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  1. Similar shadow bug. Running in 1.12.1, with Kopernicus release 56, on Windows 10 with an old computer. I've tracked it down to Kopernicus and certain new part textures, but not older part textures. Example: A test vessel with both older and newer Nertea parts, with Kopernicus installed, shows funky shadows on the newer parts, but not the older ones, past a certain draw distance from the camera. The issue goes away with Kopernicus uninstalled. This took a long time to troubleshoot. Pictures follow. Test vessel without Kopernicus: Test vessel with only Kopernicus added: Zoom up on vessel with Kopernicus to show camera distance cutoff for the issue: I hope this helps you narrow things down.
  2. Any chance you can make RCS thrusters attached to the Spectra utility module fire uncontrollably after docking until all monoprop is expended? It would be a nice realistic touch.
  3. Because the extras are just .cfg files, it's fine to put them as GameData/SystemHeatConverters/stuff or GameData/SystemHeat/SystemHeatConverters/stuff . I wouldn't recommend putting the contents of SystemHeatConverters directly in GameData, since that will spread the files all over GameData/Squad, GameData/NearFutureElectrical, etc. It would still run, but updating would be messy and probably lead to conflicts.
  4. Thank you for sharing. I also was missing this library and had the same issue. Weirdly, MechJeb worked fine without ToolbarControl and ClickThroughBlocker installed, but then spammed NREs and wouldn't draw windows correctly with LGG's tools installed. In addition to the picture @Virtualgenius included, MJ was missing several parts like orbit and surface info, also couldn't find/display information like delta-v to add to custom windows. It was very strange. I don't see SpaceTux Library listed as a dependency for either ToolbarControl or ClickThroughBlocker, nor included in the downloads. But installing it did resolve the conflict.
  5. Thank you. My ignorance didn't come from over-engineering but under-playing. I've been on other games for a bit, but I still follow the forums and look at change logs, which have had little mention of emissives. Sure enough, they work now! They didn't when I had last tested months ago.
  6. I've had a few designs using the large static radiator modeled after the ship in Avatar that looked pretty cool, though I frequently end up replacing it with microchannel for weight and performance. I also would love to see emissives integrated with SH, if possible.
  7. I love good IVAs and good views out windows. I've much appreciated the previous work you've put into them, and, for me at least, it's definitely not wasted. Thank you.
  8. I vote yes. Messing up in-flight craft isn't nothing, but there aren't additional gameplay reasons to keep incorrect ratios here. Probably would need a big warning. Edit to add: since these are controlled by config files, maybe a MM optional patch to preserve the incorrect ratios until they're ready?
  9. So, fun tidbit. He had a no-graphics version of his NSWR that he posted a link to on Twitter. I brought FFT to his attention, suggested he could use it for graphics.
  10. Most aspects of this mod seem to be working well. I'm enjoying the "more but lighter" radiator changes. Two notes: I caused problems for myself when I docked two ships with loops on the same loop ID. Even after undocking, changing loop IDs, and redocking, they were put back on the same loop. I haven't tested this rigorously. I haven't seen radiator emissives glowing. Are they working for anybody else?
  11. Rich Kerman is a steely eyed missile man. What a read! You've inspired some changes for my own ship designs, too.
  12. You can install FFT and its dependencies without conflict. If you want Near Future Electrical and Kerbal Atomics parts to work the same way as FFT parts do with SystemHeat, SystemHeat has optional patches for NFE and KA, but ships you have already in flight with fission reactors and engines may break (e.g. for not having enough radiators). So, it's safe unless you want a more cohesive integration with SystemHeat and the older mods.
  13. They also provide fast transfers or high payload fractions for closer planets, or having multi-planet tours with transfers well outside the normal windows. You do so very much. Thank you.
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