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  1. After noobing around - there is no way to get the hab-ring without installing the complete Kerbalism, right?
  2. Sometimes, but it settles itself after the system has finished "thinking".
  3. Check if any struts - as placed parts or active struts - are crossing over the rotatron holding the wings in place.
  4. The settings cfg is what new saves start with. To change your current game's settings, open the USI LS options in the space center view.
  5. Keep in mind that counter to what games show us ... well, on Mars you would not even find a stick to make your first miracle-chops-everything-pickaxe, let alone water and clay for a furnace - for which you would not have the materials to heat it up. On a life harboring planet with adequate biosphere for humans things would look a bit better. Minimally.
  6. Do we have a thread that has all published screenshots in one place?
  7. What does that mean exactly? Does it assume - based on available Fertilizer - that all Mulch gets converted into Supplies at as fast as crew consuming them, i.e. without checking the actually available converters?
  8. My only worries: How will the new parts be balanced? Especially weights of parts are sometimes quite funny, not to even start with engines thrust and all.
  9. Is there a working Canadarm mod around?
  10. What actually does happen when the bug hits?
  11. Ha ha! Busted! OT: We are talking another world here, so we can go wild, right? Possibly stems from meteorite impacts, hence its affinity for space. Metamorphic substance with minimal self-awareness/intelligence and unclear means to sense its environment, under certain conditions able to take form similar to marine invertebrates. Might be the origin of Kerbal life - maybe by absorbing/fusing with a precursor species and influencing development. (The Thing comes to mind, yes, but with no malicious intent/nature.) Therefore used in experiments for its similarity to Kerbal cell biology - the irony!
  12. I always ignored 95% of the "explore Kerbin", "investigate biome" kind of contracts, because roving for hours is boring and flying always risky for me. This mod changed this quite a bit.
  13. "What does God need with a starship?"
  14. "Then rRefix it, ya majestic pussy caht!" (Have to work in my David Tennant impression ...)
  15. I actually turn the settings up, yes. Since hab time seems to be more for use with MKS and less with USI LS alone. And I also edited some extra parts in, meaning I made copies of the two crew cabins and turned them into a variant that offers half the space but adds hab time as crew quarters. MKS seems a bit much for my playstyle, but I did not want to go completely without hab time.