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  1. Original system. With RSS as one of the other explorable ones - modders can make that one the homesystem then.
  2. @tg626 Did you somehow activate the option in difficulty to obey fuel flow while transfering fuel? Or switched a part to not allow fuel flow?
  3. Still waiting for my opportunity to see it before it leaves us again ... But Jupiter is quite visible these days as well, together with Saturn to the left.
  4. This isn’t a bug of the game but an incompatibility of a mod. Kopernicus is both the most game changing and revitalizing KSP mod as well as my biggest show stopper for its long update cycles - but worth it. Just wished Squad would release a way to use a real size Kerbol system without mods. *nudgenudge*winkwink*
  5. I know I am being greedy and stuff here - but my first wish for 10.1 ... * Asteroids break apart into smaller fragments while entering atmosphere * Asteroids and Comets break apart when hit with enough force, i.e. speed and mass
  6. How do people know so well what will spark my curiosity...
  7. I really tried to push reading the new chapters further and further into the future to prolong the time I would have to read more. But then I read the last 3-4 chapters in a single day and only just finished the epilogue in bed now. I won't come up with 450.000 words so I won't even try and make it short: Well done. Very well.
  8. No science "resource" or no experiments available for conversion?
  9. I see a difference between simplifying and exaggerating.
  10. Take a look into the readme - resizeBuildings