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  1. danfarnsy

    [WIP] Universal Storage

    @Daishi really loving these parts. There's definitely a 60's retro feel that's captured by them. Add some rust, and they'd fit right in with Fallout!
  2. I was crossing my fingers I could make this work in KSP 1.6.1. So far, mixed success: there's a conflict between SVT ( and Sigma Dimensions (0.10.1) that turns the terrain black/unrendered--except for the launch complex, very close terrain (say 50 m around an EVA kerbal, the ground will render), and very distant terrain. Both Sigma Dimensions and SVT seem to work okay separately. The issue first occurred in a messy mod install but went away when I removed SVT. Then I removed everything but SVT and its prerequisites (Kopernicus, MFI, MM) and SVT worked fine. It was only re-adding Sigma Dimensions to this bare-bones install that reproduced the issue. Since neither of these claim to support 1.6.1, I'm not requesting support, just sharing information.
  3. danfarnsy

    [1.3.1] Galileo's Sun Flares [v1.8.3]

  4. danfarnsy

    Thanks for great moderators

    @Snark and other moderators I was just browsing a number of threads, reading up for updates on old mods since I haven't touched KSP in several months. You moderators are remarkable. Compare to other game communities, and it really is impressive how polite and clear you all are while doing what you do. One post in particular on the New Horizons thread stood out (thus the shout to Snark), but it wasn't an exception. Thank you for it. You really do make this place better.
  5. Nice! This is just the nitpick in me, but these are actually 25% larger. You're underselling it.
  6. Haven't seen it myself. Can you provide logs? Check Galileo's signature block for information on getting support.
  7. Sigma Dimensions has been updated here, with the change log indicating it supports KSP 1.4.3.
  8. You might try time control.
  9. We really appreciate your mod. Do we know how Squad added the additional launch sites and how they differ from the default launch site (which is movable)? TBH, I haven't even played the 1.4.x update because I've been waiting for GPP, but my first thought for gettin' some edumacation is here: https://kerbalspaceprogram.com/api/class_launch_site.html Has anybody asked any devs who are also modders, like JPLRepo or RoverDude if they have any insight to the inflexible sites problem? I'm not pinging them with the @ yet because I'm assuming you've already reached out.
  10. These are the best kind of ramblings, though. It's refreshing to see people do their homework, put thought into it, share what they learned, and then ask questions. It may take longer to read, but you're certainly not disrespecting anybody else's time.
  11. You make me so happy sometimes.
  12. Always thought that was creepy/terrifying, anyway, knowing how many hundreds upon hundreds of hours were lost to a computer game. It's even more bizarre to me to hear people brag about it. I mean, I'm as addicted to some games as the next guy, but keeping a tally just seems to rub it in.
  13. @Galileo, I just discovered that your Private Industry setup for Strategia is quickly exploitable: total launch costs are reduced by 75%, but recovery is not reduced at all. So if you have the 500 reputation to spend, all you need to make quick money is to roll out a massively expensive craft onto the launch pad, at only 25% cost, and then immediately recover it for 100% value. At first I noticed this using Stage Recovery, but it became even more apparent when I recovered the entire vessel when using it to adjust my launch timing and then reset (fuel boil-off). I'm not sure what an immediate solution is here. 75% reduction of recovery costs too is the immediate naive thought I had, and it mostly works, but if you're trying to exploit expensive resources and then bring them back to Gael, that crimps that strategy. I was going to simply turn it off, but 500 reputation was a huge cost. The strategy also seems to negate the comparative value of ISRU and off-world construction, but I'm not sure that's a problem. Anybody have any balance ideas here? Also, @JadeOfMaar, regarding the earlier DistantObjectEnhancement issue with Grannus I reported, I couldn't reproduce it later, so I had no additional logs to provide. Weirdness.
  14. I recommend only turning on the debug messages if you're trying to troubleshoot a particular issue and are looking for real-time reporting at the time of a reproducible event/bug. Otherwise, reading the log will show a lot of "errors," which are usually safe to ignore. It's just feedback in case of real bugs. Have fun with your 6.4x scale GPP!