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  1. I've had plenty of purchases bigger and more disappointing than this. There's a new fancy burgers-and-shakes place that opened near here, and buying food for the whole family cost more than KSP 2 while being a big letdown. I'm still willing to try new places, just not willing to go to that particular place again. EA can still pay off. It just didn't this time. Honestly, I miss what this community used to be a lot more than I miss the features KSP 2 will never have.
  2. Community has already been heard in the way that matters most: poor reviews, weak sales, and almost nobody who owns it playing it.
  3. This is a good change, Nate. Last week's feedback was largely fair, and it's good to see you're still focused in detail on the core issues. I've stopped playing out of frustration with those core issues, and I'm looking forward to coming back when those are ironed out.
  4. Discord sees people auto login when they turn on their computer. That's not active users in the same sense as people actively reading and getting information. Their clients are in the channel, but every conversation that happens is instantly lost to people who aren't actively watching it. You can scroll back, of course, but it's an unreadable mess. Answering any questions there only answers them for the person who asked, and then it's gone to the ether. Communicating on searchable, organized social media (and these forums) communicates to everyone who comes looking for it.
  5. Yes. When you're Steve Balmer clapping and chanting "developers, developers, developers, developers," you're talking about programmers. But when you're a customer saying "where are the developers," you're talking about the whole group. It's a contextual semantics thing that provokes needless argument talking past each other. I'm glad we're hearing more from the team now.
  6. Not doing a lot to remedy the impression that nobody is actually planning things ahead or in charge at Private Division or Intercept.
  7. Your consistent feedback on this has been a staple of these forums since their beginning. It has been a treasure, and I mean this only about 1/4th sarcastically, 3/4ths sincerely.
  8. Once I worked around fuel bugs with landing legs and installed the Sticky Orbit Markers mod and used some Kentucky windage on my transfer burn start times, I had a nice trip to Minmus surface and back. Minmus looks good! Landing was fun. I hope we get fixes quick, because behind the bugs, there is some fun gameplay here.
  9. If you spend most of your time dealing with problems that are brought to you (like a forum moderator, or a medical professional), it's easy to overestimate the proportion of problems to non-problems.
  10. The ratio of "take your time, get it right" to "where's my KSP 2?!" was pretty solid, yes. I imagine moderating these forums is a bit like being a nurse in a hospital; it's easy to think everybody's injured and diseased. Or, one better, that the fans were patients.
  11. Nah, it's the weekend. Maybe they should've done a Tuesday release? Heh. But we don't need to hear from them on a Sunday.
  12. Early Access is fine, but it shouldn't have core functionality broken in ways that can be found within two hours of any of the devs just playing their own game a bit, not after several years of development. The Kraken eating your ship in KSP 0.17 was funny. Fuel being consumed from the wrong stages on a trip to the Mun shouldn't be something your customers pay $50 to tell you about. We aren't finding obscure things that they didn't have time to catch. Basic gameplay is being hamstrung by things the devs should have known about and already fixed. It feels like nobody is in charge.
  13. Honestly, I'm salty about the state of KSP 2 and have been typing up and then deleting salty rants. So instead, I like the quick load times. I like the new plumes. Colors are nice, but maybe too metallic. When I use Windows Auto-HDR, the blacks aren't so washed out as in other games. That looks pretty good. New planetary textures are good too. The blockiness of the Kerbin coasts from orbit are... wait, no, I'm trying not to complain. What else? Oh, VAB frustrations aside, I like that you can add parts to parts that aren't attached to your root part, so you can assemble a lander and then attach it to your big ship. That's a cool feature. I'll come back and complain somewhere else later. But I like these things!
  14. The blocky pixelated text next to smooth, readable text in flight UI elements and map clashes, and there's no need for the blocky elements.
  15. I just spent several minutes frustrated before I figured out I was in assembly anchor mode even though I had very much clicked it off. Turning the indicator button on and off didn't do anything to turn the mode on or off. Having to middle-mouse drag to move camera view up or down, plus it frequently snapping the camera back to whatever anchor/root part, is driving me crazy too.
  16. Hey @Nertea, figured you'd like this. A University of Michigan group took a Hall thruster and ran it way past its design power without getting big losses in efficiency. https://www.futurity.org/hall-thrusters-2864142-2/
  17. I'll be playing. But, jeez, that's a lot of features not even ready for Early Access by February. Pick up the pace!
  18. The CryoEnginesRestock patch modifies Vector, Skipper, Rhino, and Mammoth to use LH2/Ox. You can remove that config file if you don't want it.
  19. Yes, parts on the same craft. But a single craft can have more than one heat loop. Example: If I have a small nuclear reactor providing electricity, it will run at a temperature around 750 K (or something), and it will need a few small radiators to match. So in the VAB, I right click on those parts and make sure they have the same Loop ID. If you don't specify a loop, all parts you add will default to Loop 0. But if you then add a larger nuclear engine from Kerbal Atomics, which runs at a higher temperature, you can set it and larger radiators on a different loop ID running at the engine's higher temperature. Everything on the same loop will come to the same temperature.
  20. For System Heat, it doesn't matter. Heat sources and radiators have to be on the same assigned loop, but can be placed anywhere.
  21. You're right, solar gameplay isn't blocked by the absence of a procedural part, but now that you have created the tools for a great looking procedural part, there are a lot of other places (solar included) where it could be used to make awesome lower-part-count ships. Structural trusses for space stations or antenna masts or Stowaway-style centrifugal ships or the like come to mind too. Is there a need for it at release when you've got deadlines? I don't know. But your team has certainly opened the door for some cool stuff that looks good in a way that procedural parts modding in KSP 1 couldn't reach. Hopefully modders can hook into that for KSP 2, if your team doesn't go beyond radiators. Great looking procedural parts that scale their textures and models correctly is a huge deal. I'm stoked.
  22. Hey @Nertea, when are we going to get an update on Heat Con... oh, Oooohhh... very nice
  23. Brief test: On old computer, i5-4670 @ 3.4 GHz, GTX 780M, and plenty of RAM, scatter on the Mun looks fine at the right height. I previously had turned off scatter because the bug was creating floating rock fields. I didn't notice a performance hit or anything now. Did scatter there previously have more variability in size and spacing? Things seem a little uniform, but like I said, I've been playing without it for a while. I didn't really look at shadows, but I'm already using scatterer.
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