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  1. KSP will feature 3d printer support from the get go. Instead spawning on the launchpad, the game prints your vessel, then you fly it.
  2. That just as you (I) finish remaking my old favorite vehicles, thinking them future proof, they go an announce a whole new game
  3. Also, it would be great to see the locations we already know and love done in high quality. Who knows if it will be there, but it would be nice to still have that island to test fly planes too, for example.
  4. We already have a whole bunch of threads on this topic
  5. I want there to be actual basic water physics. If there is, and the parts to use it, I may a little more Ok with not taking my amphibious rover, a vessel I've refined over 6 years, with me to this sequel version. Focusing on management and exploration is something I've wanted since the original Alpha, so there's that. I also hope some of the knowledge of how parts and cfgs work crosses over, that they've made some similar design choices for usability. I hope there will be some chance at getting old part models from old mods to work in the new one, even if it takes a bit of editing. I kinda do hope that 1 and 2 will both continue somehow, even if 1 isn't updating so much.
  6. If they do this, I will be so happy. As long as they do remasters of all the OG parts.
  7. Depending on what's actually in it, we might get some old mods recreated as new. Some mods came about to fill gaps, some to add stuff. IDK about this sort of coding, but I wonder if at least some parts could be recycled into new mods.
  8. Even if they don't impose another arbitrary tech tree (personally, no thanks), you're still going to have to learn to use those things. Plus, perhaps that's what KSP1 will remain about. It's a sequel, after all.
  9. Poodleish, but why not? It wasn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be.
  10. They talk about discussing solar system physics in the dev video. I hope this won't affect our old favourites, it's long been speculated Minmus would be improbable. But it wouldn't be KSP without that shiny lump of ice cream
  11. I suppose I better take a ticket. I'm hoping it doesn't drop soon, got some projects to finish. but we'll see.
  12. That would require you to go through steam to play it, and many don't. Some prefer portable installs, etc.
  13. So it's a true sequel, not a replacement? Mixed feelings tbh, as there are many perfect things about this game that could be less so, if messed up. Like the part updates, not all were that great. But also, new versions means there will be plenty of people continuing to be making and sharing things we've done in the game we've come to know and love, so.... I do hope a lot of the conventions make it across, so we aren't confused about different control schemes. Plus, so much of this game, like the maneuver nodes, the orbital interface, the part menus, it's so brilliant it will be an achievement to not lose functionality in a new version.
  14. We've been writing and ranting about this, and all the rest for years now. I hope these guys have done their homework, and picked the fan's collective brains, as well as thought it all through very carefully.
  15. It's a pity this will leave most mods in the dust though. All that gameplay history.. Things like KAS, KIS, mechjeb, FAR, kerbal konstructs, hyperedit - all have been pivotal parts of the game, and who knows what will make it to the next...