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  1. As background music, I keep going back to: Throw in something like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWoIljGEOQ4 in the background, and it's an entire atmosphere. I've looked up from the computer to be confused to see a sunny day out the window. I could have sworn it was a dark and stormy night...
  2. FSX:Steam Edition. If you catch it on sale, it's cheap. There's a whole world of add-ons for it, free or professionally done. If you don't care for the absolute latest graphics, it's fine (and how much detail can you really see from 20k feet and above?). Of course, it's going to be completely obsolete in a year, but so is everything else. Additionally, you don't need the latest computer for it, so you can save up and wait until FS2020 and KSP2 are released to upgrade.
  3. razark

    Shower thoughts

    "Godsdamnit, that's a crack, isn't it?! I'll report it to management tonight. I hope it's not a problem for whoever lives downstairs."
  4. A bug that fails to occur consistently can be the most infuriating thing to track down.
  5. When I went, we spent two half-days. I feel like I rushed through some parts of it, and I could easily have spent more time there. However, I was shepherding a pack of wild children, one of whom was somewhat bored. (He liked the exhibits you could walk through, but just looking at planes was not his thing.) Yeah, but I'm not sure what condition she's in right now.1 I know there was talk of hauling her off somewhere for repairs, and then finding her a new home. Catching all three in a single day would be quite a feat, though. Space Center Houston on one day, then the ships on a second might work. There's also Lone Star Flight Museum near JSC. I haven't been out there since they moved to Ellington Field, but I hear it's not a bad visit. My father said the individual displays were better than the ones at the USAF museum, but it's nowhere near as extensive a collection. 1Well, it looks like she's not taking visitors. Really makes me wish I had been paying more attention. It's been years since I've been out there. (That bored teenager was in a baby carrier. You ever try to climb a warship's ladders with a car seat?) https://communityimpact.com/houston/clear-lake-league-city-nassau-bay/parks-recreation/2019/08/08/battleship-texas-closes-to-public-aug-26/
  6. Having been there a couple years ago, I'm not sure one day is enough time to take it all in. As a subsimer, there's the USS Cavalla down in Galveston. Not too far away, and how often do you get to visit a boat that sank an enemy aircraft carrier?
  7. Yes, it's obviously dying. We never hear from the developers, they haven't released a new version recently, and even the modders refuse to make mods for it. No one is posting screenshots or craft files, no youtubers making videos of it. All clear signs that KSP2 is dying.
  8. Balance of Terror was more based on the film The Enemy Below, about a US Destroyer/German u-boat battle. Very closely based on it. (With a bit of Run Silent, Run Deep thrown in.)
  9. It's not my problem that you're not equipping your robots with sufficient ammunition. My robots wouldn't have a need to scavenge for supplies.
  10. The error in the question is assuming that there is any meaning to life.
  11. rounds_remaining = magazine_capacity - rounds_fired; But that's kind of pointless. Just add "rounds_remaining--" to the fire_weapon() function.
  12. It's a private company. Nothing says they have to give a platform to anybody. The business exists for the sole sake of the business, not because it's out to make the world a better place. If the company wants to make money and promote a certain agenda, then the company is within their rights to do so. The customer/consumer/general public is not within their rights to demand the company do business a certain way. The customer/consumer/general public is free to go find or found another business that does conduct business in the way the customer likes. And there's still nothing that says Youtube has to give any user a single cent, beyond Youtube's own decisions. Uploaders are free to make money off their videos in whatever way they can, so long as they don't violate policies, but they are not entitled to money just because they upload things.
  13. Yes, the very nature of sci-fi tends to make it a very easy target for this thread. But occasionally, you come across some bits of this in other genres. I remember reading a fantasy novel, where the characters were in an underground mine using a bucket on a chain with a counterweight as an elevator. During the daring escape sequence, the big guy is holding the bucket down so the rest of the party can get in. Once they're all in, he jumps in the bucket with them, and since he's no longer holding it down, the bucket goes up.
  14. Neither the thread title or OP indicate this is only about sci-fi. There's plenty of bad science in all kinds of fiction.
  15. Hell, I do that every time I start a new career game. There's no reason those two should be on the same staging level.