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  1. So I did a fresh install of 1.8.1 with just a few mods. Spend all morning designing a refuelstation. Fist mechJeb broke no maneuvers no warping, only node creation worked partwise, secondly I could not click my own orbital path to create maneuvers. And last point, my armed grabbing unit just goes through the 1st meter of the astroid at 0.3ms forward directed velocity only and then bounces back. I gonna uninstall from my laptop again hahaha (dont worry still have it on my Desktop PC) NVM worked in the end
  2. Edit: Hey once more meee. I figured that I needed to enable in the mod config the "input overrides throttle" But now my last problem is how to revert the wheel throttle. Because the Triggers right in left are split and not anymore one axis. So I don't know how to set it properly. Can I revert the split of the inputs? So that the triggers function again as one axis? Because I either can set left or right trigger as wheel throttle, not both at the same time. Thanks a lot! ------------------------ Hey guys im using this mod in 1.8.1 Im running into some issues. I wanted to have different Setups for planes and rovers. Basically I want to mimic the GTA Controls for a rover: (I also did without this mod but with lacking the option to switch the preset to plane) trigger axis (RT & LT) forward and backward acceleration steering (LS) left stick camera (RS) right stick Basically steering and camera works like a charm BUT I cant get the (wheel)acceleration get to work. Only trim wheel throttle has a effect but wheel throttle has no effect at all. Also how can I manage to use LT(Left Trigger) for backward and RT(Right Trigger) for forward acceleration? When I use one of the Axis commands its already used and I also get a bit confused because LT and RT are independent in the mod and I only know them as one negative to positive trigger axis. Appreciate any input thx guys
  3. EDIT: Got it to work Hey guys. Im running the the up to date version And I wanted to install AVP for the first time through ckan. My problem is that I constantly run into errors while installing. Where I have to select between the different modules to install it tells me there a conflicts. I got some sorted out but not all. Thats why I honestly ask for a detailed instruction wich buttons to press in ckan Thanks a lot in advance
  4. Trying to get a 1st batch here after ages https://imgur.com/a/dfSPeR0 Could use a bit more LF at the End but did its job
  5. I tried the small hinge but did not work as well as this does! I tried autostrut every part of the wing to different values. Sadly nothing worked. When I do turns at 300m/s + it will bend like crazy. Do you guys have any suggestions how to strut the moving parts of the wing properly? THX in advance! I attached two pictures.
  6. Here my pictures 1. The great Laythe expedition (18 pictures) 2. SpaceShuttle MkII 3. Cranes and payload handling 4. Helicopters 5. Think big + random vessel above Eve What do you guys think about? Btw stunning pictures of you guys in here, tons of them
  7. Hi dude, fixed it. I tried google drive before but its kinda weird
  8. Hey Guys, im currently creating a very simple return mission with a SpaceShuttle to the KSC runway. Now I have a question: How do I setup the end node properly? When I land in the water the success event is not firing sadly. When I land next to the KSC only the 333points are firing. The setup I thought of is: Gold: Land within 2km of the runway (999Points) Silver: Land within 5km of the runway (666Points) Bronze: Land somewhere on Kerbin (333Points) Here is my node-setup: I hope you guys can easily spot my mistake Best regards, Georodin
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