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  1. I do believe this is the first time I have posted screenshots in this thread. Atlas IIAS with a lunar orbiter.
  2. I learned this while doing some research for the TItan IIIA page on wikipedia. Ed Kyle's site set me straight. Didn't the japanese end up doing basically this with the N-I/II rocket that was delta derived?
  3. Sweet looking. RS-56 OBA and XLR-105? or is there a RS-56 OSA I haven't seen yet.
  4. I nominate the Thor to be next for a refresh. That and the other lengths of delta tanks, not just the 6 and 7000 series.
  5. Wait what? was the 23G's upper stage restartable with these ACS blocks?
  6. Is it possible to have a variant of the new mariner panels without the solar panel vanes?
  7. is there a atlas 5 5m fairing boattail ready yet, for 1.4? I'm really putting my foot down on advancing versions.
  8. Done, that worked. I have the appropriate Dv but the TWR seems low (1.07) which leads to interesting flight dynamics issues.
  9. The Energia-Buran( Petrel) gets to orbit just fine, guess I'll use that. edit: it worked once but now every time I load it a different structural failure happens. Trying KJR.
  10. Cormorant Aeronolgy does both of those well enough.
  11. Having an issue in 2.5x scale. With the patch installed KER shows no more Dv than with the patch not installed, and the ET runs out before the SRB's. Doesn't reach orbit either way. Followed the mission and throttled to 70% up until 2 minutes, boosters flamed out at 2:16, ET at 2:46 at a speed of 2300 m/s. Perfect for stock, not 2.5x. Running 1.43 with the CA for 1.41, MM 3.07. Screenshot of my gamedata: