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  1. It's hard to play the game when you don't explain the rules. You said "here's a photon portal", with no explanation of what that even means. If you have some magic item with no definable characteristics, it's impossible to say how it behaves. Photon: a particle representing a quantum of light or other electromagnetic radiation. Portal: a doorway, gate, or other entrance Therefore, a Photon Portal is a doorway, gate, or other entrance for a quantum of light So, the aliens give us a "window"?
  2. Since we're just making stuff up, then, my answer would be "No, we can't do it, because the Vogons are on their way with a constructor fleet."
  3. I dunno. What the hell's a "photon portal"?
  4. The DC-3/C-47 is an awesome airplane. Just wish people would stop painting invasion stripes on them all the damn time.
  5. Say "Oh, my God, what is that thing?" then scream and cut my mic.
  6. But why? Let's just make stuff up and use that, instead!
  7. And yet you claim to like the eight fins of the Saturn-IB. Eight, or four? Which is it, huh?
  8. "Target" is pronounced with a hard G.
  9. First, what is a "city"? Second, where is it? What size? Is it a small thing, orbiting a planet? It's a station. Is it a handful of scientists on Mars? It's an outpost. Is it a self-sufficient settlement on the moon? It's a colony. Is it the single entity that most civilizations refer to as the example that all human settlements should aspire to? It's "Byzantium", Constantinople", "Istanbul", or multiple other names depending on where and when you are.
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