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  1. The bug was present the last time I used AA, which was 1.5.16. I have not tried it with KSP 1.11 yet (not making planes right now).
  2. That happens to me almost every time I land and take off again (when farming biome science with a plane). My work-around is to quicksave/quickload after landing and before taking off again. If I don't do that, the autopilot will eventually figure things out again after flying for a little while but it is nearly impossible to control until then. I try using SAS to get enough altitude then turn back on the autopilot.
  3. Do you know about the Transfer Window Planner mod? From TriggerAu (who also created KAC). It shows a Porkchop like Alex Moon's website (it is based on it) but pulls the data from the game and so is guaranteed to be up to date (and works with mod planets). You can also put in earliest and latest departure dates to find a transfer window during a particular time frame. Does that answer your question or were you looking for something else?
  4. This looks awesome. Can't wait to play with it. I also have to thank Kottabos Games' video for letting me know about it.
  5. What you are asking for is outside the scope of this mod, and is available in several other mods. See KAS, EVA Transfer, and Simple Logistics for a few.
  6. Z-Key Aerospace has my blessing to pick this up. As he said right above me, his new thread is here: I wish him the best of luck, and have fun!
  7. So it looks like you all figured it out in my absence. The Realism Overhaul (RO) team will be the curators, and it looks like danfarnsy is taking point. Good luck and have fun!
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