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  1. Id love this. Not a full fledged mechJeb, but still able to automate long burns. Id also love if it had a preset way to simply execute a manuver node, no extra frills. (so a single 'execute manuver' button). I can use MJ for it, but I dont like having a 'do everything for me' autopilot on top of it.
  2. the url in the version file points to a non-existant thread, FYI.
  3. thanks. I finaly updated to 1.11 and could not reproduce... of course I dont have US installed...
  4. Havent updated to 1.11 yet, but could I get your ModuleManager.ConfigCache (in your gamedata) and the modulemanager log (located in the ksp root directory under /Logs/ModuleManager/ModuleManager.log)?
  5. developing the same craft (switched to nuke reactor), and found another one. the bussard scoop doesnt seem to work. screenie and log attached. log (I am exceeding the maxlength on normal pastebin!)
  6. Should work. latest version of systemheat contains a generic patch by me that converts ISRU and drill modules to systemHeat.
  7. so I just tried to use a fusion reactor to sustain AM containment. I seems like the fusion reactors dont save their running status through save/load. build a craft with a fusion reactor (I did use adequate cooling), charge it, and turn it on. f5/f9, and the reactor is now off and needs charging again.
  8. in other words, arch is at it again. bet you if i re-install it (several kernel updates and I think an update to glibc since then) I will work fine... Arch, I love you... most of the time.
  9. @Dr.Lxweei, are you planning on patching planetarybaseinc's nuculear reactor as well? or should I submit a PR?
  10. @SuicidalInsanityMind if I pull request to adapt the mk3 and mk2 fission reactors to nearteas new systemheat mod?
  11. Is the AM ratio a typo? is the AM monoatomic antihydrogen, or are we expelling unreacted antimatter out of our engine. (or is it 1:2 and we are running a bit hydrogen-rich for thrust and cost reasons?) Also, I completely forget what the AIM drive was. Antimatter Induced something?
  12. Good point, still doesn't explain why it doesn't affect some converts and affects others. Ive even seen it be different between different modules on the same part! @Nertea, do engineers on board affect the systemHeatConverter modules?
  13. @Nertea, pull request incoming for a generic converter patch. However, I did find what appears to be a bug. The systemPower key doesnt seem to be consistent. As an example, the new planetaryBaseInc ISRU patch has a systemPower key of 0 40, same as the stock ISRU. However, in the editor, the plantetaryBaseInc isru outputs only 18 KW of heat. Ive encountered this problem with the dynamic patches. Some, but not all, modules output more or less heat than they should. Im testing my patches with sucidialInstanitys miningExpantion mod.
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