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  1. Kerbal01

    [1.4.3] Near Future Technologies (1.4.3ish)

    @Nertea having an issue with the upper stage engine mount from Near Future Launch vehicles. 1.4.3, all Near Future mods as downloaded from Spacedock. The shroud shows up in the VAB, but not in flight.
  2. it goes on the fairing base. I made mine in 2.5x, can only do peninsula landings, takes 400 m/s. Only 1900kg to orbit so its an interesting curiosity with no practical use.
  3. Really the only one's you are missing are the 5.5 and 6 segment 120 inch boosters. I'd take a extra part hit for those two.
  4. Kerbal01

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Launched a constellation of boring comms sats, first stage impacted 4000 km downrange (one later launch managed 12000 but I have no screenshot).
  5. Kerbal01

    So what song is stuck in your head today?

  6. @CobaltWolf @MinimumSky5 to get the proper 6-3 burn sets you need to use Editor extensions for the 9x symmetry and the 22.5 degree angle snap for the right positioning. I can upload a craft to kerbalx if you want, I already figured it out.
  7. you do know there are proper nosecones with separation motors already in the pack, right?
  8. What's the name of the config file for the Apollo Venus antenna? its non obvious. I need to rescale it for... reasons. Edit: found it, it was in the Saturn folder.
  9. @CobaltWolf kitbashed a Delta Med-Lite. 1500kg to orbit. Notice only 5.4 km/s of dv in the editor normally you'd need 6.2 km/s but with solids if you accelerate really fast you can lessen the dv needed. I quite like this booster, Nice balance of fairing size, vehicle layout and performance. High energy missions could have added a Star-37.
  10. @CobaltWolf This has got to be a record for fastest rendezvous.