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  1. Minmus looks pretty good, but I would like it to be more smooth and slopey. Those smooth hills are a key part of it's character. I think it having some craters is a good idea though, especially if they are making the planets bigger.
  2. Minmus. So pretty, yet completely alien and otherworldly. It's the first place you're likely to head to that's not based on the familiar earth solar system. You get that great view of the mun and kerbin - Seeing them orbit and spin from the other-side drives home how far you've come. Plus the land sparkles, and the mountains are softly shaped and strange. It's so mysterious. The combination of these builds the sense of it being the first step into the truly unknown.
  3. KSP/Kerbal has a fair amount of brand recognition now, tbh
  4. Useful of them to have access to the assets. I still hope they make use of the classic, at release versions of parts, not the blander remodeled versions though.
  5. Eh. More copies of real life parts. My option that KSP should lean into the fact that the kerbals are not from earth has never changed.
  6. TBh, I think the focus only on getting things to space was a big downside of original KSP. A key but for sure, but they wasted potential by not fleshing out exploration (things to do once up there). As I want to explore in a big review of the game at some point, KSP naturally puts you in several roles - Organisation director, choosing the direction of your space program will head - the engineer, building the rockets and machines - the navigator, planning routes - The pilot (Or even autopilot) flying the vessels) - the astronaut (or probe) hopping about on the ground, -and the scientists reviewing the information you've found, putting together the pieces. The first and last 2 of these always felt quite underdeveloped. No funds/money would seem like a strange choice, but I'm pretty happy that they're scrapping and replacing career mode. I agree with funds not being there being weird. How they were added had issues. I've always thought KSP would lend itself more to an "endless gameplay" model of play, rather than the unlock stuff style we got. Funds would make more sense to be the result of (Recent achievements) X (Historic achievements), so you have to keep doing stuff, but have more freedom to take it the direction you chose. Picking from a list makes it feel more like just another game. If you get to use your own head to work out will make you successful, the fantasy of running a space program is much stronger. Contracts become redundant if They work in natural reasons to do things. For example, no need for a refuel contract if a station actually needs refueling, and you have reasons of your own to have stations full of kerbals out in space. I love games which aren't telling me what to do, but giving me enough clues to work out the way forward. In KSP one is given spaceship parts. Up there is space. What more hints does one need? That said, I did like contracts as a way to add in the sort of mission that would have been difficult to work into a more natural game mechanic- like Cassini's relativity experiment. But a lot of the things they currently do feel like a slap-dash cop out. I want KSP to live up to it's potential, and be a game about a space program, about the quest to explore and set up in space, of which building and paying for rockets is just a part. If they come up with something that does that, I will be very impressed.
  7. Whack the first pod I see on top of a solid booster, and see how far it goes
  8. I'm up for things being more complex. Just saying. It's more of an achievement to create beautiful and performing vehicles against more complicated rules, as long as those rules make sense, and don't feel arbitrary. As long as every complex thing has solutions, this could be a plus.
  9. ... That's a hard one. Might have been the origional cart mod. It might have been mechjeb. It might have been the origional KAS. I remember these from pretty early on
  10. Now that is some proper social distancing right there. Monopropellant works pretty well, just got to avoid breathing. But you're supposed to be careful what you breathe in anyway. That looks pretty serious, you should probably do that. Meanwhile, in my copy of KSP, things are getting worse and worse. Across the solar system Kerbals are taking action. The Mun has gone into lockdown, with strict quarantine rules in place Minimus has closed for business. They want to be very clear about that. On kerbin, drastic measures have been put in place. No one is allowed out in groups more than two. Patrolling drones will find those who don't comply. Those that do go out must be accompanied by a retrofitted rover, to ensure the right distance is maintained. No one is allowed in or out of KSC. The military has been called upon to enforce this. Mobile Amphibious Eve Micro Bases have been repurposed as tanks. It's looking pretty intense right now.
  11. Good to see you again Wackjob. It seems like your eternal quest is to push the game to its limits. Although I haven't exactly been around either. The bland remake versions of formerly iconic parts really disappointed me, I've been seeing other games.
  12. To be fair, it's the 3rd in some parts of the world by now, and they've already changed blandified iconic parts (like the poor mainsail engine), so it's not that unlikely to be fooled.
  13. Are your kerbals all ok? Did anyone get sick? What precautions have you put in place? I for one, have been focusing on hygiene and Social distancing. My kerbals have been keeping away from each other, (and keeping their helmets on) Same with my Satellites The Mega Munar Load Lifter has been busy keeping base modules apart: In space, we're having a one kerbal per pod strategy, and the pods have been spread out too: At KSC, we've been making sure we keep important surfaces like door handles clean, washing them down with liquid sanitizer: The kerbals also. What are you trying? Is there something else I could be doing? Stay safe.
  14. Bring back proper visual destivtinves between parts, so it's more clear which engine, and which tank is what
  15. Why would you do this. It looks worse, it looks plain, and boring. It has been stripped of detail. I am so hoping KSP2 sticks with actual polished versions of the old designs.