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  1. Exactly. It's the only paradox-free method, and it's pretty simple to do. And I question why people are playing "together" if one is at Laythe, one's at Duna, and one's at Kerbin. In you example, 3 and 5 should be playing on a multiplayer-KSP. 2 and 4 can get the same experience by playing single-player KSP and using a chat server outside the game. The AFK guy can be kicked by the server admin.
  2. Simple: max_timewarp = player[0].timewarp_request; for (i= 1; i < number_of_players; i++) { if (player[i].timewarp_request < max_timewarp) max_timewarp = player[i].timewarp_request; } timewarp = max_timewarp; Paradox free and simple.
  3. Just because a person can't afford something doesn't make it an expensive item. It simply means they can't afford it, regardless of whether it is cheap or expensive.
  4. It's better to compare the price of items of similar type. Comparing the price of video games to other video games is valid. $1000 is an expensive hamburger, but it's a cheap house. KSP is, in terms of video games, on the lower side of the scale, whether the person looking at the price is a homeless bum or Elon Musk.
  5. You said you were opposed to "paid DLC on an already expensive game", so I wondered how you felt about paid DLC on KSP, instead.
  6. There is a station in orbit. A launches a ship and docks to the docking port. B, in an earlier timestream, but later in realtime, launches a ship and goes to the station. Can B dock to the unoccupied docking port? If so, what happens to A, who is already docked to it in the future? If B cannot dock to the port, then the future is affecting the past. Let's say you manage to resolve that. B and A both find a way to dock in their own time streams. A refuels, leaving the station empty. B, in a time before A refuels, attempts to refuel. Who gets the fuel? B, now angry about having to argue with reality for a parking spot and not being able to refuel from the clearly available fuel, decides to destroy the station. Ramming into it at high speed, the station is shattered into orbital debris. What now happens to A, the station debris, and the fuel that A has taken? I'd dispute that those are some pretty big paradoxes that result.
  7. What about them? Is that quicksave/quickload? If so, of course they would be disabled for the purposes of multiplayer. Not parsing what you're saying here. Yes. I've played games that used a shared timewarp system before.
  8. It does so in a way that not only invites paradox, but gives it a comfy chair and brews it a cup of tea. I'd rather have timewarp that did not allow paradox. I would suggest not playing with such people, then. If such a player is on the server, then the admin should kick the person from the session. Problem solved.
  9. I don't have to use something to know I disagree with it. From what I've heard, it is an issue. The way one person solves it is not going to agree with the way another person desires to see it. There's a lot of ways to implement it, and every method has people that agree and disagree with it.
  10. Love is in the air! UPDATE! Its back!

    WOO HOO! Almost three weeks after she said she's leaving, my soon-to-be-ex-wife has managed to pack a fifth box. At this rate, she may be moving out by next ($*^@ year!
  11. It's a screenshot of my post, showing the quote and my question, with linuxgurugamer's name underlined in red, with a red arrow also pointing at said name.