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  1. KerbMav

    Best Quotes Ever

    A few more words on this please?
  2. KerbMav

    Nerdiest Spreadsheet You've Made

    Up to this point this is the nerdiest in my opinion so far. Just for the sheer lack of practical use. Close follow-up is the dice selection one. I made an excel sheet for creating Shadowrun characters at some point in my twenties - 3rd Edition ... I think.
  3. KerbMav

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    I love the idea of public transport. But I hate using it.
  4. KerbMav

    Best Quotes Ever

    It is always more bills, isnt it?
  5. Never! But when there is nothing new to talk about ... better than talking nonsense.
  6. There have been lots of games on steam - inc. KSP - that pulled a very small update, but I cannot see what was done. Can anyone help?
  7. KerbMav

    So what song is stuck in your head today?

    Rewatched the only episode of Buffy on my drive (the musical one) during the latest 1h+ internet outage on monday and my brain is currently processing. So take your pick, though right now it is Giles Standing in the Way.
  8. KerbMav

    The food you're craving right now...

    Something to negate all that cake I ate the last two days ...
  9. Does it have enough "big shots" to warrant viewing it on a big screen?
  10. KerbMav

    Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    Almost. In some book or another they explained it being a cluster of black holes, and the goal was to fly the shortest route, so dangerously close to them. It does not 100% fit the question of whether the Falcon is a fast ship, but to avoid the gravity of a black hole you want to be quite fast or at least have strong engines, which ends up being the same in space, I guess.
  11. KerbMav

    Shower thoughts

    That would be rough.
  12. KerbMav


    Some freshly pressed cat juice should do the trick.
  13. KerbMav

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Not mine: I am feeling weird in my ... shoes.
  14. KerbMav

    Benedict Cumberbatch

    Risky topic. Most I heard are far from PG ...