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  1. Maybe you're thinking of Connected Living Spaces? There was another mod where Kerbals could randomly wander from place to place as well... Kerbal Hot Seat. Hope one of these is what you need.
  2. I've been successfully using it since 1.7 dropped.
  3. Another of my favourite old mods back from the dead thanks to linuxgurugamer! This will be first on my list once I iron out some... peculiarities with my current install. Thanks for your awesome work!
  4. You are a great asset to our community, linuxgurugamer. Keep up the fantastic work.
  5. Because the rest of the stock system so closely approximates reality? I'd just take it as Phybi and Iszmi got a double-dose of whatever it is that makes the rest of the planets so freakin' dense.
  6. In a single player game, it's only a cheat if you feel cheated. As you say, all the planning is done, the calculations were correct, and everyone is going to come home okay. Your time is valuable and scarce, so do you get more out of waiting for those vessels to return, or by zapping them home and launching more missions? If it were me, I'd bring them home.
  7. Fair enough. Enjoy! (Have you tried installing it through Synaptic? It's pretty good at what it does.)
  8. Glad to hear you like Mint, especially Cinnamon. I tried Ubuntu at first, but it was just so... ugly. I recently found how to load a newer graphics driver directly through Cinnamon, thanks to Steam Proton.
  9. You are entirely correct; the expansion is a mod folder in a zip in a zip. You can just uncompress those and drop it into place. You even get a .DS_Store file in there!
  10. If you are thinking about another distro, I've used Mint for many years now, and like it quite a lot. Maybe more stuff comes prepackaged than you might need, but that's pretty easy to fix.
  11. @wmvanvliet : The link to the compiled Kerbulator is not functioning. However, it appears to be on spacedock here.
  12. It's the stock NCS adapter capped with a stock Small nose cone. Extra shiny thanks to Textures Unlimited! Thanks for the award, @boolybooly, it'll really help get my SSTO program off the ground!
  13. It's been a while since I made a submission. But here is the suggestively named "The Bump and Grind." Sorta went a little off the runway on the landing, but got it back into place with no damage done.
  14. I would be most happy to have you use Dres. I think there are still some problems with the config, but feel free to help yourself!
  15. I've noticed that when I open the telescope camera GUI, Distant Object Enhancement planet flares disappear until I close the GUI again. Am I doing something wrong; is this a known issue; or should I get together a bug report? Thanks!
  16. Oh? So if my math is good (which it often isn't), this can be simplified down to F=(V^2)/R?
  17. If you want to do some math, you can look at your orbit. Assuming a mostly circular orbit, V=Sqrt((M*bigG)/R)) M is the mass of the planet and your ship - we'll solve for this. The mass of your ship is basically negligible. bigG is the Gravitational Constant. I think KSP uses 6.67*10^-11 R is the radius of your orbit. This is not the same as altitude! If you have a very wide orbit, they are approximately the same. Solving for M should give us -> M=(V^2)/(bigG/R) With M, we can figure out the gravity. F=G(M/R^2) Same variables. That should give you your gravity!
  18. Ha, thanks for that! I found it not long after posting, and it has found no errors. I guess my problems are just KSP being KSP.
  19. Hi all; Lately I've been having KSP freeze up, and sometimes my entire computer freezes up. Before I just assume it's KSP being KSP, I thought I would ask here. I installed new RAM; I suspect it might be conflicting with the old ram and wonder if there's any way to test for this. Thanks!
  20. EngineerChip is probably from Kerbal Engineer Redux. You can find a download in this post. If it is the same chip in this .craft, all it does is is display useful information about your ship while in flight.
  21. Thanks for the help on updating. I'll test this out soon and we'll have people back to playing on the most exciting body in the entire Kerbal Universe, Dres!