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  1. Fudge. First KSP mod Ive encountered that has a problem with linux... I assume its a DirectX problem? Is linux support planned?
  2. @Nertea, I tried to attach a log just after that post, but I guess the ksp forums want you to use a pastebin. Here is a new log and set of screenshots. ksp log: some engines have no plume: others have a missing texture coloured plume, both before and after activation. (didnt catch a screenshot of after activation, but the log includes it.)
  3. just FYi, with the current download, tracks 3 and 5 dont have any metadata, and both are labeled curvature. (Id like to put this into my music library, so metadata is important.) EDIT: also, One Small Step is labeled as Mun Steps in the download.
  4. Will the KSC tracking station come with a built in transmitter?
  5. The waterfall restock configs seem to generate MM errors, and several of the plumes are just pink cylinders.
  6. I just realized something... the micro port has: nodeType = microPort but the end effector has: nodeType = PDGF lemme test if setting them to the same value helps. ok, so setting them to the same value lets them actually dock if they are on different craft, but on the same craft, magnetism never engages unless I quicksave\quickload after the end effector is in poisition. @Angel-125, Im sure its a PEBKAC (problem exists between keyboard and chair) error, but I cant for the life of me figure it out. Ive tried same-vessel interaction, Ive tried docking aquire force, controlling from the end effector and making sure to exee the mindistancetoreaquire, ETC. Would you be able to share your setup?
  7. log:
  8. Tested again. For some reason, the simulator simply isnt taking into account converters at all. I put down a command pod, opened the sim window. Then I added the hitchhiker (tried with other greenhouses/etc) and removed the snacks, but filled the soil meter. No change to the sim window. Ill post logs later.
  9. @Angel-125 is this a bug or a known limitation?
  10. Its probably just a limitation of the game engine, but I cant seem to make a proper canadarm 2 style arm that inchworms its way over the station. I build an arm with an end effector on both ends, and dot the station with the micro ports, but I cant seem to dock the end effector when the other end effector is docked. has anyone had any luck with this?