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  1. Dangit Nertea, now I've got to redesign all my probes because that new mod is gorgeous.
  2. Well, I guess this is the signal for me to start a new career save. This all looks beautiful.
  3. Second machine is a two year old Chromebook. Never mind the amount of faff involved to make it behave like a more normal Linux machine, it's nowhere near powerful. I mean I miss my Windows machine.
  4. Glad to hear things are settling down for you - I feel your pain on the lack of internet at home - I've just moved for work, my desktop hasn't moved yet, and there being no internet in my temporary accommodation (so doing everything on a Chromebook in a coffee shop) is getting to be a bit of a pain. Enjoy your holiday, and take some time to chill - much more important to look after yourself first ahead of the mod.
  5. Scrolling through this thread is really making me miss my Windows machine (curse you, temporary accommodation). The Spacecraft update has definitely cemented Near Future as the best KSP mod collection out there - really looking forward to playing around with this once I've settled in to the new house and have some spare time to mess around with all the updates.
  6. Of course you've got to come out with an awesome release right when I'm moving house and starting a new job and have no time to play it Seriously though, everything you've showed off over the past few pages looks beautiful - you're such a talented modeller.
  7. It really isn't that bad - and without a decent idea of what's going on, we can't really help. Think of it this way - you've gone to the GP, but you've insisted on shutting the doctor in a different consulting room to the you, without a clinical history, and you're asking them to diagnose you anyway.
  8. I think that's the best close-up you've given us of the 3m rework to date. Wow.
  9. I've been running it slightly emptier than that (ranging through to practically on fumes) for landing. That said, I'm not quite as picky where I'm landing mine - provided it comes down in the vicinity of KSC, I'm not that fussed No BFR breakages, but I have once had the BFS break after what I thought was a pretty soft landing (I'll see if I can replicate this). The legs on the BFS jiggle loads though, even when autostrutted, to the point that it sometimes walks across the surface so much that recovery and saving is disabled.
  10. I know the fins not moving beyond the two position toggles isn't the most accurate thing in the world, but honestly, I'm not having massive issues flying it in its current state. My BFS behaves itself with a variety of fuel fill levels, with cargo in the trunk or not, and either controlled manually or using MechJeb2.
  11. Uncrewed first. Crew to only be launched in crew-rated rockets with LESs (with no black zones), or in SSTOs. USI life support (though I'm a bit soft and only have them turn into tourists rather than die). Missing crews die. Everything must look like it could fly - no abusing janky physics systems. Plasma blackout. Reusability where possible. Standardised launchers to be used where possible.
  12. Everything on the Falcon 9/Dragon 2 seems to be working great now - regular missions to my LKO station have resumed.
  13. Anyone else having difficulties with the solar panels on the beta Dragon 2 trunk? They're displaying as blocked by nothing, yet not charging.
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