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  1. What's the distinction between ejection power and ejection torque?
  2. I made an MFT config for RestockPlus. Of course, you are welcome to include it in the package. https://www.dropbox.com/s/d54dpeuthszpgz2/ReStockPlus.cfg?dl=0
  3. I can't find the previous stream, is it up anywhere?
  4. That said though, the previous version seems fine.
  5. Sounds pretty cool! Is the stream uploaded anywhere?
  6. What happens when you approach a WOLF colony with a vessel? Does something respawn?
  7. Sounds good (though I don't know what noodle means), I was thinking of something like in Kerbal Health
  8. @RoverDude Any thoughts on a loneliness mechanic?
  9. I'm a little bit confused about what WOLF is/will be. Is it a larger colonization system? A replacement for small harvesting bases?
  10. Also having the shower of NREs after switching scenes. The previous version of TWP worked fine though
  11. I'm slightly out of the loop. What's WOLF? (also NDAs are stupid and people should refuse to sign them)
  12. Well, some important questions that I'm sadly pessimistic about: 1. Will KSP2 be dumbed down? 2. Will KSP2 have n-body physics? 3. Why is Unity being used, given the trouble this limited engine has caused in KSP1?
  13. My Squad tanks have two tanks in them. I've tried deleting the "Squad_modularfueltanks" cfg, to make sure there isn't a duplicate, and that gets rid of MFT in the squad tanks completely. What else could cause this?