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  1. Fairing bases could do with the decoupler treatment - making them slimmer and even lighter. Most of the (procedural) weight should be from the actual walls.
  2. I stayed away from spoilers - but is it meant to be Boba?
  3. Staph-a-knee ? Sounds serious!
  4. To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women!
  5. Build and launch two crafts, place one in Kerbin orbit, one in Duna orbit. Challenge needs to spawn multiple parts in random Duna orbits See how many parts you can grab - one by one - burn-throw at Kerbin and catch into any stable Kerbin orbit in a set amount of Kerbal months/years.
  6. ... ... yeah ... right ... we were ALL still so young ... indeed ... ... *cries in 40*
  7. 688(I) Hunter/Killer from 1997 still tops Cold Waters from 2017 somehow.
  8. At minimum KAC has a working version on the Spacedock download link ... my language sleeps already, but I think you get what I mean - just install it manually.
  9. That wasnt the question. Could you start it in Linux for Internet purposes with plugging in a bootable usb-stick? Should also keep THEM from seeing your private activities later.
  10. You can do whatever you want for personal purposes. Just dont publish it.