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  1. Anything going on here ATM? Could the KSPedia please be recompiled?
  2. Thanks @severedsolo I'm a bit confused about the effect of the interval. If it's shorter (i.e. 0.1s) does that lead to a safer landing or a longer one?
  3. https://www.dropbox.com/s/0ccv5h5ao60mgkg/screenshot32.png?dl=0 It gets stuck like this after reentry. It's fine for flying locally, like a traffic pattern type thing. Any ideas?
  4. Is there a spreadsheet or calculator anyones made for planning MKS + USI-LS supply time (the in-game ones don't take converters, etc into account)?
  5. Pretty neat experience I had with OhScrap: Gear failed in flight, so I wound up gliding my SSTO to a very low speed water landing, with total sucess.
  6. Is there a way to just default this to on, instead of activating manually? Also, it would be awesome to have the brakes automatically activate on touchdown
  7. It opens the settings menu
  8. Sorry for all the questions, but would it be possible to view Life Support time/status in the KSC screen?
  9. The KSPedia for this mod isn't loading, the log points to the wrong version target. Is there a workaround, or could the KSPedia be compiled for 1.8.1?
  10. @Steve_V yep, that;s the issue. Is there a work around, or do I just need to ask the modder to update the version?
  11. Would anyone be up to (or does such a mod already exist?) create a mod to RPM's navmap display (https://www.dropbox.com/s/mfpkjm2ypf9d441/monitor2020-03-08_14-27-22_-5118738_14.png?dl=0) to have the flight path reflect the one generated by Trajectories using that mod's API?
  12. Some add-on KSP entries are appearing (Universal Storage, Dmagic) are appearing, while others (MKS, Scansat) are not. I can see the files for both in gamedata under their respective mods. Is this a known issue, or is there anything that could explain this?
  13. Is there any way to display the predicted load/efficiency in the VAB? I'm a bit confused about which parts will do what under what circumstances. Also, it seems that the USI-LS panel contradicts the Kolonization panel. Does the USI-LS panel not take converters into account, while the koloniation one does? Also, does a medic do anything without a med bay?