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  1. As far as I remember its already included.
  2. Well, ingame you could just award custom ribbons manually as far as I remember.
  3. I will take a look into this when I'm back from my vacation in November. There is no time currently.
  4. You will have to edit your savegame.
  5. Well.... they are just loaded once - at least they should. So this should not cause this. And if one unchecks the button for direct texture load, FF won't load it at all, because KSP does it already. EDIT: Just tested: They are just loaded once. I have compiled FF against KSP 1.5.1 and checked for any memory leaks and I could not find any. Even in vanilla KSP eats up about 20 KB each mission and because of the garbace collecting mechanism in C# we do not really know if this is a leak or quite normal. With FF, NG and S.A.V.E installed the used memory just increases as it does in vanilla. Even with direct load enabled in FF.
  6. Is there anything known about the memory leak? Any ideas from other mod developers (@linuxgurugamer)? Are other mods affected aswell?
  7. Sorry, for my absence the last months, but other games (and hilarious discussions with flattards ;)) just eat up my time. Ther is currently no fix. But a holyday week just is about to come. Unfortunately this time its not a staycation, but I still do have a version for 1.4.5 on my list. Its just that time seems to fly these days... Patience guys. KSP is still one of my favorite games. But other things are just more important at the moment. If there is no fix before 31-Oct then it will take a few weeks more (probatly until december). And I cannot gurantee I will work on this the next two weeks. We will see.
  8. Ok, the blurred ribbons should be gone now. A side effect: The ribbon graphics are a little bit sharper now. But this comes with a drawback. To assure the ribbons are loaded in fullres FF will change a global quality parameter in the Unity engine at startup. For some strange reason, the same loading method that works for other mods will not work in FF without this. The ribbons are now loaded directly even in fullres mode (and costs therefore twice the amount of RAM). This can be changed in the configuration (disable "Allways use direct texture load").
  9. It's already there: Just deselect the "dead" button in the Hall of Fame.
  10. Ok. I have found a solution to this problem by examining the code of other plugins. FF is loading the textures from the pool of all textures in KSP and all textures are loaded at startup of the game. I have never noticed any problem in earlier versions of KSP and the benefit was reduced memory (because KSP is loading all the textures anyway, so there is no need to load them twice). KSP is now (maybe since a while?) loading png-images at the resolution of the texture settings, which leads to this blur. Other mods do load the textures directly. I will try to change the code to load the textures directly. This will cause a little memory overhead, but since KSP64 it doesn't matter anyway and it shouldn't be that much. EDIT: And now I'm puzzled. Loading the file directly will cause the same blur. EDIT2: Got it. QualitySettings.masterTextureLimit was set to 1 and affects any texture when they are read from disk. EDIT3: It's fixed. I will upload it, when I got some sleep.
  11. Seems I missed an update again. Well, I'm confident it will work with 1.4.2 but I don't know it. Today it's to late but tomorrow I will recompile it against 1.4.2 and release an updated just to be sure. This will include a warning for halfres textures as well.
  12. It works with 1.4.1. But change the texture settings to fullres.
  13. This would increase their size by a factor of 4. And why? Just because the settings are halfres? I'm quite sure most players will use fullres. A better solution would be a message dialog, that FF will not work with halfres textures because their are of limited use anyway.
  14. Time is a bit of a problem since a few months. So at the moment: no.