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  1. @DMagic Anything on " #autoLOC_SCANsat_ScanResourceDisplay " apparently not being matched
  2. I think a localization might be missing. A right click menu on the resource scanner is "#autoLOC_SCANsat_ScanResourceDisplay". I can't finding a matching line in the en-us localization.
  3. Just PR'd a minor change to the Procedural Wings MM config to prevent a conflict with modular fuel tanks when all three are installed
  4. I have all those, but I had assumed, I guess incorrectly, that LH2/O was intended. I do think it should be an option though, since I'm not sure when a spaceplane needs to have monoprop proportionate with LH2/O
  5. @Nertea Is there any plan for a patch for an LH2 RAPIER and LH2 NFA engines (aside from the Cutlass)?
  6. I was referring to that first line. But the issue with the latter configs for the fuselages is that you can't get a config with just LH2/O. So, that should be added. This was a design choice so that the lobes are only for monoprop?
  7. @Nertea The Cryotanks CFG for this mod seems to be outdated or something. It has a section for "mk4fueltank*", but there seem to be no parts by that name. The mk4fuselage cryotanks have no config for filling them only with LH2/Ox (while the "fuel tanks" do), but do have a config for LH2/MP (I have no idea when this would be useful. I think the mk4fueltank section should be removed, and the LH2/MP tank replaced with LH2/Oxy and additonally have the LH2 tank alone..
  8. Any example crafts to look at with the new parts? I'm not really sure how best to place a SAR-C
  9. Thanks very much. Guessing launch window analysis will wind up added to LVD? If you don't mind, I'm curious how LWA works without knowing the the launch vehicle performance.
  10. Launch Window Analysis looks like what I want, thank you very much. Is it possible to get the launch window day/month/year/time, versus seconds from epoch? Could I get some information on how to use the Estimate Launch in MA/LVD? Is the time of flight/long/lat just something to derive from how I plan to fly the vehicle? Also, the set launch site coordinates from ground target button on estimate launch doesn't work. Nothing happens when it clicks. Could a get orbit function be added to Launch Window Analysis, by the way? Thanks very much for the help, @Drew Kerman @Arrowstar
  11. Could I get some more information on how this works? To be honest, I'm not really getting how this works at all, I can see it's a detailed trajectory plan for a launch and rendezvous, but I don't see what information is given to get the launch time or where the launch time is given.
  12. So, I'm trying to use KSPTOT to work out when to launch to rendezvous directly with a station over Kerbin
  13. I'm a bit confused on the difference between launch vehicle designer and MA. Could someone clarify? Is it possible to use the KSPTOT to plan the optimum launch time for an orbital rendezvous?
  14. I'm trying to write a custom variable that will return positive if atmospheric pressure at or above a certain value.