values for when they get sick. Example: I might set the sickness difficulty range set to -1 to -10. Val might get sick and randomly rolled a -1. (mild cold maybe), but when the infection makes Bob get sick, he rolled a -9 (Typical male-Kerbflu) resulting is different HP reduction levels applied to different Kerbals. Understand that it's much easier as a single value and you might want to keep it that way, just putting the idea out there. For the Health Monitor screen, is it possible to change the condition text to red if sick / blue if exhausted?.With both 'OK' and 'Sick' being short and ending in 'K' it's sometimes not easy to pick up in a quick glance. Would is be possible to add the mechanic (and config sliders) for the amount of rep your program loses when a Kerbal is exhausted and a separate number for when they reach zero/die? I'm not sure what's possible with the messaging system, but it is possible to add a different custom health icons (like what you have in SpaceAge) that might be contextual to the alert, so that the return to work msgs appear different to someone being sick / accident? Or are you stuck with the exclamation point / what is available in stock?
  5. Thanks again for this mod. I took inspiration from something @TaxiService did and removed all Freqs for all the Ground stations (other than KSC) as accidentally happened in a previous release. I'm currently in the process of role playing the "enabling" of these extra ground stations by having to install a contraption to allow me the "right" to add a frequency to a given ground station. Oh it's been painful not having fullsignal entirely around orbit, but that will change now. I have to install this unholy mess I created via KIS at each station I want to use. It's only using the tech I've got available at the moment at Science lvl 90 column, but it perform as my "control console" for the Ground Station dish. Hopefully I can attached this to the Squad model using the KIS Ground Pylon structure. Otherwise, It'll have to sit on the grass nearby. Everything fits into 3 KIS crates (in picture), but I'm still debating on whether to transport it just via plane or prolong the pain and wait until I have some rover wheels and drop something that can drive closer and not worry about having to landing a bl__dy plane on non-flat areas.
  6. [1.3]TextureReplacerReplaced v0.4

    Hah - Any plan for adding .version file? Checked the version of the dll in windows explorer and it's 0.4. Happy to wait - I'm just hoping that my test was valid and not stuffing up other ppl looking for something similar. Thanks again for your work on this. It's certainly an interesting customization that you make available with this mod.
  7. I'm going to guess and say probably not going via the API information, but we'll see what @Ezriilc says. I think Lift and Drag are on a per part value and not single number for a vessel to track in a graph.
  8. [1.3]TextureReplacerReplaced v0.4

    When at the space center, I have reflections set to "Real". Will that still allow a transparent visor? Or are those mutually exclusive? I can't seem to get it transparent. I've tried to replace the EVAvisor.dds with a renamed 90.dss and a rename 10.dss and they are all opaque. I know it's not the mod and has to be something I'm stuffing up somewhere.
  9. [1.3]TextureReplacerReplaced v0.4

    Probably a silly question - would I need to create a whole suit texture to get the transparent visor?
  10. Another example of some fun with the data. This time I'm using the data provided by Graphotron, threw it into a spreadsheet tool and graphed the results. I'm pretty sure I didn't fly over water, so I have no idea why the Surface and Sea Level Altitudes became the same once I past 12K Altitude. Maybe a thing Stock does when you're too high. Anywho, this is me just flying over the "Oops, too short" mountains near KSC and was trying to get as close as I could while skimming the ground. I set the plane of a climb while looking in the folders to find where the CSV file was saved. Once found, I then went back over the mountains and repeated the ground skimming.
  11. Thanks for that. I've got a basic idea of C#, but I'm too chicken to submit something for fear it'll break the mod for everyone else. If someone OKs it, I can try to add the pull request Here's my 'guess' to add the Terrain Altitude to the ModuleEnviroSensorPlotter.cs file: Insert @ Line 247 sources.Add (new VesselInfoSource ("Flight data", "Altitude (terrain)", () => (float)(vessel.altitude - vessel.heightFromTerrain)));
  12. Could of questions: Where does the game 'generate' the environmental sensor data numbers supplied from for things like Thermometer, barometer, pressure gauge etc...? Can additional "layers" of data (not biomes) be added by a mod that adds a new environmental sensor to read data like the stock one? Stupid example: what %chlorophyll is located at the grass around KSC vs the grass at the island airfield. If possible, can someone point me to an example mod that does something like this? (environmental sensors that provide data points, not a grass science def you Kerbal! )
  13. I'd like to put forward a few suggestions One is for an additional data series to the Graphatron to allow for an interesting realtime graph. Could there be a calculated series (area or bar if possible / otherwise the standard dot is fine) for "Terrain Height" (Altitude [Sea Level] - Altitude [Surface]) When you plot this along with "Sea Level Altitude" on the same chart, you get something like the below. Image borrow from this thread (great idea BTW) The second suggestion is to allow resource percentage amounts be added as a Graphatron data source? ie showing the values that are in the Narrow band scanner? eg: 1.1%
  14. [1.3] OSE Workshop Continued - KIS Addon

    In that case ignore my above post Thx