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  1. I get it for free since I bought in Feb 2013, but i won't be downloading it because of Bluedog and the new EULA.
  2. wet lab has been deorbited with extreme prejudice out of frustration because I couldn't dock to it.
  3. learned that lesson after bad port planning on the airlock. This morning I sent up a wet workshop and docked it. Had to move the Apollo but the ports weren't aligned an the station conspired against me by moving so I just gave up and sent it home.
  4. not concerned with the station, but the difficult docking. Also: Q: can you dock two passive APAS-95 together? A: Yes, with enough force.
  5. Small update re the above suggestion for a airlock module: is the first image a bug or do I need to git gud?
  6. Made myself a nice little station with 2 Saturn 1E launches. Prolly gonna leave the mission module attached to the station.Suggestions for an airlock I could add?
  7. the rescaled RL-10A1 has the same thrust as the original one so it's worse technically, also thanks for the RL-10 A4-1!
  8. hopefully small request, could you do the instrumented solar panel on the GOES-R series sat's? The rest is relatively easy to kitbash.
  9. aerobrake from a flyby, velocity at entry about 2.5 km/s
  10. fully deploy the chute? I separated "HS Jettison button in the r-click menu" when partially deployed. and the chute popped off, no "Structural failure between Draco probe core and parachute" it just popped off and floated away.
  11. I just landed a Huygens on Tekto... w/o a chute. After the heatshield jettison took out the chute. Touched down at 18 m/s which is apparently inside the impact tolerance.
  12. I am running 1.4.1