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  1. I've used LES when staging boosters into my core engines, or when the launch failure mod kicks in. (What's the point of using the failure mod if one is just going to revert?) Edit: I will use reverts if it's due to a game issue, and not a bad design issue.
  2. I know I'll probably spend at least 0200 hours in it.
  3. KSP3: Paleolithic Kerbal Adventure Featuring at least three different kinds of rocks.
  4. Magic. And if you're magicing up the property you need it to have, you might as well magic up whatever other properties you want. Might as well discuss whether wizards in Lord of the Rings or wizards from D&D are closer to real wizards.
  5. I remember that I had those all memorized. A couple days ago, I was poking around on DOSBox, showing the kids some of the stuff I used to play. Came across a game that required a "look in the manual and identify this" protection. The kids were disappointed they wouldn't get to see the game. I just sat for a moment until I remembered. They were amazed I could do it. (So was I.)
  6. Installation? "Please insert disk 23 of 69,105 to access the VAB. Press Enter to continue."
  7. Why would Squad do that, when it's a different company handling the console port? Squad needs to get busy on the next DLC.
  8. How do you examine the properties of something that does not exist, and further, the imaginings of it have properties that fit whatever the story needs?
  9. I, for one, hope that KSP2 is sold only as a boxed version through mail-order catalogues, just so it can do things right and include an extensive manual.
  10. The king is dead, long live the king!
  11. In a way that will annoy a large group of players, make another group question the abilities and/or parentage of the devs, and a way that everyone will state could have done better.
  12. This is my favorite SSTO: But rockets are cool, too:
  13. Yes, but why bring Florida into it?
  14. Stay right there. Torches and pitchforks are being handed out, and the viscous mob will be dispatched shortly.