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[1.9+] ModularFlightIntegrator 1.2.7 (19 October 2019)


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KSP 1.0 gave us VesselModules and the most important of them : FlightIntegrator. This module is the one that handles most of the aerodynamic and heating model.

As with all the VesselModules it is easy to replace it and we could have custom version that change only part of the model (Thanks Mu for the modularity). But a problem rise when more than one mod wants to change something in the FlightIntegrator. We know two ways of handling that properly in code and ModularFlightIntegrator is one of them that should avoid complex debugging later.

ModularFlightIntegrator is a VesselModules that allows multiples mods to override or insert code into various call of the stock FlightIntegrator. This was written in collaboration with Ferram4 and Starwaster.

Currently the code is in a rough shape and if multiple mods tries to override the same part then only the first one to try is allowed to. Later I plan to add a more complex system but we needed a first version out quickly.

This plugin is of no direct interest to end user but a least two mods using it should be out soon-ish so here it is.

1.1 Fix a bug that manifest mainly with wrong gimbal movement.

1.1.1 Fix the version info of the DLL so current mods work without a rebuild.

1.1.2 for KSP 1.0.5

1.1.3 KSP 1.1

1.1.4 KSP 1.1.2

1.1.5 Include a fix by @Thomas P. for the calculateSunBodyFLux delegate check

1.1.6 Rebuild so CKAN re index it

1.2.1 For KSP 1.2. Include a ModularVesselPrecalculate to override the stock VesselPrecalculate

1.2.2 Fix a nasty bug where MFI started on inactive object like flag prefabs

1.2.3 Fix the same nasty bug in an other part of the code. :huh:

1.2.4 Fix a few bugs that @eggrobin found out and add some code to help Pincipia integration.

1.2.5 Updated the AVC template.

1.2.6 Updates for KSP 1.7

1.2.7 KSP 1.8.x & 1.9.x Build

KSP 1.8.x Download : ModularFlightIntegrator-

KSP 1.4.0-1.7.x Download : ModularFlightIntegrator-

Source : https://github.com/sarbian/ModularFlightIntegrator

License : MIT

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1.1 Fix a bug that manifest mainly with wrong gimbal movement after a vessel load.

This one was quite nasty and I still suspect the real problem is in stock. The fix is a hack but seems to work fine.

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Is there a way this could be extended to all physics, to make things like Mechjeb better cooperate with other mods?

That is presuming the mods can add code to feedback their expected behavior to Mechjeb and other control mods.  Such a hook could easily be integrated (control response curves.)

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add more detail.
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I think you can change things for this mod at ckan, because it updated for ksp 1.1, i have ksp 1.0.99 and then nothing had drag anymore, so I destroyed some of my spaceships (luckily it was all not manned :D)

downgraded manually but it would be fine if you could fix things... (maby by adding more boosters XD )

Thanks LilaKuh

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I have the same problem as LilaKuh, killing two kerbal scientists returning from the Moon in RP0. (KSP1.05, Linux x64)

I just downgraded by hand to and it didn't help.

@lila_kuh98, did you possibly also change something else to get back aero forces?


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