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  1. I made maybe two posts in here? And enough people either still are on topic or enjoy a bit of silliness. And you single me out why? Also, send my regards to Barbara Streisand!
  2. Stay in the light then? I only ever return to this thread to see if something interesting came up. So far this is rarely the case.
  3. Hmmm... Yesterday an item got duplicated while removing it from a vessel and storing it in a container, another one got lost somehow. Time to set up a bug documentation workflow and keep an open eye for this kind of thing. Also I can’t see why some parts cannot be removed - shouldn’t have been the root part, but difficult to tell.
  4. It still does what it’s supposed to do. Didn’t have time to take apart the config files yet, so can’t tell whether they still cover everything or some exceptions have to be added for newer parts, but my crafts from 1.7.3 still launch in my 10x bigger stock system.
  5. The problem I see here: every experiment can be used in every lab ever built (once, but in every lab you build) - so, for which lab should this alert trigger? The one around Kerbin, the one on Minmus, the one on the ship flying to Jool ... ?
  6. Does that mean I have my refueling lines in stock already?
  7. [snip] I also still don’t understand the last item in the change log. What was the issue?
  8. Sorry, but ... what? Fix Resource App resource totals UI display for EVA kerbals carrying multiple resources including EVA propellant total on every resource.
  9. Last suggestion: live with it and assume that there is a realistic amount of thin atmosphere up there that will eventually deorbit stuff over a bit ingame time? And then delete them?
  10. As long as you launch the cleanup ship into a similar orbit s the debris cloud the relative speed and potential impact force will not be that high. Thanks to the new Kerbal construction mode in space you don’t even have to bring x amount of claws, just get close and rendezvous - maybe claw to limit drift - and take the debris apart to build some weird ball of trash trailing behind your cleaner. But it with several gimbling engines attached laterally to retain as much maneuverability as possible as the ball grows, deorbit a chunk if it becomes too unwieldy. Any fuel you encounter ex
  11. The oversized landercan needs a rework to seat at least three Kerbals, at least in its big variation.
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