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  1. No, because PEMDAS isn't a thing, it's simply a series of initials to help you remember the order of operations. Why does your list of steps include multiplication before division, and addition before subtraction? Multiplication IS division, so they occur at the same level of priority. The same as subtraction being addition.
  2. Damn right! We're such big supporters of the game that we demand the employees not get paid for their work on the project! They're only doing their jobs as a cash grab!
  3. Every time I see something like this brought up, I'm amazed. Were people taught that "pemdas" (or other variants) was a rule or method, rather than a mnemonic device to remember order of operations? Or do people think the solar system is made up of the sun and My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nachos, too?
  4. Instead of moving the air across the vehicle to provide aerodynamic lift, have a bunch of tubes pointing downward to create thrust to move the vehicle upwards.
  5. What mystery? It was pretty obvious from the title and first post. I'm doing bratwurst and pasta salad tonight. Although,
  6. I was there on business a little over 4 years ago. Not bad. The vertical stack of the Saturn V is really something to see. If you don't take the time to stop, at least drive by so you can get a view of it.
  7. I say they should stick to tradition and dump it on Australia again.
  8. For me, it's a sign that I just bought a new desk, because I've switched from "waiting to return to the office" to "permanent work-from-home job". Give it a couple of months, though...
  9. That thing was flying around here a couple weeks ago. It's so damn weird to see it up in the air when it looks like it just shouldn't.
  10. What is "better"? Who decides what that is? "other stuffs" Can you be any more vague about what you're asking for? Edit: I would consider more immersive, "living" IVA environments to be better, even if they don't let me run an entire mission from an IVA view. Other people may have the opposite opinion. Either one of us may be "right", but if you don't specify what you want, you might end up with something you don't want.
  11. This raises the question "are DLC parts considered KSP1 parts?".
  12. 1. Remove all the mods you have installed, except for Simple Construction. 2. Run the game, see if it works as expected. 3. Install half the mods. 4. Repeat step 2. If it works, the problem is in the other half. If it doesn't, it's in one of the installed mods. 5. Repeat, installing/uninstalling mods until you determine which one is conflicting. 6. Resolve the conflict. (Which might mean working with the mod author(s) to fix it, doing a bit of manual configuration, or learning to live without one of the mods causing the conflict.)
  13. IIRC, the problem was "not when frozen". I was apparently thinking of something else.
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