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  1. Planes, docking, resource mining, robotics. All of these were mods that later got added to the game.
  2. A short little "We have had a minor security breach and are working to resolve it" notice wouldn't have been too much to give us?
  3. Thank you for letting us know what happened, and that the situation has been resolved.
  4. Which one of my downloads of 0.13.3 through 1.11.0 gets me the current version?
  5. John Young, CMP on Apollo 10, was.
  6. Throwing in a reference to every astronaut who deserves it would just overly clutter the game. Also, Why Collins? What did he do to earn recognition? Why not John Young, instead?
  7. Yup. She was in town for a week, doing a lot of touch-and-go practice. Since I live a couple miles from the field, I got to see quite a few decent passes.
  8. The Superguppy was in town a month or so ago. That thing is just odd to see in flight.
  9. It's Thursday. We're well past "early this week". Any updates?
  10. Well, the CSM was a rocket, as well. It was carried aboard another vehicle, sure, but it was a rocket. But the CSM is different. The orbiters had the launch engines mounted on them. They weren't merely payload during the process.
  11. I can't help but wonder what the shuttle is if it's not a rocket...
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