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  1. It doesn't. Bounces around trying to attach to the low profile port but doesn't latch and camera switch.
  2. Algol motors in a tweak scaled structural tube, fins, SM decoupler, apollo CSM and LES. Thats how I did it when I wanted a little Joe.
  3. if the craft you are flying doesn't already have the roll axis disabled on the SSMEs at launch, do that. Just have an action group to toggle the roll, activate it after SRB sep. Also disable all of the aerosurfaces. Makes it so much easier to fly.
  4. What even is the point of this mod? Rescale for 1.3 works just fine.
  5. >Now that you've updated this mod are you gonna do the rest of them? I really wanna build the ISS! Habtech2 appears to work just fine in 1.73 and 1.81. Have not tried later versions.
  6. My station is on its 3rd type of Docking ports (MOL now) and its finally moved to EVA assembly, not launching modules. https://imgur.com/a/Bfxu4Hh.jpg
  7. What am I doing wrong with this setup (Imgur album with explanation: https://imgur.com/a/miPlC9e ?
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