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  1. Unfortunately those shaders don't work and I got swamped on assisting LGG to get it going. It has to do with how it renders shaders. I can get it a blueprint shader to work within unity, I just need to tackle the code. Here's a result in unity:
  2. That's where prop switching comes into play. Don't want a window? Have a prop cover it up. Or a plane mesh that just covers the window.
  3. This is your chance to fire up blender and get some IVA action going. Honestly with those MOL windows I don't think it's a big deal missing an IVA experience. I was thinking about these windows and how honestly there really isn't anything worth having an IVA for these _BUT_ if there was a plugin that existed where you could right click and pick "view from window" it will just load up dockingcam kurs plugin and just open up a window from that view would be enough in my book.
  4. Unfortunately unless I'm missing something I can't have 2 transforms named dockingNode on one part which is why I was creating a copy of the code to create BasicPartCameraModule which mirrors what the docking module code had. I didn't want to use the partmodule because i dont need all the additional controls. The example above would look like this in the CFG: MODULE { name = BasicPartCameraModule dockingNodeName = Camera cameraName = Lower Arm Camera noise = false } MODULE { name = BasicPartCameraModule dockingNodeName = Cameraa cameraName = Upper Arm Camera noise = false } if you know of a better way please let me know.
  5. I have an odd question @linuxgurugamer Would you accept pull requests? I am working on a robotic arm mod that currently uses a custom fork of the docking camera kurs mod so you can utilize cameras from various angles. It's not much of a change but was curious if you would merge something in if I sent it. Here's an example:
  6. About time! Can't wait to give this a whirl. I've been holding off trying anything until you were happy. Kudos @Rudolf Meier
  7. I'm doing some interesting "fixes" to some old transforms and I want to know when the Save button has been clicked. I tried AddListener but it disables my other menu clicks from the part module. I basically want to write an extra method that piggy backs _after_ the OnSave method.
  8. That's not infernal Robotics, it's a WIP and its currently named Infernal Robotics ARMS which is entirely different than the standard IR mod. I'm going to give it a new name to avoid confusion.
  9. Lol maybe go with soon.i need to redo the UI as it uses the old OnGUI method. Also working on shaders for camera styles.
  10. I'm not bringing that entire UI back, I prefer a more simpler approach. Maybe down the road I'll tweak and give it more but for right now I just want it to "go <" and go ">" and maybe center I'm currently fleshing out other features which i think will be very useful.
  11. I haven't found the fix as gave up for the time being and worked on getting my main portion of my mod finished. I do however need to get back into it and fix it. I ran into those weird issues.
  12. Still a work in progress and the jeast parts aren't going to be used if you downloaded it. Requires a new part which I did create utilizing those parts.