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  1. Is there a version of procedural parts that works well in 1.10/1.11?
  2. Is there any mod, or other way, to increase the brightness of lights such as landing gear lights or the KK runway lights? The spotlight parts are plenty bright, but gear lights and runway lights are so dim as to be useless
  3. Is it normal for RCS Build Aid to apparently assume that all thrusters will be used for translation? For example, disabling a thruster in the VAB will sometimes/often display a more balanced translation on a given axis
  4. It's on github, but uncompiled from three months ago. It's confusing. @Starwaster is that in development, or would it be usable if I compiled it?
  5. I think there might be an issue with MFT and switchable engines, like those in Kerbal Atomics. When one of the KA-modified switchable nuclear engines is attached to my craft in the VAB, the MFT UI closes when a tank is added or removed. Not necessarily a severe or breaking issue (no need to rush to fix), it's easily worked around.
  6. The version warning is just a warning that can be ignored, right?
  7. Is a recompile for 1.10 in the cards? Not necessarily asking about a timeframe, just if it's coming @taniwha
  8. For some odd reason, folks in this thread are declining to answer the simple question "How do I make this work in 1.10.1?" with an actual answer, instead opting to tell people to look a vague number of pages back. LightGlobe.cfg must be deleted from the the MKS parts folder/
  9. I had mistakenly used the 1.8.1 version, the latest 1.9.1 B9 Pwingfork works fine. So, @R-T-B , the bug occurs with BetterTimeWarp or the outdated 1.8.1 B9 Pwing fork. Hopefully this is useful
  10. BetterTimeWarp also causes this to occur. So, @R-T-B the bug occurs when either or both of those is installed together with Kopernicus
  11. @R-T-B I did some trial and error with removing mods. The bug preventing anything from being clicked on the home screen is a conflict between this and B9ProceduralWings
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