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  1. This is a really good point if I do want tidal locking. The main reason for making is so small is because my world map just happened to scale out that way when I started overlaying latitude lines on it Although I already know that this planet is highly magical, so I'm wondering if it might be better to just say that it isn't affected by its system. It's also hollow with a habitable interior surface, so there's already a ton of weirdness going on with it... That would actually lead to some interesting storytelling opportunities too, if this one moon behaved differently from every other moon in the system. So I suppose I've answered my own question Thanks guys!
  2. One thing I should mention is that my world is 1/7 the size of earth with similar gravity, so I'm already handwaving a bit of physics here... I suppose the best solution might be to handwave even more, but keeping distances large relative to mass does make sense if I'm trying to keep it as close to reality as possible.
  3. Hi everybody. So, one of my hobbies in addition to KSP is the creation of a fantasy world, and I was recently inspired to make my world a moon of a gas giant instead of its own planet. However, after reading this thread I realized that I might have daily 50 foot tidal waves if I do that. So my question is, can I position my moon in such a way that it avoids this? I had planned to have five other large moons in the sky, with this world being the fourth of the six, but I'm open to changing that. Would placing it farther out lessen the tidal effects of the other moons? Would placing it closer to the gas giant's gravity well have the same effect? I am planning to have this world tidally locked, by the way, so I believe that should eliminate tidal waves caused by the planet itself, even if it makes for some weird oceans. Any help on this would be appreciated, so thank you in advance!
  4. I live in Portland, and this eclipse is really making things hard for those of us who live here. They're telling people that they shouldn't even try to go to the grocery store while all the people are here. I'm debating between holing up in my house or driving somewhere out in the desert and camping for a week in the path while everyone else scurries around on the main roads...
  5. Thank you so much, that's awesome! I'll also play with the new version some more and see if I can figure out how to make it work for me. Keep up the good work and thanks again!
  6. Ok, I have an idea. I think all I have to do to get the functionality I want is remove the following block of code: if (aFreq != bFreq && aFreq != publicFreq && bFreq != publicFreq) //check if two nodes talk, using same non-public frequency { this.Disconnect(a, b, true); return false; } If I can figure out how to compile my edited version, would you allow me to put up a link for others who might want to use it? I can keep it for myself if you'd prefer. Alternately, maybe you'd want to help me learn how to compile and maintain it as a fork of your project. I don't know anything about C# though removing a section is about the limits of what I'd try to do. EDIT: I don't think I can figure out how to compile it, especially since I only run Linux and I've never used MonoDevelop before. So unless you want to make another version for us, never mind.
  7. Well, I downloaded the new system and was playing around with it, but... I don't really like it. I now have to manually switch to each vessel to set their antennas, and for some of my relays that have 10+ dishes that gets pretty tedious. Plus, those relays needed those antennas to be able to combine and have enough power to call home. Now that I have to split the dishes, it makes it a lot harder to get powerful enough relays at the tech level I'm currently at. (And no I can't just research more powerful ones, due to a combination of mods which change the career mode around a lot. That's why I need these relays, is so that I can get enough science and funds going interplanetary to upgrade my R&D facility.) My original thought was that the constellations were only for organization, and if you wanted a member to only talk to members of its own constellation then you ticked the "Talk to constellation members only" option. I was excited for that because it sounded simple yet powerful, perfect for organizing my network and clearing up some of the lines. What I was planning to do, was set each relay system to its own network, then set each ship to the relay I wanted it to talk to and set it to only talk to members of that network. I thought that would mean that each relay would talk to anybody, but other ships would only talk to their local relays. Anyway, it's your mod and I don't want to tell you what to do, but I thought I'd at least tell you what I thought and was hoping it did, and that I don't really have a lot of use for it now. It's cool and probably realistic, but just not really useful for my play style.
  8. Quick question. Can I set my different constellations to talk to multiple other constellations, but not all of them? For example, I want to set up a relay system around every planet. I want each relay to talk to each other relay, and ships in-system to talk to their local relays and no one else. What I decided to do was set up a constellation for each body, and put each ship in the constellation for its own body and set the ships to only talk to members of the same constellation, while leaving the relays able to talk to anyone, but what I found is that the relays won't talk to each other, only to KSC. Is this intended behavior? If it is, would you possibly include an option to define which networks can talk to which?
