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  1. Just wondering if you are making a 1.2 update or if i'll have to find a new mod, which i don't want to do. Keep it up

  2. ooof, as usual amazing work.
  3. Recompiled version for 1.0.5 has been uploaded. Sorry for not posting sooner. Lots of craziness going on in life at the moment.
  4. Updated to the latest and greatest. Enjoy!
  5. Have you read the past few pages?
  6. Updated to version 0.21.2 Enjoy guys and gals!
  7. In the original post it says How is this confusing? It even says it will EVENTUALLY will replace the current parts.
  8. Updated the .version file. NOTE: kerbalstuff got weird on me so i had to append an "a" at the end of the version number. There isn't a 0.21.1 a, it just wouldnt let me upload the correct value. *sigh*
  9. From which site? Curse? Kerbal Stuff?
  10. Are you wanting the rework parts? Those are a separate download my friend. Read the OP
  11. Hotfix is in. Go get it guys and gals!
  12. No, please take your time.
  13. It's a feature that squad put in but modders have to code it for their plugin.
  14. Link was updated for curse. Download and have fun!