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  1. We've been all over the Kerbolar system. We've established surface bases and space stations all over every planet and moon. Now, the time has come to launch our first interstellar colony ship. However, there are a few problems in our way. We know that Kerbals can live and work just fine near Kerbol. However, how would they react to the endless void between the stars? The R&D team would like to find out, and naturally, that's where you come in. The challenge is to build a space station in orbit of Kerbol at a minimum altitude of 1 billion kilometers. You'll also need to develop a
  2. Never mind, I've solved this problem thanks to Reddit. Apparently the bug is caused by timewarping an autostrutted ship and cancelling its rotation. Editing the persistence to turn off autostrut fixed it for me.
  3. Unfortunately, I only found this problem when I switched to this craft to make its ejection burn for Moho...
  4. It happens every time I load a save with it focused or switch to it. I've checked the persistence, and the parts haven't changed their positions. Is there anything I can do to salvage this ship, or make sure this doesn't happen again? Could it be related to the inflatable parts from SSPR? Any insight or help is appreciated.
  5. Does anyone have or plan to make a patch for Ground Construction? I'm currently running MKS and I'm not a fan of its art style for the most part. Moreover, the parts from GC itself look like they came from Factorio, not KSP. I'd love to be able to use SSPX parts for that purpose though, or even have dedicated parts in the Nertea style. I'll make a patch for myself if there isn't one, but I thought I'd check and see.
  6. Ah, that's too bad. Hmmm.. off the top of my head, I can think of two solutions that don't involve just giving up the story and not finishing it! First would be to just stay on whatever version is most comfortable and keep doing resets every time things update without actually updating. It would be a little departure from what's established but it might be a worthwhile compromise. Second, and since this is a major update to the underlying fundamentals of the Unity engine, I think you'd be entirely justified in overhauling everything and consolidating. Delete part modules that no longer work.
  7. I think that sounds fair, but also, I hate building relay networks! Also, I really liked in the first few posts of the original FSP when they launched their first relay, and to their surprise the signal starting bouncing all around LKO off of all kinds of debris. I think that was what originally clued them in to something being there in the first place. Of course, since he was using remotetech, the dishes had to be aligned and that added some challenge. Still though, I hate building relay networks and the save could quickly get very bogged down if every cycle has a whole new wave of commsats.
  8. This sounds interesting to me, but I'm a bit wary of how complicated it's getting. I love part and gameplay mods but the more there are the harder everything is to keep track of. More mods mean less people who will join. Additionally, I still don't see how ships from previous cycles are supposed to continue on their missions. The more people, the more missions. Imagine what it will be like for the tenth participant who has to keep up with all the long term missions from previous cycles. Therefore, I propose a slight change: any Kerballed vessels remain active and controllable, and g
  9. Well, I just caught up on about a year and a half's worth of this story. I was really glad to see it's still going! This story has always inspired me in my own games and head-stories that I never write down, and I have to say, if you collected these chapters into a book, I'd buy a copy just to have it. I love the way you weave the usual light-hearted Kerbal antics with some seriously dark stuff. By the way, I'm curious. Why do you use the Iron shuttles instead of the Sulfur? I love the design of the Sulfur and I hate the look of the Iron. Just curious.
  10. I'm having an issue with the self-leveling base frames. I did an extensive search and found that someone else had the same issue a few days over a year ago, but it doesn't seem to have ever been resolved. The issue is that the self-leveling base frames do not respond to manual input. In my screenshot, the frame on the left is touching the ground and working properly. On the central frame, I hit self level and the legs adjusted, but did not extend to touch the ground. I manually extended them with the same ratio that they automatically found, but they didn't move. For the frame on the
  11. That's true, and since I bought the game directly from Squad I don't even have to mess around with Steam at all. That's probably what I'll end up doing. I thought about doing this... Not sure if I will yet. I hadn't heard much about that, it does sound like a great improvement... but yeah, I can't really live without mods, so I'll probably be on 1.7 for a while.
  12. This is a mirror of a post I put on the KSP reddit. I hadn't played for some months, and recently I came back to my old install and loaded it up. I found a savegame in which I'd landed probes on Eve and had a few en route to Moho. So far, I've returned kerbals from the surface of Moho and landed probes on every body inside of Jool. I'm just beginning to mine Minmus to fuel a new generation of permanent orbital tugs to send kerbals all over. Problem is, I'm in 1.3. Not even 1.3.1. The reason for that is that I have a concoction of mods that work very well together and I'm always hesit
  13. I say Moho. The dV requirements are excessive, sure, but the frequency of transfer windows is just so convenient when playing with life support mods. It's always my number two destination after Eve in career mode.
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