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  1. i'm very confused now: who is developing KSP 2 now? where will it be published? o.o what teh heck is going on ...
  2. working on the MiG but sadly not much time for KSP during the last months .... sorry for the long delay
  3. or use KER. You can see the TWR and dV which is hepful. espacily when you choose the right celestial body for calculations and turn on/off atmospheric mode.
  4. big update ! i added my F-18 Hornet and three rockets. Zenit 3 with Intelsat 27, Proton with three Glonass sats and my Energia M with six Glonass sats
  5. putting a Glonass Network in orbit can be a tedious task, when you have to launch the sats as single or triple launch. So i got the first payload stack for my Energia M ... 6 Glonass-M satelites now i only need 4 or 5 rockets to install a network around Kerbin (well not a realistic one ofcourse. Real glonass has up to 10 sats on one orbital plane ... )
  6. three Glonass-M riding on top of the Proton third stage and a Blok-D to Orbit.
  7. @sgt_flyer talked with Das_Valdez, the amazing twitch KSP streamer. He LOVES the idea of using the 10m heatshild for interstage fun (like on big Soyuz or Proton) well done guys, well done ! one of the most amazing little fashion tricks i have learned.
  8. now i'm happy with my Proton rocket. Still, not perfect but hey this is KSP now i only need to fix the wobble in my Soyuz and all my russian rockets are good to go, Fregat, BloK D and KVRB included...
  9. sweet Soyuz i could say "burning hot" did a comparision of my Proton with a real life blueprint. yes, secondstage is way to short. With an extra small tank and some "enginehousing", it will be perfect for my taste
  10. yeah my mistake, i tried to load it as a normal .craft , works like a charm as subassambly And i finished my Proton, so far. still need to compare it to the real deal. (have the feeling that my second stage is now 1m to short) And have to look at the TWR. But it can lift 22,5 tons to LKO. Only 152 Parts on launchpod and solid like a rock
  11. yeah, i noticed the coliderbehavior ... need to figure out a good way to hide a decoupler somwhere ... hrm, looking at the size of my proton i think i have to slightly enlarge the second stage .. well, not today. time for bed. but thanks for new ideas
  12. okay @sgt_flyer some things about the Proton: - the custom launchpad is amazing - i'm going to borrow the 1st/2nd stage gridfairing for my Proton. (using a 10m heatshild is such a genius idea! ) - staging is messed up - i slightly had the feeling, that your Proton is overengineered and slightly to long. but you are building a kerbal sized ISS ... so size have to be different overall a very nice rocket !
  13. thanks a lot ! i just wanted to see how you solved the seperation between first and second stage
  14. can i get a downlaod for the proton please? *makes puppyeyes*
  15. if i discover, that i need more EC and the engines are not generating EC ... then i add batteries, RTG's or solarpanels to my design. (don't forget that surface attachable bats are physicles, no additional weight !) besides of potential problems just within the game and coding, i think it's a balance feature. it would be to easy if every engine has the same "toys"
  16. some work on my little Lander for my Proton-style Munshot
  17. speaking of ... i added my Orion EFT 1 now totaly forgot, that it was already 1.1 ready ... time to do the finaly touchs on my russian stuff.
  18. Well, finaly got the time (and motiviation) to do my own full thread of my crafts instead of all the different single ones. This is the place, where i will collect my craftfiles for sharing with the community Some of them are bound to my heart, like my Soyuz or Proton. Developed over years ... If you want more picture, you can find them on the KerbalX site. just follow the downlaod button Big thank you to many of you, who helped me over the years with inspiration, tricks, debugging and more. (like Mulbin, Rune, sgt_flyer, and many more) i hope you can enjoy th
  19. thanks for this Mod, one of my all time favorites. i Can't imagine Kerbin Eve and Duan withoud Clouds
  20. thanks for this Mod, one of my all time favorites. i Can't imagine Kerbin Eve and Duan withoud Clouds
  21. 1.1 is finaly out and the work on my crafts has started. first of all some aviation thingys... and totaly not realworld inspired
  22. thank you very much for all of your work Nertea it a pleasure to see the first of teh coming updates. Kepp the good work buddy ! I realy enjoy playing with your partpacks
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