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  1. I am fully comfortable with simply landing their and ALT-F12-ing the contract. :D :P
  2. Since I will not keep up with the speed this thread is growing I will just throw in two things: 1. Ditching multi-platform support for a single way of purchase will mean no purchase from me. Not because of general objection - I have a couple different launchers - but because you promised. 2. I very dearly wish for a SRSSM in KSP2 - Stock Real Solar Size Mode. That is all, carry on!
  3. I put all my final touches into my own "mod folder" and put zzz at the beginning of the name so it is read last. Not sure if doing that would help though.
  4. Should "Ore" have been named "Skratch" ... rocket fuel, made from skratch ...
  5. Are there issues that havnt killed any of my kerbals yet? Worked fine for me so far.
  6. What does that mean? Asking for a friend ...
  7. After my vampire phase (started by Sommer-Bodenburg, not Meyer) in my preteens i moved right into a complete supernatural thing - so I should mention the ghostbusters movies and animated TV series.
  8. Best I have seen was webcams watching a wall of lavalamps to generate random seed/salt for encryption.
  9. It took me way too long to understand that the "bring home a rock from x" means "get close to a new feature and look from a certain angle to break a piece off" ... poor Jeb walked 4km to TWO features before I got it ...
  10. Presuming you already tried a minimal mod install, how about adding StarCrusher's name for the sun into the patch file? And regarding the Minmus issues: would it be sufficient to lower the ocean level below the surface (how?)?
  11. I really was gone for a while ...
  12. Create a new empty file something.cfg and put it into your own folder in KSP\GAMEDATA\mystuff to keep everything neat and tidy. Choose the part you want to change and copy the module that converts ore into fuel from the converter, make appropriate changes to let it turn ore into xenon. Copy the small template below into the file, add the stuff you want to do and then see if it worked. (Cursive text is yours to change.)
  13. Can Kerbals breathe being 800 meters high on Kerbin? In the end we cannot really answer the question, because the game does not simulate any of this - with the one exception that it defines Kerbin's and Laythe's atmosphere as containing oxygen and allows jets to work. But even the latter only uses the pressure of the atmosphere to calculate the available intake air for the engines, not the actual available oxygen.