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  1. KSP Weekly: The Earthquake

    Indeed. I didn't see it on a large scale myself. I did see all sorts of people helping, though. The guys who had their boats out picking us up, the people dropping off food and water for people working on clearing out their damaged houses, the many friends and family that pitched in, those who manned the shelters and donation sites, and the endless helicopter and C-130 flights bringing supplies in. Seeing it almost gives you hope for humanity. Beware the scum out there, though. The looters, the scammers, the fake charities, the "contractors" that take a payment and never show up to do the work, the price-gougers, the people out there looking to take advantage of people going through one of the worst time of their lives.
  2. KSP Weekly: The Earthquake

    Glad to hear everyone is safe. Wish I had the resources to help y'all out. At least you can see a hurricane approaching...
  3. So what song is stuck in your head today?

    Wow. Didn't know that he was still active that recently. (Says the guy who's first concert was The Monkees in the late '90s. In Austin, no less.)
  4. So what song is stuck in your head today?

    Since I'm living at my mother-in-law's...
  5. Thread to complain bout stuff

    Some of our neighbors had entire houses flooded, some had feet of water, some had water up to the roof. We were lucky, and had maybe a couple of inches of water in about a quarter of the house, plus the garage. We're almost done moving everything out. Only the kitchen and backyard stuff left to pack or take to the trash, and return the U-Haul tomorrow. The landlord says his insurance wants the house stripped to the slab and studs. Jackass even "borrowed" my tools to rip up carpet and drywall, and now they're gone. Of course, as soon as we're out, we're turning off the water and power. I have some great friends. Aside from that, we've had people coming through offering water and food. One day, someone dropped off hot dogs. Another day, someone handed us sandwiches. Recently, someone offered a choice of sandwich or spaghetti, gave us ice cream, water and gatorade, and a bag of ice.
  6. [1.3] Monthly Budgets 2.7 (29/05/2017)

    Obviously not. severedsolo gets the funds back after canceling the project.
  7. Thread to complain bout stuff

    According to the Texas State Bar hotline: "Texas law is rather unclear. Or conflicting." In the case of repair/construction/emergency, the landlord can deny the tenant access to the property. Day 1 (30 Aug): Rescue essential items from house once house is accessible. Day 2: Dispose of damaged/unneeded stuff in garage. Day 3: Moving/disposing of stuff in "squishy" rooms. Landlord says "Remove everything from any carpeted areas of house." Day 4: Begin removing everything from carpeted areas. Time to rest. Landlord says "Remove everything from tiled areas of house." Day 5: Finish removing everything from carpeted areas. Move everything from tiled area to de-carpeted room. Sick as hell. Dust from carpet and drywall removal fills air. Finally done. Time to rest. Landlord says "Nice job of packing everything in garage. Now it needs to be away from the walls." Day 6: Insurance company totals both vehicles. Move stuff from garage wall areas into de-carpeted rooms. Finally done? Time to rest? Day 7: Supposed to be back at work. Take injured kid to ER. Sleep for a couple of hours. Take screaming kid back to ER. Call in sick to work. Sleep for a couple of hours. Glorious rest is finally within my grasp. Landlord says "You need to have all your stuff out by tomorrow." Move stuff to newly acquired storage unit, begin packing everything that wasn't at floor level. Day 8 (Today): We pick up the U-Haul to move the furniture in a few hours. Then more packing while we wait for our friends that have actually returned to work to arrive in the evening. (Damnit. I forgot to tell my boss I wouldn't be there. Oops.) Day 9: The world can just go &*^*&(!!($) itself.
  8. Thread to complain bout stuff

    Landlords that message you at 11:00, telling you to clear out all your stuff by tomorrow.
  9. What's behind your username?

    I didn't choose my username. It hunted me down one night, dragged me into a dark alley, and assigned itself to me.
  10. If you're not playing exactly the way I do, then you're cheating. If you're using different mods, cheating. Not using mods? You're not only cheating, but you're also completely missing the point that the game was made to be moddable, so you're doing it wrong. Further, if you're cheating, you're not only a dirty, low-down, evil cheater, but you're obviously not actually having fun. You're also probably too dumb to realize how much fun you're not having.
  11. Weather Chat Megathread

    I just want to say "Thank you." To you, and everyone that has helped out, in whatever way, wherever you are.
  12. Weather Chat Megathread

    Unfortunately, no. Dumb decision, but that's the way it is. My family is safe, though. All my friends and extended family are safe as well. Other than just wanting an actual bed to sleep in, I'm just numb. After Ike, we were able to get to our (previous) house within a couple of days. (It was fine.) At this point, it's going to be days before we can get there.
  13. But but but, guuuuUUUUUuuuuys! The fairings!
  14. Thread to complain bout stuff

    Leather couches with built-in cupholders/storage bins that keep you from lying down flat. I would seriously murder someone for an air mattress right now.
  15. Weather Chat Megathread

    And now we're looking at higher water levels than on Sunday. If it wasn't yet, my house is certainly trashed. The only question is how deep.