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  1. True, but if they're considering any changes or clarifications, I'd hope that they might consider pushing back the implementation of the new EULA to allow for said changes or clarifications to be shared, and perhaps they'd even elicit community response (or at least some community leaders, i.e. influential mod makers) to those changes. That'd be nice, don't you think?
  2. Dear @ferram4, Did you ever expect that by releasing FAR, you'd end up teaching classes in the forum thread?
  3. It could be worse, they could have it in but identified incorrectly. Dancing Raisin Engine, anyone?
  4. That's what it does, but you gotta get below 20 or 21 km altitude (whatever the height is that KSP deletes the craft). You were ALMOST there. Almost forgot to mention - you'll need heat shields if you're going orbital velocity or faster, or SR will decide you've burned up instead of being recovered.
  5. I think that's a cool idea! It would probably be best as a mod for Telemachus, to tell it when to turn on and off (or even affect your data rate) based on your connection staus. For voice comms, you'd need a voice chat application that would respect a status setting of connected or not. (Ooh, and it would be great if the voice comms would also add a simulated lag delay. But probably out of scope for RemoteTech itself...
  6. Are you using a fairing, and if so, is it a stock fairing? See the instructions here for how to find the right log file:
  7. I suspect Claw will need more information to be able to help, or to figure out what problem is occuring. Have you looked at: But I'll start with these questions: What other mods do you have installed? Do the other mods work without Stock Bug Fix Modules installed? Which Stock Bug Fix Modules are you using? If you are using more than one Stock Bug Fix Module, can you isolate the issue you are seeing to a particular one?
  8. I'd suggest you try KAC, since that was the last version released for KSP 1.1.2 KAC is for KSP 1.1.3
  9. Are you sure you meant The latest version of KAC for KSP 1.1.3 is
  10. @magico13 I just thought of something. I know you've mentioned deprecating the KCT simulations, though I, and perhaps others, still like them BUT I can also understand the desire to focus KCT in on its core activities. It's easy to see that flight "simulations" are peripheral to that, even it's nice to have them when using KCT. SO I've got a crazy idea here. What if, instead of just killing the simulations off, you just separated them into their own mod that (perhaps) integrates with KCT? That might allow for more options. Worst case scenario, if you didn't want to keep updating it, it would make it easier for another developer to take it over. I know some devs might not like the idea of splitting up their mods, but I like to think that you might be open to this as another option. ETA: (Of course, I don't know how tightly integrated it is now, nor do I know how difficult it would be to unwind it rather than just killing it. Obviously, that would be a prime consideration.)
  11. I'm pretty sure RemoteTech doesn't add contracts. HOWEVER, I am pretty sure the following mod does:
  12. @SilverlightPony You need the "Aviation" tech to access the "Egg Shaped Fairing" and the "Conic Fairing" ... and it looks like you skipped that one.
  13. @Vegetal I think Ferram has mentioned there are problems with the code for wings, and that he's planning to overhaul that part of FAR. If this is a bug he hasn't seen, I am pretty sure he will want a craft file that shows the issue, preferably built with only stock parts (or with as few other mods as possible, along with a list of what other mods are required). Oh, and the log file too, probably. If you look at many of his posts in here, you can see the info he needs to make your report useful to him. ETA: and definitely exact reproduction steps - and boy, howdy, he means EXACT.
  14. @antiwesley And whatever you do in the meantime, "Keep Looking Up!"
  15. I like your first suggestion (indicating that one or more Flight Assists are active by "lighting up" the toolbar icon) but not so much your second one - you gotta be able to close the window without affecting the mod behavior.
  16. Make sure you have the latest version of Trajectories, and make sure you have it installed correctly. If that's not it, you might try taking a look at Folks need more details to be able to diagnose your issue, and that post explains how to get them (as well as some other things to try to fix the issue).
  17. Well, it's a different developer, so it's not "obsoleting" this mod. It's just another visual improvement mod that MAY eventually work in the same space as Planetshine. It's always great to see people doing neat stuff to make KSP better. Anyway, I am enjoying Planetshine. (I'm not sure if you're over-excited about Scatterer, not a native English speaker, or both, but it came across as if you were being negative about Planetshine, which made me sad.)
  18. @OrangeTang Last I checked, you should generally avoid recovering Kerbals through Stage Recovery. You can go into the Debug menu and complete this mission, though.
  19. Ferram's comments reminded me of another option I forgot - since you are using a mod designed to increase the realism of the aerodynamics, you might look into the various mods intended to increase the realism of the tech tree.
  20. If you were going to drop the booster with a decoupler, it would have exploded anyway, right? Anyway, if you want to safely land the craft with an attached booster, you will need more parachute. Have you unlocked the "Survivability" tech? That unlocks the radial chute. Aside from the changes to aerodynamics, keep in mind that FAR also uses a "lite" version of RealChutes for the parachutes. Under RealChutes, the Mk16 parachute is just intended to land that basic capsule, not a heavier craft with a booster. However, if you use the full version of RealChutes (which gives you more control over your chute sizes), there's a "RealChute Cone Chute" part that is similar to the Mk16, but defaults to deploy a bigger chute. That's what I used at the start of my career mode game.
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