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  1. moderately heavily modded (BDB, RP-Stock, Scansat,Dmagic Science, Probes Plus, 2.5 scale kerbin(and dependencies) and Editor Extensions takes 114 seconds to load on my macbook!
  2. I thought the "bad things when you deploy chutes under timewarp" bug was not an issue any more, I was wrong to the tune of 3 kerbals. VA capsule left just short of orbit by overzealous pitch down, takes 2.5 days to get down, landing on water. Chute opening pulls 113.201 g's and the crew die, this als destroys the chute and heat shield so they hit the water at 150 m/s.
  3. Took the Venera on a extreme test flight. 2.5x scale kerbin, 49 km periapsis on eve. 8.2 km/s entry speed. Survived to the surface after 48g entry burned 191 ablator.
  4. Mir had a normal crew of 3, 6 during direct handovers. Even more so.
  5. I crammed 17 kerbals on mir, then left them there for 4 years.
  6. @CobaltWolf Since you're doing texture revamps, i humbly request a texture switch of the S-IVB tank and the S-IC tank to make Sa-500F. Please?
  7. What visual mod/planet pack is that? looks neat
  8. Edit3: grabbed the latest master, it's fine now.
  9. Agadous Kerman flipped over her lander, and will not return today. edit: 15 seconds of the EVA was flag planting, the remaning 20 minutes was trying to get back in the lander.
  10. Did my first fully manual ascent, rendezvous and docking. Now to worry that I won't have enough LF/O to do a deorbit burn...
  11. Is there a config to add fuel switching to the progress propellant control block?
  12. Was 1.7 seconds away from slamming into the side of a mountain at 260 m/s due to bad planning. This was after a 45 g entry on a lunar free return trajectory (2.5x scale kerbin system) and a 31 g chute opening 50 meters from the mountain side.