  9. Alright, I've done these experiments. The results: The first test worked perfectly, just as it was supposed to. The second test was very strange... I tried it a number of times, and it seemed completely random whether the stock or the AirlockPlus interface would show up. Once it even showed up as having the same kerbal in both seats... It also wasn't consistent what the dialog was titled. Here's the log from the second test: In my modded install I do have CLS, version
  10. Kerbals are plant creatures who are able to survive in space for years at a time. Clearly, they reproduce via spores or budding and have no need or want for romance. In my game, all kerbals are brothers and sisters with every other kerbal (hence their shared last name), because it makes it easier to send a crew of, say, 5 males and 1 female, and not feel weird about it. It was easier when there were no female kerbals (I still wish there weren't), but now that there are I believe that kerbals have an alternation of generations.
  11. I named mine "Kerbin Breakaway Coalition", because the ultimate goal of the agency is to set up enough colonies on other planets that the kerbal race can survive if Kerbin is destroyed. No flag yet though...
  12. Well, that was... exactly the surprise I was hoping for! Excellent chapter. Looking forward to the next one.
  13. Yep, that's all right. I'm on Linux, so I have right shift doing everything the left alt used to do, since left alt is a system function that I haven't figured out how to disable yet. It works for the f12 cheat menu but not for this. I found this in the log: [AirlockPlus] INFO: MODIFIER_KEY key is RightShift With only this mod installed, boarding does work correctly. I think I may have been mixing up the function of the ctrl and the shift, so I was getting confused when shift put the kerbal in the pod it was clinging to, but it was the closest pod with a seat so that makes sense. I looked through the logs, and I usually have a pretty good eye for debugging but I didn't see anything even remotely related. There was nothing logged for the timestamp at which I tried shift-clicking on the hatch. It could be an issue with Linux, the way the plugin interacts or something. I did one last test again with all my mods installed, and it did the reverse: This time alighting worked perfectly (using right shift as it should) but boarding didn't work again. I got the following results: ctrl makes the kerbal board the part with the hatch he is on. shift prevents him from boarding at all, i.e. nothing happens. ctrl + shift is the same as just shift Weirdly, if the module is full, and I use ctrl+B, the kerbal doesn't board because the module is full, but the blue text at the top of the screen that says "Select a part to board [Esc] cancel" come up, but none of the parts are highlighted and clicking on them doesn't do anything. Esc does not make the message go away either. Aha, I found an error in the log for this (ctrl+B): [LOG 23:10:59.037] [AirlockPlus|BoardingPass] INFO: Bill Kerman manual boarding mode initiated for Untitled Space Craft via crewtube-airlock-125 [ERR 23:10:59.038] Module BoardingPass threw during OnUpdate: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at AirlockPlus.BoardingPass.BoardManual () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at AirlockPlus.BoardingPass.OnUpdate () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at Part.ModulesOnUpdate () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 I also get this error for Shift+B: [ERR 23:13:46.432] Module BoardingPass threw during OnUpdate: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at AirlockPlus.BoardingPass.OnUpdate () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at Part.ModulesOnUpdate () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 Hopefully this helps
  14. I've finally caught up with the story, and I think I'm following it pretty well... Although for me personally, the mystery and intrigue is wearing a little thin and I'm hoping for a new twist soon. Between what happened on Vall and the UFO I'm suspecting aliens and that sounds pretty interesting, but shadow organization... I mean, this is something like the third in this story line, isn't it? Not to say it's bad writing. I have full confidence that you'll bring it around and surprise us again! These last few chapters felt a little like a purposeful distraction or misdirection or a calm of predictability before a storm of surprises, that's all. I'm sort of expecting some kind of bait and switch, I guess... those are always fun Especially this got my attention. I have some theories about what this means but they're too long to really type out here. Just wondering and thinking... Also I found recently that in almost every career I've launched since I started following this story, I've used some variant of the Sulfur shuttle. If imitation is the highest form of flattery, then I don't know what subconscious imitation is but suffice it to say, I like your style.
  15. I've noticed a small oversight, which is that the new 0.625m engine has the same thrust (and other engine stats) as the 1.25m trimodal one, 67 kN I think. Not that it isn't fabulously useful!