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  1. razark

    The Dungeons & Dragons Thread

    I've got a group that meets weekly, for the last eight years (some members even longer), for gaming. D&D (3.5), World of Darkness, and a handful of other games, including one guy's homebrewed sci-fi system. We usually run a couple of games at a time, alternating each week, and switching out who is running the game.
  2. razark

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    I have occasionally seen a license plate with "STS (number)" around here. I just have to wonder who's driving the car.
  3. razark


    That's the wrong book! You have been reported to the Ministry of Love as a thought criminal!
  4. razark


    I love Big Brother.
  5. razark


    Two plus two is five, because the Party says so.
  6. razark

    The airplane picture thread.

    Ah, the venerable B-1RD. And with the classic inverted inverted gull wings, no less.
  7. razark

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    No. They are more like "[redacted]ing [redacted]er, [redacted] your [redacted] with a [redacted] [redacted] and a [redacted] [redacted]-[redacted] 45 degree twist [redacted] [redacted] [redacted]ing [redacted]er! And twice on Tuesday!"
  8. razark

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    I do not think that I can come up with, nor would the moderators allow, words strong enough to express exactly how much I hate you right now, sir.
  9. razark

    Lockeed Martin LM-100J stunt pilot

    Sounds like some impressive sights. I've never had that experience, but during the aftermath of Hurricanes Ike and Harvey I was at the same location, which happens to line up pretty closely with one of the runway approaches to Ellington Field. I was able to sit and watch a string of C-130s and C-17s coming in for a few days.
  10. I refer to humans as animals, so do I get to refer to animals as animals, then? And if I do not know the gender of an individual animal, I am perfectly grammatically correct in using the English third-person gender-neutral pronoun. (And that applies to nonhuman and human animals.) The problem of complaining about calling animals "animals" and not calling humans "animals" is that we also grant humans a lot of rights we don't grant animals. Can't keep humans as pets, or eat them, or use them for medical research without their consent. Dogs, cats, and mosquitoes are not capable of signing a contract or obtaining a driver's license. There's a difference in the way we deal with the two groups for a reason.
  11. razark

    Shower thoughts

    I wasn't even trying that time. I just stumbled across it while scanning around. It took me a moment before I realized what I was hearing.
  12. razark

    So what song is stuck in your head today?

    One of my favorites.
  13. razark

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    It can be understood through tough thorough thought, though.
  14. razark

    Shower thoughts

    I don't have autocorrect. It does phone and text messaging, and nothing else. The messaging is a royal pain, since it takes me 5 minutes to type in a simple message, and if there are multiple people involved, my phone tends to get confused. For the last year or so, it keeps telling me I have a message that I can't access, or delete, or interact with in any way at all. The thing is, I spend my day at work staring at a screen, either working or surfing the net. I get home, and I spend my nights staring at a screen, watching tv/videos/movies, gaming, or surfing. I fear what would happen if I had a portable screen that I could use anywhere/anytime. (Plus, I get lots of amusement watching my friends argue over who gets to use the charger, while I charge mine once or twice a week.)
  15. razark

    Shower thoughts

    Ok. How about a thing about NASA's emergency communications system with ISS in the event of a contingency that prevents direct contact between MC and the astronauts? Wow. I'm not the only one that has a flip phone? (Mine is without an internet connection, though.)