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  1. No science "resource" or no experiments available for conversion?
  2. I see a difference between simplifying and exaggerating.
  3. Take a look into the readme - resizeBuildings
  4. But ... But what happens when they have eaten all the other rats ... ?
  5. That's too close to how airport security supposedly describes certain objects in passengers baggage to not hint at a possible joke my 12yo brain area could make here.
  6. I remember we had a thread that contained MM fixes as workarounds for a couple issues. Do we still have something like that? (For e.g. landing leg settings)
  7. There actually is a line in the settings file. Something with frame and limit even. Exact phrase escapes me right now.
  8. So finally a real and valid reason to bring a rover along.
  9. Just a crazy random thought: A release adding the graphics updates only - for those that like to stay on 1.8.1 a bit longer until the mods catch up?
  10. Doesnt part count only impact CPU etc. when the part is physics enabled?
  11. Guess that would have to be the What did you do in KSP today? thread which reached a milestone twice after a forum update removed it from its glorious position - but the community wouldn't let that happen.
  12. It's probably no longer available. But someone uploaded all prequels as recuts and habe Jar-Jar alien gibberish with subtitles.Removed the mediclorians as well.