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  1. With the launch of Halo Infinite showing the nighttime on the ringworld being unusually bright, there has been some debate on why that might be. Just now, this video was posted and got me thinking about it again. My thought is that if there is no atmosphere to scatter the light, the shadowed surface should be in total darkness, other than whatever planetshine comes from the daytime side of the ring, which I don't think should be that much. A point was raised about the ring being broken and allowing more light through, but I'm still not sure if that would cause enough diffusion to light it up very well. Since I'm not a real scientist and can't back any of this up with math, I thought I'd ask here where real scientists hang out and might be able to help. Thanks in advance! EDIT: quick illustration I made for clarity
  2. This doesn't appear to be working for me. I'm completely new to kOS so I have no idea what's going on. I accidentally told it to launch my rocket in 10 years instead of seconds, and while trying to figure out how to kill the script, I accidentally staged and dropped my rocket on the ground. The console spit out this. EDIT: by the way, this script does not play nice with the case-sensitive file system on Linux.
  3. I tripled checked the part and it definitely does have it. The only thing I can think of that might change it is that it's a switchable part with variable length, as well as a variant that does not have a crew tunnel, but it's configured to have all nodes be passable, so... I'm not sure with that. The other weird thing is that it shows as connected in the VAB when I assemble the station, but not in flight. What is this meant to do? It looks like it just removes the ability to transfer kerbals through certain parts...
  4. The docking ports are open, that was the first thing I checked. If you look closely, you can see in the screenshots that the lower space includes both docking ports and the next part, and the upper space does not extend as far as the docking port. So that's definitely not the problem.
  5. I'm having another issue that I can't figure out how to solve. I have two parts that are connected and passable, but for some reason, CLS is not putting them in the same internal space. I cannot figure out why. I even went through my persistence file and verified that the parts have the CLS module and it's enabled and configured properly. Nothing relevant in the logs. Anybody have any ideas for things I could try? For now I've enabled "allow unrestricted crew transfers" but that kind of defeats the point of having this mod at all.
  6. Just wanted to draw attention to the fact that an EVA parachute disassembles into 10,000 units of MaterialKits.
  7. I'm having an issue with the maneuver planner. "Every time I try to use the advanced transfer to another planet" function, my game crashes. This time, my log ended with this: Everything else is working fine as far as I can tell. EDIT: also, "land at target" instantly disables itself, but keeps its lock on Smart A.S.S. It doesn't produce any logs.
  8. I just discovered this thread, and I have to say, I love the way NFE 2 is looking. I just discovered System Heat and I really like it, and I find myself wishing that the whole game and every mod would move over to that system, it makes so much more sense than the esoteric stock system. That said, I also just learned that you're directly working on KSP 2, and I think I speak for more than just myself when I say that if all your effort goes towards that, I'm more than happy to stick with what we have right now in KSP 1 if it means better and more stuff for KSP 2 when it launches.
  9. Is anyone working on a patch for MKS? I'm just starting to plan an MKS base in my install that includes System Heat (installed by accident via Far Future Tech and liked it) and am finding it somewhat frustrating that the MKS harvesters and processors don't use System Heat. The configs look a bit complicated so if someone else has already made the patch I'll just use that, but if no one has thought of it then I'll start working on one.
  10. I'm not sure if CLS is causing this issue, but every time I transfer kerbals within a vessel, their inventory gets reset with a new parachute and eva pack. My stations are filling up with parachutes
  11. I commented on the CryoEngines thread about wanting more hydrolox lander engines, but I solved my own problem by making MM configs to copy the vacuum engines from NF Spacecraft and converting them to hydrolox. (Complete with Waterfall plumes!) The engine clusters can store either monopropellant or oxidizer, since I usually store oxidizer in non-cryo tanks and LH2 separately in foil-wrapped tanks. They also have atmosphere curves modeled on the Hecate (from CryoEngines). I also wrote a MM patch to change the plumes for the LFO vacuum engines from the monopropellant plume to the proper kerolox vacuum plume. @Nerteafeel free to incorporate it into the OrbitalLFOEngines patch. (I'd submit a request on Github but I don't know how to do that, sorry.) I copied code from several patches around the NF suite, I hope that's okay. Patch for hydrolox engine copies: Patch for LFO Waterfall plumes:
  12. Just wanted to say, I've been absent from KSP since 1.7.3, and WOW, the new ScanSat parts are amazing! I always thought the old ones were a bit lacking but these new ones are incredible. Satellites actually look like satellites now and I couldn't be happier with them. Oh and I'm using it on 1.12.2 and haven't had any issues yet.
  13. Ah, sorry, I guess I missed that. I forgot to mention in my last post though, I'm just coming back from a break since 1.7.3, and the new engine plumes with Waterfall are fantastic. I never thought it would make much of a difference to me so I never bothered with Real Plume or anything else, but I can't stop looking at them. In any case, thanks for being around for support even if your focus is shifting to other things! This game would be far less without your amazing additions and I sincerely hope the KSP2 team will take heavy inspiration from them.
