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  1. Are you sure? A lot of mods prepackage it with their mods. Just check your GataData Folder to double check.
  2. Read above and see if thats the issue. Most likely is.
  3. The problem is actually if your using Kopernicus mod (You are most likely if using EVE or mods that change Textures like SVT), that adds a new SolarPanels.cfg that replaces the stock one. Most mods I know have not yet added the new Multi-Source Light that the new Kopernicus adds. To fix it you can delete the offending file in. GameData/Kopernicus/config.
  4. If your using KSP 1.3 than you have to actually download the source GitHub file.. Not the prepackaged 1.2.8. File. Than manually put the file in your gamedata folder.
  5. Thanks for the kind words and is that where all my hair went?.. Dang! Anyway after reading the news on the Take2 acquisition of KSP.. Most likely the best time to hit the road.
  6. Ok I released a new version for KSP 1.3. Lucky it was not to much to do or I might not have at all. In other news I have grand plans for MCE but have little time or desire to do much anymore with this game. So I will offer out, if anyone is interested in taking over MCE please PM me. hate to see this mod die because of my lack of interest in KSP right now. So send me a PM if interested. My Github has been updated with latest version. Take note that only github version right now is updated for ksp 1.3. Curse has not updated their version tags yet, and its a waste time to update if version don't match tags. So get it off Github for now. Thanks. https://github.com/malkuth1974/MissionController2/releases
  7. So its not a custom contract maker.. Thats a little disappointing. Well scrap what I said than.
  8. Good news for me is that I no longer have to update Mission Controller anymore.. The new expansion is pretty much Mission Controller all in one. Not been in the loop all that much anymore but if nightingale is still on the Dev team then the Mission Builder is going to be his mod Contract Configurator only in game editing. Which is good.
  9. No. But the the the contracts pointing to other bodies is understandable, since RO changes the number of the bodies in the game to something else. IE The Mun to mercury etc. Not much I can do about this other than making a special version only for RSS. The other point for the - million is most likely just some bad math on my part and its not translating well to the Much larger planet sizes for RSS.
  10. Do all of them do this. This should automatically work with RO, Uses the ingame parameters to come up with the Random numbers... Might of been just an unlucky pick. If its happening to all the contracts though then its a problem. I don't play KSP much anymore so can't really check right now.. Or RO for that matter.
  11. Its the right version, for somereason when I posted to Github it would use an old date. Not sure why, but that is the last version I made.
  12. I take it your talking about Luna 2 Historical mission. Its the only Crash goal mission in Mission Controller. I have no mission that you use the spectrometer to record impact. The goals are literally. 1. Collect science Data from mun. 2. Crash into mun. 3. Orbit Mun. I think your confusing another mods contract with me. Didn't even realize Ckan was still working, good to know. Don't really do the Ckan Update myself, believe they get info from my GitHub Downloads.
  13. Version 1.4.2 of MCE released. 1. Fixed issue with Satellite Network Contracts Not being able to be completed with Connect to ground station issues. 2. Added a bunch of common resources from Rover dudes add-ons to be able to use them with custom supply contracts, and make profits! Just released the update, might take a few mins of curse to show up, get verified. Or you can download from GitHub. Anyway I found that as long as your have not already used up your Satellite core (you only get one shot) the fix should be retroactive.. If you already used up its one use, then you will have to relaunch a new one.
  14. Hmmm, I just did a repair mission to see if I would have any issues and it completed fine. Not sure what might have happened sounds like you did it right.
  15. Nope I found the issue, I forgot to change something when I changed from the Old MCE Orbits to the Ingame Orbit Parameters... Basically MCE was still trying to check for the old orbit to be ok, and it don't exist anymore.. I will have fix out in a few hours or so. The reason it never popped its head up on other Contracts or your first satellite you launched because it doesn't show it ugly head until you Connect the first time.. Which only effects really Network contracts.
  16. Log File Info In the meantime I will do a Network contract make sure I didn't break anything with the last update.
  17. Best bet at this point then is to send me your log files that way less guessing, more facts. And your Mission Controller Config file settings. For me to see whats going on in your log file I would need you to Cycle through a few contracts, reject a few to get the system moving a little for they show up in the log file whats happening. You can backup your save file first if you don't want to effect your weight system.. Or just reset them again after.
  18. Not sure about why your not getting any contacts, my basic guess is that there are so many contracts in your game Mission Controller ones are having issues trying to share with others . As for the supply missions you have to do those manually in the custom contracts window. I don't have an automated system contract for that yet. Been thinking about doing it but not had a whole lot of time to do much programming lately. I might have to take a look at the weight system, but its automatic so unless your rejecting missions it should not effect anything MC related. Yes I can confirm this. Most of my icons and others disappeared when I tested Contract Configurator the other day.
  19. Found the issue and fixed it. Not sure whats up with GitHub but release date is always wrong now, but its today.
  20. Version Release. 1. Fixed Research Core Science Not working. 2. Fixed Weather Core Science Not working. Previous Version should of read version Not version 1.4.3. Typo on my part in descriptions. Also not sure why GitHub is saying I uploaded new version 28 days ago.. I just did it today 10/18/2016. Looked back and it seems been doing that for awhile.
  21. Mission Controller 1.4.3 Update. The KSP 1.2 Update! 1. updated for KSP 1.2. 2. Changed out a good portion of the Satellite contracts to use the default KSP Orbit Goal, instead of the old MC2 AP and PE goals. Now you get KSP orbit in game Representation of orbits, just like the default Satellite contracts. 3. The Communication Core has a 2nd role as Direct Communications link. Equal to the Communotron-16. 4. The navigation Core has a 2nd role as a Relay Communications Link. Equal to the HG-5 Relay System. 5. The Communication Core and Navigation core are now located in the Communications Tab. 6. The Weather Core, Research Core, Mass Spectrometry Tube, Ionization Chamber are located in the Science Tab. 7. The Repair Panel is still located in the Utility Tab. 8. The weather Core can now do science, and give you science points.
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