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  1. Not much use, yes, no, occasionally, no, no, no, nothing.
  2. Tomorrow morning, my father is stopping by with a rented van to pick up myself and my two youngest children. An hour and a half drive later, we're stopping to pick up my two eldest children from my ex-wife. Friday puts us at Mammoth Cave and Fort Knox. On Saturday, we'll drive and spend some time at the National Museum of the United States Air Force. On Sunday, we'll spend some more time at the NMofUSAF, and then head to the birthplace of HAL 9000 (also where my sister lives) at Urbana, Illinois. Monday, we'll be fighting the hordes of people heading south to the area of totality (Death to the evil Daystar! Death, I say! Hurrah for the wolf that devours the sun!). Gods forbid that it should be cloudy. Monday afternoon and Tuesday will be spent driving back to Houston. That's good. My kids' school district starts classes on the day of the eclipse. They've sent out notices that they have not only purchased enough viewing glasses to cover the district, but that they're not the fake ones. To any school-age kids that are stuck inside: Your future doesn't depend on school! Whatever they may try to do to you is worth it to see the sun disappear!
  3. It's been so long since I had to think about this stuff. My compiler says:
  4. But I missed out on all the hype I could have had. I created my own system for tracking missions in my games. It looks like this does a lot of that automatically. But it appears that I might have to redesign my tracking site soon.
  5. I am saddened that I am only now finding out about this. Looks awesome.
  6. I think he should have started.
  7. That's not Apollo 7.
  8. Can the Event Cards be configured, beyond the "more severe effects" mentioned above? For example, can I go into the files and edit which ones are available?
  9. This is what I've been using:
  10. First: Awesome that you've taken this on! I've come to love the ability to change the navball. Second: The library is a great idea. I've actually been using another one that I haven't posted yet. Should we just post those to the thread, or would you like people to send them to you to help keep the thread clean?
  11. Yeah, that's a reason for hate. <looks at words> <looks at job> <looks back at words> <smirks>
  12. I hope so. The poor thing has suffered so much, it has earned its rest. Over the last half-decade, I've seen KSP declared dead so many times. They've called the family a few times, telling them the end was near. They've repeatedly had to get KSP's affairs in order for the end. A few times, they've even gone so far as to give KSP last rites. There was also that time they were just about to start the autopsy and KSP managed to recover for a few more versions. I mean, the poor thing's been declared gone and returned so many times, even the villains from slasher flicks are looking at and saying "Oh, come on! Are you kidding us?" It's time to just let it rest.
  13. I haven't had a summer break in over a decade.