  14. I'm having an issue with the inventory dialog. As you can see, it's showing that I have 0 in inventory, when I know I have at least a few. It seems to be tracking correctly though, since when i use the last one the option to apply goes away. Also, quick apply and automatic quick apply are not working. It's not breaking but it is rather tedious to manually apply to 24 parachutes at a time. I looked through my logs but the vast bulk of the 85 MB file is over a million lines of this in reference to various parts, so I'm not sure how helpful (or possible) it would be to sift through. [ERR 02:33:29.938] [FlowGraph]: Graph already contains item! Part parachuteRadial with id 4291269002 [ERR 02:33:29.938] [FlowGraph]: Graph already contains item! Part parachuteRadial with id 4291269002 [ERR 02:33:29.938] [FlowGraph]: Graph already contains item! Part parachuteRadial with id 4291268892 [ERR 02:33:29.938] [FlowGraph]: Graph already contains item! Part parachuteRadial with id 4291268892
  15. Just a quick suggestion: It would be nice to have some small probe-sized cryo engines. I often build tiny probes like this and it would be really nice to have some smaller engines that are lighter than the current ones. Also, some lower profile engines for landers. It's difficult to build nice lightweight hydrolox powered landers with the normal extensible engine bells.
  16. Occasionally, the old space bug that lives in the back of my brain bites me and I come look at Kerbal Space Program again. And every time, I check this thread, and I'm always delighted when there are new posts. We still have a ways to go until KSP 2, and even then, I'm sure I'll keep playing the first game now and then (mods being what they are) and checking this thread. I've been following it for years and I've learned and absorbed so much about ship design and mission planning (docking ports on both ends). So yeah, hope things are going alright and glad to see this isn't abandoned! Also, incidentally, I love that little warning above the reply box. "This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one." There's so much history in this story for those of us who have been here through the updates, and it's such a nostalgic tale.
  17. I'm getting a long list of warning messages when I load the game. I was upgrading an old install, but I tried deleting all the folders included in the SSPX zip and re-adding them, to no avail. I'm not sure if I installed incorrectly or if there's an issue with the mod itself. In game, the only real issue is that there are multiple options for switching the surface and one non-working endcap for 1.25 and 2.5m parts. When I select it from the menu, it goes to the bare metal endcap, but when I use the arrows to select it, it causes the endcap to be transparent.
  18. We've been all over the Kerbolar system. We've established surface bases and space stations all over every planet and moon. Now, the time has come to launch our first interstellar colony ship. However, there are a few problems in our way. We know that Kerbals can live and work just fine near Kerbol. However, how would they react to the endless void between the stars? The R&D team would like to find out, and naturally, that's where you come in. The challenge is to build a space station in orbit of Kerbol at a minimum altitude of 1 billion kilometers. You'll also need to develop a shuttle capable of ferrying researchers to and from the station. The station itself will need, at minimum, living space for four, a research lab, and a viewing cupola. Scoring will be as follows: 100 points for establishing a station with a Kerbolar periapse of at least 1,000,000,000,000 m. +10 points for each lab on the station +5 points for each kerbal the station can support (or kerbal-year of time if playing with life support) +5 points for each viewing cupola 100 points for creating a shuttle that can ferry kerbals and supplies to the station +10 points for each passenger seat +5 points for each ton of payload +100 points for a 20 year travel time or less from Kerbin +100 points for a 10 year travel time or less from Kerbin +100 points for a 5 year travel time or less from Kerbin x1.5 points for playing with Snacks! x2 points for playing with Kerbal Health x3 points for playing with USI-LS x4 points for playing with TAC LS x5 points for playing with Kerbalism NB, I haven't actually tried this myself yet, so I don't know if the point system is very fair or not. I mainly want to see what you guys come up with. Good luck and have fun!
  19. Never mind, I've solved this problem thanks to Reddit. Apparently the bug is caused by timewarping an autostrutted ship and cancelling its rotation. Editing the persistence to turn off autostrut fixed it for me.
  20. Unfortunately, I only found this problem when I switched to this craft to make its ejection burn for Moho...
  21. It happens every time I load a save with it focused or switch to it. I've checked the persistence, and the parts haven't changed their positions. Is there anything I can do to salvage this ship, or make sure this doesn't happen again? Could it be related to the inflatable parts from SSPR? Any insight or help is appreciated.
  22. Does anyone have or plan to make a patch for Ground Construction? I'm currently running MKS and I'm not a fan of its art style for the most part. Moreover, the parts from GC itself look like they came from Factorio, not KSP. I'd love to be able to use SSPX parts for that purpose though, or even have dedicated parts in the Nertea style. I'll make a patch for myself if there isn't one, but I thought I'd check and see.
  23. Ah, that's too bad. Hmmm.. off the top of my head, I can think of two solutions that don't involve just giving up the story and not finishing it! First would be to just stay on whatever version is most comfortable and keep doing resets every time things update without actually updating. It would be a little departure from what's established but it might be a worthwhile compromise. Second, and since this is a major update to the underlying fundamentals of the Unity engine, I think you'd be entirely justified in overhauling everything and consolidating. Delete part modules that no longer work. Maybe whole ships vanish. This reset was harder than the last few, resetting not just Kerbin but the entire Kerbal universe. At least, that's what it feels like to all of us with heavily modded saves that can't really be easily updated... Also, there must be a way to keep things a little more separated. Maybe have one save for each group of ships and transfer between them to keep any one from growing too big? So you'd have one save for Sieta and her crew, one for Thomlock and his, one for Jonbald and the current space program, and however many else. Then just transfer craft between saves as necessary to make it work. (Actually, that sounds like a good mod...) That would be a pain but it might make the game run a lot better. Actually, the new Unity engine probably would too. Of course you could just end it and I think you'd be entirely justified in doing so, but I hope you do at least give us a story breakdown of what would have happened so we can imagine! I know what you mean... Hopefully someone, somewhere is backing everything up and this story will never be permanently wiped from the internet. Ah, I didn't know that. Lucky them, to get those when they did! I've been working on a few designs inspired by the Sulfur, and they all have 3-4 km/s of Δv.I could share them if anyone wants to see them.
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