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  1. That's from Stockalike Station Parts Expansion Redux, not stock (try saying that ten times fast). The patch to make those parts work with USI LS is included in the station parts mod, but it doesn't patch any parts that have no crew capacity. I could see an argument for why crew tubes should add a small amount of hab multiplier, but I'm not aware of any parts that increase hab time without having crew capacity. Also, if nobody's welcomed you to the forums yet, welcome to the forums!
  2. Restart later. Go explore Duna and the rest! The update will be there when you're ready.
  3. Nice! Update is downloaded, so now I just get to keep playing 1.7.3 until my mods catch up in the next few months or so!
  4. V in VAB is Vehicle Assembly Buidling. It did mean "vertical" at some point, but there are certainly vehicles in space. So Space VAB I also had a joke where we could adapt it to SVBIED, but that got way too dark way too fast.
  5. Genuinely, seriously, I haven't gotten so giddy over a game announcement since I was 12. In the 1990s. HYPE!
  6. Yes, but sarbian is appropriately incorporating Murphy's Law into his estimate. Aside from the $60 price point, I wouldn't mind a spring release with features poorly fleshed out. Even AAA studios get designs dramatically wrong. Best way to correct the problems is to get people playing (and complaining, but, you know, feedback)!
  7. By "weird," you mean really really fun. KSP has missed out by not being able to do Lagrange points, halo orbits, etc. I've got my fingers crossed that Rask and Rusk mean this cow's getting some real udders.
  8. Good to put "solved" in quotes, as there's not enough information right now to suggest that they've solved it, past tense. I'm curious too! Working together to build stuff sounds exciting. Flying separate ships, aligning for docking, delivering supplies and new station modules, returning crew to fulfill contracts, races... it could be really fun. Also, leaving aside the griefers, accidental mayhem would be awesome as long as you're playing with good people (there are lots of good people).
  9. @Daishi really loving these parts. There's definitely a 60's retro feel that's captured by them. Add some rust, and they'd fit right in with Fallout!
  10. I was crossing my fingers I could make this work in KSP 1.6.1. So far, mixed success: there's a conflict between SVT ( and Sigma Dimensions (0.10.1) that turns the terrain black/unrendered--except for the launch complex, very close terrain (say 50 m around an EVA kerbal, the ground will render), and very distant terrain. Both Sigma Dimensions and SVT seem to work okay separately. The issue first occurred in a messy mod install but went away when I removed SVT. Then I removed everything but SVT and its prerequisites (Kopernicus, MFI, MM) and SVT worked fine. It was only re-adding Sigma Dimensions to this bare-bones install that reproduced the issue. Since neither of these claim to support 1.6.1, I'm not requesting support, just sharing information.
  11. @Snark and other moderators I was just browsing a number of threads, reading up for updates on old mods since I haven't touched KSP in several months. You moderators are remarkable. Compare to other game communities, and it really is impressive how polite and clear you all are while doing what you do. One post in particular on the New Horizons thread stood out (thus the shout to Snark), but it wasn't an exception. Thank you for it. You really do make this place better.
  12. Nice! This is just the nitpick in me, but these are actually 25% larger. You're underselling it.