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  1. Fixed in 1.5.3-3465
  2. No. Just send me the file after the bug (I doubt it is one) has happend. And maybe a screenshot of the awarded ribbons and I need the names of the affected kerbals. EDIT: It's no bug. It's WAD.
  3. can you provide me the save game?
  4. Well, there are two ribbon packs out there which you can change for KSS (its not a big deal really). I do have quite a few generic ribbons here and if the mod author for kss wants to include them... but I really can't provide ribbons for all possible planet expansions out there. Maybe this week I will see what can I do about the new (but minor) "revert to VAB" problem. It depends on KSP if the mission time is reverted too. If not then its hard to resolve...
  5. 1. would be a bug and without a log and a save I don't think it will happen. [it happens in the newer KSP versions, because a revert into VAB would not trigger a load as it does bevore, but as soon as you leave the VAB all ribbons are gone] 2. Dunno what you mean by "no icons".
  6. No. Buts its easy to add ribbons by yourself.
  7. The changes of linuxgurugamer are released. Addidional changes: No backups of folders with .nobackup file Fixed cloning of compressed backups save config button
  8. Implemented in the last commits.
  9. I was already thinking about this. But in KSP 1.6.0 I noticed no more "click throughs". Strange...
  10. Strange. I will take a look into it next year. The file in PluginData is there and it doesn't work for me. I've also tried your mod "KaptainsLog" and all of its contents were copied in the backup. Maybe I've done something wrong. Anyway. I will release a new version next year with all changes included an a button to save config changes. And an idea: What about a marker file ".nobackup" in a subfolder? That would be much easier to implement and any mod creator could adapt easily.
  11. Just version bumps. I do not remember any changes in the code. It's just "compiled" against the current version of KSP.
  12. Currently not. The next point on my list is localisation. I will have to externalize all strings in the code. Because its already done in some parts, FF is still on branch 1.5.x for KSP 1.6.0. FF 1.6.x is reserved for localisation changes. Unfortunately my company moved in november and this caused some extra trouble in my life, beside of way to many games out there and just so little time.
  13. This is 01:00 CET. My girlfriend would kill me for sure...
  14. I have merged your changes into 1.5.x. The position of the gui is working, but not the exclude list. Its pushed to the 1.5.x branch. Maybe you can check what is wrong? I will stop working on code for today and... well... for the rest of the year.
  15. No. I just forgot about that. I have merged your pull request, but I do not update the master anymore. Because of my workflow the master did cause more confusion than any good so I just keep track of the branches. And I do not merge back any changes into the master anymore. So merging your PR into 1.5.x is a little complicated now (I will have to examine all changes and merge them manually)... I prefer to use just branches for releases, no master at all and I just ignore all "best practise advises" in this case (ist more or less just because FF but I do it for all mods).