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  1. I only know of two mods: Packrat rover from USI and this one from ASET - it's a bit old but awesome part models
  2. do more pod change the experiment results (aside from different distances) or do you only need one pod per biome?
  3. Yeah - I don't think it's possible with the current version. I can force it using a plugin and code to set a leg to "broken" - but that's all I've managed in the 1.4 era. I've tried many a test with legs set to various different angles and run then into buildings. I've also dragged them at various speed with different massed vehicles and all I've found is that they blowup in a poof of dust before they get a broken status.
  4. News Link (AU) I read this and ending up thinking how it worked in KSP and if lowering the orbit was a way to speed up and get a better DeltaV effect being closer to Earth.
  5. Might be worth checking all of the planet pack mods you have installed (is any). They might have conflicting edits and are the main mod I can think of that modify the DSNRange values. There are also a few antenna mod that do that also. If you have Notepadd++ or some other text editor, you could do a search within the contents of all .cfg files in the GameData directory for "DSNRange" and "upgradesVisual" and that should show up all the MM patches that are asking CBK to make a change.
  6. I'm thinking of giving this challenge a go, but I thought I'd throw my idea out there for consideration in case others wanted to try it. Could you do a Phileas Fogg style challenge and manually control a rover driving in a sunrise direction around Dres/planet, while a Bon Voyage controlled rover drove in a Sunset direction?
  7. I could - but I only let myself use mods for stuff like this. I wont let myself change the science difficulty settings in any direction other than down.
  8. DMagic Orbital Science - I need to extra science to make my career game not grindy
  9. wile1411

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I spent the better part of tonight adding resources to rocks. I then chucked them into the atmosphere at around 3-9k/s at various Pe heights to see how my custom ablator settings for said resources worked to vaporize the contents. Kerbal testing at it's best.
  10. wile1411

    [WIP] [1.4.x] Dumb Luck 0.2

    Thanks for the input and ideas here. There's a little bit of work I need to finish off on another mod idea and then I'll be back on this again. Addressing the ideas - I'm still going through testing regarding keeping explosions or not. I might change my game so it falls in line with stock - mainly so the only thing that is expected to cause explosions is the player colliding with things / re-entry too fast. For those saying have both - I hear you, but I still have to learn how to use the config nodes and game setting to allow myself to utilise those options. For anyone interested: I have a request for feedback around Science Experiments for this mod below: (Background) I'm currently working through the DMagic experiment support. After some discussions with @DMagic, he highlighted the fact that all stock experiments can be reset by an EVA Kerbal (or in the cockpit) of any skill , but only if they don't use the EVA reset button that is implemented for stock experiments and requires a Scientist to operate it. SideNote: By "reset" I mean when the experiment data is still in the experiment. If the data is taken, then it becomes a "Restore" event and that also specifically requires a scientist. The way this any EVA Kerbal reset happens is that a player just has to click the "review data" button and then hit the "recycle" button on the experiment results window. This review/recycle method can be done with an EVA Kerbal of any skill. Scientists do have the dedicated reset button that does the same thing in less clicks. Different again is that Dmagic experiments use a custom MODULE that allows any skilled Kerbal to use the reset button. (Feedback Questions - specifically around Science Experiments) If resetting an experiment can by bypassed via the above mentioned review/recycle method, should I even have the DumbLuck test occur when specifically resetting an experiment like a Thermometer? I'm half leaning towards the idea that maybe the DumbLuck check only applies to a RESTORE action for experiments. (ie Goo and Sci Jr.) The downside is it would no longer apply to the sensor experiments. It seems that if I add DumbLuck to something that can be bypassed by choice, I'm not really adding anything to the gameplay with this mod idea.
  11. Okie Dokie! Parts /model expecting a AerojetKerbodyne texture: airbuscockpit fighterinlinecockpit oh6cockpit oldfightercockpit x1cockpit Mk1Door Mk1DroneDoor Parts / model expecting additional textures, but don't seem to be required: airbuscockpit - looking for a texture labelled 'placeholder' (Actual texture line in CFG referencing b29cockpit part is commented out) b29cockpit - has a bad texture line (See below)in the CFG (probably just needs to be removed as was done with the above part) texture = airbuscockpittex , AirplanePlus/Parts/Command/airbuscockpit/airbuscockpittex herculesgear - has an invalid texture path in MODEL module. Just removing it seems to fix it as the model probably already references the correct texture directly. texture = herculesgeartex , AirplanePlus/Parts/Wheel/sharedgeartex/herculesgeartex herculesfrontgear - has an invalid texture path in MODEL module. Just removing it seems to fix it as the model probably already references the correct texture directly. texture = herculesgeartex , AirplanePlus/Parts/Wheel/sharedgeartex/herculesgeartex For full clarity - the sharedgeartex folder should of been sharedgear if it was required. But as mentioned the textures seems to be referenced from the model already as removing this line still results in the correct texture. In case you need the full error for the Mk1DroneDoor part that was complaining about a "Convex Mesh", I've added it below for reference. You mentioned you already fixed it, so it's only here in case you need to look back for it. [ERR 20:36:42.021] Failed to create Convex Mesh from source mesh "". Source mesh is likely have too many smooth surface regions. Please reduce the surface smoothness of the source mesh. Alternatively turn on Inflate Mesh and increase the Skin Width sufficiently for this mesh.
  12. wile1411

    [WIP] [1.4.x] Dumb Luck 0.2

    I've never touched Kerbalism - do you know if it uses it's own experiment/wheel/parachute modules or would it use the stock implementations? If it's stock, I shouldn't have to change anything. My way of achieving this is to try and hide the stock button that does the REPAIR/RESTORE/REPACK/RESET action in the PAW. I then provide my own button with the same name that runs the code that does the random check before letting it continue with the usual method that stock uses.