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  1. The port is from the early days of the mod; alas that changes to KIS over the years made the port on the Saddle go away. Best advice I can give you is to pack a pair of Mineshaft crew ports. Go ahead and attach your Saddle to the ground and put a Pondarosa on it, then attach one Mineshaft to the top and another to your Equipment source. Should be able to mash go at that point. Quicksave before you attach the Saddle to the ground or the Pondy to the Saddle; I've had issues with spontaneous combustion in the past with both activities. Hopefully you get this reply before you've got som
  2. Last time I checked it was listed as "airbrake" or something like that. I'd be careful using it - I've had more than one base spontaneously combust from having left it on when I've left to go to some other craft and come back. Levitation can also occur. Been too long since I've played KSP; my old work laptop just hasn't got the firepower to cut these later versions anymore and the kids/wife hog the home laptop...
  3. A koan has the Buddha-nature if and only if it doesn't contain a Kraken. (Curious how many of you out there will get the reference...).
  4. I wouldn't say Mun roving is boring, per se. Dangerous as hell (especially at night), frustrating, taxing, prone-to-drive-one-to-drink-heavily, yes...still beats the living hell out of trying to drive on Eve. I find Tylo to be a surprisingly fun place to drive (if you can get down there intact, of course). You can get up to 50-60 m/s out there without worrying too much about the terrain. From someone who's been driving in KSP since 0.19, I'd chime in with the basics. Make your rover low, make it wide, make it sturdy, and have a plan to right the thing/repair things when something inevi
  5. Have you looked at the WBI Buffalo mod? There are some parts there designed for submarines (by which I mean trimmable ballast tanks), and Angel15 has an example craft with the mod, though I haven't done the necessary work to grok how it works.
  6. Seeing the same, though I'm only getting the error message for the Guppy. The mod still works regardless of the CKAN error message, so I'm ignoring it happily. Only started showing up when I updated to the latest CKAN version so I imagine it's a problem with CKAN.
  7. Xenon Gas is a requirement for the drive's operation; you can expect an RUD if you try to use it without Xenon aboard. Intentional - not a bug. Not sure what could be causing the pixelation issues y'all are seeing. Of course, when I use the drive I don't time warp, but then again I've only used it for intrasystem travel to date.
  8. Alright, quickie tutorial; let's see if I can help out. 1. Make sure that you've got a good RCS setup in the VAB. You can dock without RCS thrusters but it's a far sketchier process. If in doubt, grab the RCS Build Aid mod - it's not only good for making sure your RCS setup won't cause excessive torque, you can use it for spaceplane design to see what your center of mass is going to do as your fuel drains (an essential bit of knowledge for stable flight). 1A: Control wheels also help to mitigate torque issues, though not as much as proper thruster placement. 2. Upon rendezvous
  9. If it makes any difference, I'm currently using MM 4.1.4; last I checked Pathfinder was shipping with an older MM version. Should I try rolling it back?
  10. Got a bit of an issue using Pathfinder 1.36.0 in Classic Stock Mode with KSP v.1.10.0. Problem's with the Blacksmith again; the crafting formulas are all showing up requiring Material Kits but I have no way of making Material Kits in situ anymore. I had thought to use the native OSE parts to manufacture them and that strategy worked for a time, but now even they are making Equipment... Any kind of configuration file patch I can use to either a) get the OSE parts making Material Kits again or b) change the crafting formulae for Equipment instead of Material Kits?
  11. It's called "the thread's been around since version 0.19", and in that 6.5 years and counting slice of KSP history, folks have done seven impossible things before breakfast on a nearly daily basis. Incidentally, this is not the first time it's hit 2200+ pages...I think it was up to 3000 at one point before the last forum software migration. Fewer posts per page and all that. There have also been attempts over the years to start a new "whatcha up to" thread; they get merged into this one per forum policy. You know, because this one was here first.
  12. Can be, yes. Sucks worse if you're subsonic the whole way...that's usually when I use the Atmosphere Autopilot mod when I'm ready to cruise and crank up physics warp to x4. It's still boring, but at least it's not the real-time level of boring otherwise... That mod's worth it if you fly a lot, if even for its fly-by-wire alone. Seriously.
  13. Just upgraded from 1.22.1 to 1.24.0. I'm getting a message when attempting to load my 1.10.1 career save about parts missing from my various deployed craft - specifically the Appaloosa Block 2, Colt and Mk1 Docking Port. This after a full purge of the 1.22.1 directories and clean install of 1.24. Here's the log file from the last attempt; not really seeing anything useful there. I'll roll back a bit and see if I can get the save to load without the error message coming up. Definitely a concerning issue since I don't think I've got a single craft deployed right now that doesn't include at least
  14. No problem. Also note that when you go to use the drive, you need to make sure to not have the Exotic Matter generator turned on at the same time the drive is active - that power requirement of 10,000 EC/s for the XM generator is no typo. I can usually pull that amount of power with eight Gigantor solar panels in close proximity to Kerbol around 1.6 Gm. The drive itself doesn't require all too much power; several active Fuel Cell Banks ought cover it. This is assuming you don't have access to more advanced (read: non-stock) power supplies; if you do, the power requirements are much higher
  15. What's your altitude when you try to turn it on? Usually when this happens, folks are below the failsafe altitude, which is half a planetary radius for all bodies in the system. For Kerbin, that's 300,000 meters ASL.
  16. That's not something FAR does as a rule... The mod administrators are going to want to see a KSP.log file from a session wherein the described behavior occurs and maybe a screenshot of the behavior in progress; just telling you that now. "Menu" is a vague term in this case too; to which menu are you referring?
  17. Jeb (to Bill): "Did the gorram buffer panel just fall off of my ship for no apparent reason?" Bill: "Looks like."
  18. Sure thing - here are the craft files requested: Ikeport Core 7 Station Derpstick 7k (Kerbal Lander Vehicle) Minnow 7d (Kerbal Transport Vehicle) The KLV and KTV both use the Mk1 Docking Port from the MOLE mod (among a few other parts, in particular the Appaloosa and Bigby 'back seat' crew modules); I figured the issue might've had something to do with it but wasn't certain. The station utilizes Clamp-O-Tron Jrs, which are compatible with the Mk1s. The main differences are that the Mk1 has a built-in light and an integrated drag chute. Done. Will let you know
  19. Finally remembered to grab a log file when it happened again; apologies for the delay there. As for what I'm talking about...
  20. Got a contract to do a Surface Construction Study contract on Mun. I've got the thing in a Pathfinder Castillo Observatory with four Scientists in it and the prerequisite facility is also present (and the base has productivity around +3 or so), but I'm getting a message that says "Needs Kerbin;Mun;Minmus"; the contract appears to be stuck in that state. I'm confused as to what's going on there, since (as mentioned) the experiment is Landed on Mun, and should have that prerequisite fulfilled.
  21. Been having an occasional bug with DPAI 6.9.1 on KSP Occasionally I'll open the DPAI window (I've got it set to work with the stock toolbar) and get nothing but the exterior frame and a message that states "No Port Selected", despite having one selected as the docking target. The crosshair area is completely transparent. I need to get y'all a log and maybe a screenie or two; unfortunately I don't have either right now and I'll get them ASAP. Just curious to see if anybody else is seeing this type of behavior. Luckily for me my manual docking skills are still up to snuff, but
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