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  1. welcome. will be nice to check this out. good luck .. and keep going. cheers.
  2. Looks great. Certainly will enjoy crashing kerbals exploring these new places. thanks. This IS great. very prof looking surfaces and ideas. great stuff. cheers.
  3. cross hair would be great..... yup, great. thanks.
  4. Sorry i was not more specific... the cursor that shows the mouse position on the maps... Thanks and again, sorry for confusion.. Cheers.
  5. Thanks for bringing this back / fixing and making it available. Would it be possible to pick / use a different icon for the pointer on the map(s)? something that had an actual 'point' or easier way to point more precisely ?? again, many thanks. cheers.
  6. thanks for reply. I do not have the "unblur" mod loaded. I will get you the logs for with old and new toolbarcontrol in use. thanks.
  7. @linuxgurugamer for some reason, when i update to the newest toolbarcontroller,, my fps is nosediving from the 80's, down to 15 to 12. I have run test builds, with various mods and all have same results, when using toolbarcontroller my fps is 'normal' and when updated to it drops to 25% or norm, or roughly 15 to 12 fps... I have pulled the new version from my builds and am back running on and all is fine again. Any ideas??? I can send logs if they will help. cheers.
  8. Wow... Excellent! Thanks very much for making this one, and perfect timing... Cheers.
  9. Looks great.... very interesting and will have to work with this. cheers
  10. just wanted to say how great this is and how easy it was to get setup and working. both server and client... really well done to all who have worked on this. I look forward to lots a great times with this. thanks for your great work.