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  1. I'm fairly certain this doesn't cross the line (it's asking if an update will occur, not requesting one), if it does, I apologize, but is an update for 1.5/1.6 on the horizon, or is time to move on from DR?
  2. Seems to disable itself in 1.5/1.6. Is a recompile available?
  3. I see that KIS 1.6 compatibility is still in the works, but is KAS compatible?
  4. dlrk

    1.4-1.6 Mod Compatibility?

    Thanks, LGG
  5. Did mods break between 1.4.5 and 1.5? What about 1.4.5 and 1.6, and 1.5 and 1.6? I'm just looking for a general answer, particularly I'm wondering about kOS, TCA, Filter Extensions and a few others. Thanks
  6. dlrk

    [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    Which KSP versions does the USI suite work with now? I have it working for me on 1.4.5 , but does it work on 1.5.1?
  7. @severedsolo Not sure if you saw my previous comment, but is the current version backwards compatible to 1.4.5?
  8. Is 1.4 backwards compatible to 1.4.5?
  9. @Angel-125 Is 1.8 backwards compatible to 1.4.5?
  10. Electrocutor, what are the issues in 1.5.1? Anyone know if a new version is in work?
  11. Anyone test this in 1.5.1? I have no idea what Catatu_27 is saying.
  12. No, that answers a similar, but different question.
  13. Two quick questions: What's the current state of RPM IVAs? The FAQ implies they've been removed, the changelog says they were added. Do the updated version work in 1.4.5?
  14. Scansat will tell you slope in the instrument window below 1000m
  15. I don't believe it does, but to double check, does Trajectories account for thrust (when landing on airless bodies) or assume instantaneous burn?