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  1. My station is on its 3rd type of Docking ports (MOL now) and its finally moved to EVA assembly, not launching modules.
  2. What am I doing wrong with this setup (Imgur album with explanation: ?
  3. I personally couldn't wait for realistic gemini, OAMS for everything including deorbit seemed cheaty.
  4. BDB Real Names config appears to be broken in the latest dev branch. None of the names are changed.
  5. I grabbed CKAN, installed Mono like the Git said. CKAN shows up like this(Imgur link). How do I fix this? I'm running OS X 10.15.2
  6. I can't believe this actually worked. Not without its control issues, but I wrestled it into a 100x500km orbit.
  7. I forget how to embed galleries into this stupid forum, but here's a mission I did. Shared elsewhere, Cobalt asked me to put it here.
  8. I have the latest from the Dev branch and used the new MOL panels. The game replaced them with the old models when I took it out to the pad. edit: uninstalled, reinstalled, no change.
  9. What the frick dude. This post is 6 years old. Of course I've seen Contares now, but that didn't exist 6 years ago.