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  1. What you are asking for is outside the scope of this mod, and is available in several other mods. See KAS, EVA Transfer, and Simple Logistics for a few.
  2. Z-Key Aerospace has my blessing to pick this up. As he said right above me, his new thread is here: I wish him the best of luck, and have fun!
  3. So it looks like you all figured it out in my absence. The Realism Overhaul (RO) team will be the curators, and it looks like danfarnsy is taking point. Good luck and have fun!
  4. It is with a heavy heart that we must announce the impending bankruptcy of Thunder Aerospace Corporation. Too many failed launches, with the accompanying loss of Kerbal lives, have taken their toll on the company's bottom line. We will be selling our various divisions in order to pay back our creditors. Further news will be available soonTM.



    As much as it pains me to say, I have moved on to other interests and so I do not have much time to play KSP or to work on my mods. I still think KSP is a great and amazing game and recommend it to everyone that I know. Real life and a career take up too much time, so I have to prioritize the time that is left and unfortunately KSP is not as high on the list as I would like it to be.

    I would like to do a clean handoff of any mod that someone is interested in taking over -- contact me if you are interested. I am talking to people about TAC Life Support and TAC Fuel Balancer, so those may already be taken.

    I will be extremely busy, and possibly unable to respond, during the next two weeks so I apologize in advance for any slow responses.


    Have fun,

    Taranis Elsu




    Disclaimer: Please note that I am not actually selling anything, no currency of any kind will change hands. The first part of this post was just a little roleplaying.

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    2. Wardstone111


      I am also having a go at recompiling the mod if it is OK as it is my favourite life support mod of all time.

    3. dueb


      Thank you for all your investment in these awesome mods Taranis Elsu! You will be missed, be sure of that!

      My best wishes for your future endeavors!

      (PS: Forgive me my bad English if I said something wrong... :blush:)

    4. Azimech


      Sad to see you go, I've always been very impressed by your mods and have used them for years. Have fun with your future or current endeavours and hopefully we'll see you back some day!

  5. I know that I disagree with that statement. You get so much money doing contracts in Normal difficulty that it is easy to do some missions without needing a contract for it. The way I play (which is not for everyone) is: My "space company" is trying to gather science from all the planets and moons in the system. Science missions are my priority, and I do them in an order that I think would be a normal progression for a real company. Contracts are a way to earn money to fund the next science mission. It is not important to me that my science missions complete any contracts, only that they bring back science. I also don't take any tourists anywhere until I prove that I can take and return a Kerbal safely, in the exact rocket that will be taking tourists. I know that I am not maxing out the money that I could earn, but that doesn't matter to me. Note that this is just the way that I play, and it seems to work fairly well for me. I am not saying anyone has to play this way. There are a number of ways to play, and none are wrong. My point is that you don't need contracts to progress. Make up a reason to do a mission anyway! Also, once you upgrade the Mission Control, there is nothing wrong with accepting missions that you cannot complete right away (like tourist missions). Take their down payment and use it to finish developing your rocket -- including launching some test flights before actually attempting the contract. That is something that real companies do*. * Examples: 1) Virgin Galactic has already collected over $80 million? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virgin_Galactic#SpaceShip_Two 2) SpaceX and Boeing have received millions of dollars from NASA to develop their rockets as part of the Commercial Crew Program.
  6. Hi,

    It seems that TAC Fuel Balancer works well in 1.0.5.  Can you update Kerbalstuff to let CKAN and people know it is 1.0.5 compatible?

  7. Sorry, my fault. Version is now available for KSP 1.0.5! Changes Built for KSP 1.0.5 Shows the Life Support Monitoring window in the Tracking Station [thanks Henry!] Sorts the Life Support Monitoring window by who's going to run out of resources first, though the active vessel is still always listed first. [thanks Henry!] Times shown now show the number of years instead of a huge number of days. Fixes for better compatibility with RealFuel: no longer patches RF tanks, and converters no longer force_activate() [thanks NathanKell and Thomas!] Download