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  1. KSP Weekly: Women in space and more!

    Amen! I love the history of physics. I've always been amazed at how much the field has moved because of enormous contributions from relatively few extremely talented individuals. Because gender roles left few women participating in physics, we effectively cut our talent pool in half. How many other Emmy Noethers and Marie Curies were out there with potential to make big contributions that we simply missed because of culture? Even today, when 60% of university undergraduates are women, physics programs are dominated by men, which means we're still missing out. As much as I hate the whole "first woman to do x" because of how patronizing they often sound, raising daughters has taught me how much they look for rules and examples of what they should be and what they should do, drawing too many conclusions that limit themselves. It wasn't until recently that I discovered that because I was in an all-male unit in the Army, my oldest daughter had this idea that women don't join the Army. I was glad I could point her to my friend, who was an intelligence officer and is now a helicopter pilot, to help dispel a limitation that, until then, I'd had no idea she'd learned. But probably the best example they can get is themselves. My own mother's fierce competence, in building and crafting, didn't come about because of female role models, but because she worked alongside her dad and built stuff. Examples are good, but discovering and building your own capacity through doing are even better. Regardless of gender, our real capability often transcends the limits we imagine for ourselves. Except basketball. Didn't matter how much I practiced, I was bad at basketball.
  2. [1.1.2] TAC - Life Support - Dev Thread

    OP here. Can a moderator please lock this thread as it is no longer maintained?
  3. FWIW, I just checked my own mission-support octogirders (standard size rather than XL), and they were fully charged upon launch. I'm running too many mods, so it would be hard to check a "diff" in our lists.
  4. [1.3] Real Fuels v12.2.3 July 30

    Your own rationality might be a bit more rational if it included the humility and grace to recognize that others here, particularly the mod authors you ask for support, are also rational people, deserving of mutual appreciation and respect, who have no rational reason to support your megamod KSP install. Perhaps they could be inspired by your vision for what an awesome setup that megamod install might be if you didn't immediately destroy any sense of empathy by demanding the authors, who have nothing to do with you, fix your problem, which has nothing to do with them. Rational interaction requires mutual appreciation and respect. Instead, you give a snarky "then I will OBEY," as if you hadn't yourself requested it. You're here in these forums, asking in many mod threads, for help. This suggests that you need help, doesn't it? Then why turn around and fight against the help you need? If anything, it is supremely irrational. I'd like to invite you to have more esteem and appreciation for your fellow users, so we in turn can have more for you.
  5. [1.3] Real Fuels v12.2.3 July 30

    @Gordon Dry, for knowing better than the mod authors what to do, you sure spend a lot of time asking them to support and fix your stuff. How about you do everybody a favor, and when you ask for help to fix your messes, you be polite and follow the instructions? You just did this to JPLRepo, complaining about the fact that he'd like you to log a github issue, instead of saying, "Oh, sure, I can do that!" If they happen to give you faulty instructions, fine, but first follow those faulty instructions. You asked for them, after all!
  6. And manipulate the bodies? I'll admit I may not have understood correctly, but I took this to mean changing the underlying object and scales, not just visualizing them.
  7. @regex @tater @PocketBrotector Not much reason to add this unless the missions include manipulated celestial bodies. 5-meter parts don't have to be complete overkill after all?
  8. Indeed. I remember being a newbie. I understand and still disagree with Squad's answer about information (bare minimum: apoapsis and periapsis visible on flight view rather than map, vacuum delta-v in a stage visible in VAB). Having information doesn't take away the challenge of figuring out what to do with it, especially for planetary landings, rendezvous, docking, etc. Those things are hard enough in their own right without adding artificial UI and information constraints. If I could change anything about KSP design, it would be to avoid the trap of introducing unrealistically hard things to compensate for the unrealistically easy things. Not much to do about it now, besides mods. Still, I have hopes that Squad will find a way to insert some challenge to the expansion missions (as opposed to arbitrary obstacles). I'm not sure how I would go about designing historical missions with historic-ish parts in the stock system, but my lack of imagination has never been a constraint on anybody else. I'll be happy if they manage to get something balanced, but if not, I'm sure the tools for making and sharing missions with each other will keep me entertained.
  9. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    I saw it once. It was with Near Future parts on one particular craft in 1.0.5, and trying to tweak the save file to correct it just led it to skew the other way. I never isolated the cause or solution, and I haven't seen it since. Good luck!
  10. Thank you for this point, especially regarding how much imbalance is implied with new parts that are modeled after real-world analogues. I'm excited for the new art (I've commented before about how much I think the stock 2.5m engines need some art love), but I didn't spend much time thinking about what the parts imply for balance in a stock scale system. I never worried much about it because, from a gameplay standpoint, I can always find harder things to do, make more ambitious projects, try various mods, etc. RO changes the difficulty of individual tasks, but it doesn't change that I spend my time in both RO and stock working on those tasks that I find moderately challenging. In both, I rise to my "level of incompetence." Now I am curious about how historical missions with implied overpowered parts (in stock scale) are supposed to fit in that scheme. I can find my own use for an overpowered launch vehicle and have fun with it, but I'm not sure how I use an overpowered launch vehicle to make a history-inspired mission that is also challenging enough to be fun. At least not with the Mun or LKO. So, Squad peeps, can we hear in a future KSP weekly about how your design approach is looking to handle balance so that the new parts and missions are still appropriately challenging when used together? Of course, building our own missions will let us find challenge wherever we want, but I'm hoping some of the missions you include will keep my attention for a little while.
  11. I found the quote. I get what you're saying, which is why I won't post a link, but there is no "pretty much confirms" anything about anything. Future plans that a former Squad employee hints at are the worst kind of rumor-mill, wishlist, barracks gossip that our community has ever been hyped up about. Good rule of thumb? Don't believe anything until you see it, and even then only half the time.
  12. The sunflares mod has instructions to drop the textures in the scatterer folder, but using them with SVE you need to put them in /StockVisualEnhancements/SVE_Scatterer/Sunflares, as SVE uses MM to override scatterer, rather than placing anything in the scatterer folder. Also, check the Galileo's Sunflares thread for more information about scaling the sunflare in the config, as that was recently discussed.
  13. Next week this becomes somebody's post: "But Squad promised there would be a KSP 2!"
  14. [1.3] Galileo's Sun Flares [v1.8.2]

    Changing the last number in those two lines, from 0.32 to something like 0.8 or 1, is about right.