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  1. Thanks for looking into this, I really appreciate it. Keep being amazing!
  2. Hey guys, I'm hoping you guys might be able to help me with a problem I'm having with Connected Living Space. I'm sure it's just something I'm not doing right. I'm using the lander with the HOYO CSM. I get docked (maybe I'm not doing the procedures right?) and pull back from the 2nd stage rocket just fine. I open the hatches: http://imgur.com/a/zYYqV on both docking ports and CLS shows that the two parts are unpassable by the crew: http://imgur.com/a/KJlel If I go into the CLS options and check "allow unrestricted crew access" it's just fine. Is it an issue with CLS and this is the wrong thread? Maybe the stock transfer is just fine? Anyway, just making sure I wasn't doing something wrong with the docking or the hatches. I absolutely love all of the LRAERO mods. They are a must have!! Thanks!
  3. Hey Crash, in the TextureReplacer folder, there's a "suits" folder (GameData/TextureReplacer/Suits) and I dropped all of the folders from epic suits (/blue suit, /orange suit, /murica suit etc.) in there, and it worked great. Hope that helps, and see you soon when we're back up and running!
  4. Thank you! Mint w/ Cinnamon was the version I downloaded and installed (actually on it right now). So I picked the right one! I'll check out everything else you suggested out right away. Thanks for the tips!
  5. Hey guys, Last time I hijack the thread, I promise. I'm still getting that exacerbated memory leak, I can fly around inside of Kerbin for about 15 minutes. I just partitioned off a chunk of hard drive space to install Linux, as suggested by several people. I'm a lifelong Windows user, and am baffled by this linux wizardry you speak of, and was hoping someone could point me in the direction of some resources they find helpful to learn said wizardry. Since OBS now has a linux client there's no reason not to try this out, as streaming was my primary concern, and hopefully can overcome the AMD video card issues people have been having (poor support.) Also, thanks for popping in the telemetry patch in this last dev version. I can't wait to get streaming this again! Alright, hijacking over!
  6. @Lord Aurelius, I've got 16gb of RAM. I did check, and I've got terrain scatter off. I'm running ATM already as well. I've got about 15 extra mods I put in myself, mainly info and VFX mods, but I didn't install about 6 or 7 mods from the MaxMods list, so I thought it would even out. The next thing I can do is fire up Exception Detector and see if there's anything throwing a metric ton of errors, and also start pulling out my extra mods one by one and seeing. I picked up about 3 plane contracts and took a jaunt a little bit ago and lasted about 20 minutes or so, barely made it back to the strip before it crashed, so I'm definitely "leaking" more than usual (that sounds so gross.) I could also start it with 1/2 textures I guess, but the toolbars and stuff look so awful when I do that. Typically when I'm streaming I'm alt+tabbing out and stuff also, do you think that would increase it? I also 4x time accelerate while I'm flying as well, since sometimes it can be anywhere from 7 to 18 minutes between waypoints. If others are getting more time in, then there's definitely something about my install that's off. Thanks for the suggestions, and for the terrain scatter hint 5thHorseman!
  7. So I FINALLY managed to stream for a few hours last night, and had a blast. But I'm hoping for a little advice from the smart ones here. With OpenGL and not instlaling MKS/OKS and MCM yet, I can start out with 2.1gb...not horrible. However, I could get in about 20-40 minutes before I hit the ceiling and crashed. I knew that the infamous memory leak kicked in when changing scenes, especially in and out of the VAB, but upon reading more, I saw that it's also exacerbated by flying close to a planetary body. Pretty much my early game bread and butter is doing the atmospheric missions (Temp/Pressure scans, observation, etc.,) which pretty much means flying close to a planetary body. Does anyone have any advice on how to stave this off as much as possible, or techniques they use to mitigate it some? I'd usually try to take a break on stream about once an hour and restart KSP, but seems like I have to take about double that right now. Anyway, any help or advice would be swell! Also, I love that jet, Yemo, is it going to be in the next update? And finally, I don't remember mentioning that we use Nav Utilities A LOT, and even more so with SETI, since the HSI is perfect for finding your way home, lining up the runway, and holding the glide slope for a safe landing. Since we do so much with planes, I figure I'd drop that there.
  8. How are the other Contract Pack expansions as far as balancing goes, besides the Initial, SCANSat, and RemoteTech packs? I'm thinking in particular the Kerbin Space Station pack. Seems I remember reading somewhere that some or most of the other contact packs aren't or weren't balanced in line with this pack.
  9. Excellent info, thank you! I'm not as worried about the clutter from not using Procedural parts, as I am the great cleanup that the B9 procedural parts give. Can't wait to get started with this later. Thanks for the update!
  10. So with the new update, if we want to go with KSPI and such, you recommend not runnning with procedural parts? Should we leave out both procedural parts and the B9 Procedural parts as well? Also, doing so is probably REALLY going to scratch the RAM ceiling, won't it? OpenGL mode, here we come!
  11. Right now I'm doing alright, with ATM. I haven't had to go into OpenGL mode yet. With the memory leaks I can get about 45 minutes to an hour before I'm at ceiling and I have to restart, which I just work in drink breaks and stuff into. Now I'm also not running all of the mods listed either. There's a couple of parts mods I didn't include (mostly out of laziness,) and I haven't included MKS/OKS and MCM or anything in the "additional mods" section because it sounds like they haven't been balanced yet.
  12. Done and done. I used to run with Final Frontier all the time, not sure why it feel through the cracks as of late. But it's back in. I also added (for anyone who does streaming) the "Draft Twitch Viewers" mod to help with viewer interaction. Good stuff!
  13. Thanks very much for the shout outs! They're very much appreciated. Now that I'm back home and getting settled back in, I can't wait to check out all the changes. And with your future plans, it's definitely something we'll be sticking with for a while. And thanks again to everyone who contributes and makes it as amazing as it is. We're going to have a ton of fun.
  14. Hey guys, Thanks for pointing out the issue with Ship Manifest! I streamed the beginning of my adventure, but found the FPS issue to literally stop me in my tracks, and I haven't had the time to do a mod-by-mod install like I usually would. Looks like it's time to give it another go! Also, I'm a complete sucker for science mods. How do you feel about Nehemiah's set of science experiment mods? Specifically, Kemini Research Program (KRP), Kerbal Environmental Effects Study (KEES), Orbital Material Science (OMS), and Kerbal Life Science (KLS). It appears to be based on real-world experiment packages. I've only been able to check out the KRP when starting out a custom install the other night, but I liked it. He's got the entire package wrapped up here , with links to the separate mods there. I'm pretty horrible at recognizing balance issues, certainly not like you guys. I'm usually the one who throws 50 mods together and screams "YAY!!!", so I defer to your better judgement. Anyway, hope you enjoyed your break, Yemo!
  15. Thanks! I'm going to definitely give it a go with what you suggested. We stream (By we I mean myself, my brother, and my oldest son) at twitch.tv/smeggco. We don't do KSP exclusively (it all depends on what one of us is in the mood for) but I think that this pack is going to be a lot of fun! I've already talked about it a couple of times in recent streams. It'll be great if you can stop sometime. I'm also getting exposed to several mods I've never even looked into before, so it's totally a win-win. Thanks again!
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