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  1. No, that answers a similar, but different question.
  2. Two quick questions: What's the current state of RPM IVAs? The FAQ implies they've been removed, the changelog says they were added. Do the updated version work in 1.4.5?
  3. Scansat will tell you slope in the instrument window below 1000m
  4. I don't believe it does, but to double check, does Trajectories account for thrust (when landing on airless bodies) or assume instantaneous burn?
  5. dlrk

    Ending 32-Bit Support with Update 1.5

    32-Bit software: How is this still a thing?
  6. dlrk

    Transfer window planner mod?

    KSPTOT is a great option that I'm surprised hasn't been mentioned
  7. I can't seem to find a way in MechJeb or Precise Node to see the inclination of the orbit my vessel will be in after SoI change. Is there a way to see that using MJ or Precise Node, or some other mod that does so?
  8. dlrk

    [KSP 1.3.0->1.5.*] Mod Pods

    So, as it turns out shroudHideOverride = True defaults the shroud to disabled apparently....huh
  9. dlrk

    [KSP 1.3.0->1.5.*] Mod Pods

    Hmm, so changing isFairing does nothing, and changing bottomNodeName to a dummy like "notBottom" causes the shroud to always display, as does settig ignoreNodes to true.
  10. dlrk

    [KSP 1.3.0->1.5.*] Mod Pods

    I looked at the CFG, and I couldn't figure out what to change to stop it from defaulting to enabled. Which CFG section is it?
  11. dlrk

    [KSP 1.3.0->1.5.*] Mod Pods

    Is there anyway to stop the shroud from defaulting to enabled when something is attached to the bottom of the service module?
  12. I'll try it on 1.4.5 after work today! I have a small suggestion for a future version: Optionally require CRP MaterialsKits to repair via EVA
  13. @severedsolo Would it be possible for the new version to work with 1.4.5?
  14. dlrk

    [1.4] Modular Fuel Tanks v5.11.1

    It's on the MFT wiki, so I assumed it was an option for MFT tank configs
  15. dlrk

    [1.4] Modular Fuel Tanks v5.11.1

    Does lossrate still work in the current version?