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  1. Hello @linuxgurugamer It seems that the user modifiable config file, ./GameData/KramaxAutoPilot/Extras/FlightPlans.cfg, is only being loaded once - at time of initialization. If you select "Refresh", or exit that scene and then go back,you are unable to ever see the data from the "FlightPlans.cfg" file. This is shown in the ksp.log, and it looks like on refresh or subsequent reloads after initial that the path is 'off'..... i have included the ksp.log, and both config files. files for KramaxAutoPilot Cheers, and thanks for upkeep and working on this great mod.
  2. I am trying to add navigational waypoints for the airplane autopilot and autolanding. currently the ability to add landing sites and runways are available and working. Has anyone been able to add a single location that can be brought up and used in flight? idea is to use these to get close enough to runway and on correct side to initiate a landing. Thanks for any ideas and or help. Cheers.
  3. drtedastro

    [1.6.X] Spink's kOS Script Pack v1.0

    Greetings. Great to see this new 'mod' / info / examples. Very nicely done and i am looking forward to testing and see if i can crash learn from them. thanks Cheers.
  4. drtedastro

    [WIP] Stella Caerulea Exoarchitecture

    Interesting... Looking good and good luck. Cheers.
  5. drtedastro

    [1.6.1] Reentry Particle Effect 1.4 (2019-02-12)

    Thanks for the mod and the updates.! Great mod. Makes all of my crashes re-entry attempts so much more enjoyable. Cheers.
  6. nice to see you are still working on this. I have not had much time lately for ksp play, but i am planning on getting back into it. I will get you info on what i find / see . thanks again for your work. cheers.
  7. drtedastro

    [1.6.x] Decoupler Shroud

    I just wanted to stop by and say "thanks" for the update. This mod has become one of my "NEED IT" mods I / we appreciate your work and support. Cheers.
  8. Hey! Thanks for update. Looking forward to many crashes in new, great looking craft... Cheers.
  9. drtedastro

    [1.5.x] PEBKAC Industries: Launch Escape System

    kool, thanks @linuxgurugamer party on.
  10. drtedastro

    [WIP][0.0.1] Insight

    Nice mod. cheers.
  11. drtedastro

    [1.6.x] Max-Ksp MAS IVA Pack (development)

    these are looking great. cheers.
  12. just wanted to stop by and say WOW! great looking mod and work. i am looking forward to finding new worlds to crash on. cheers.
  13. Hello and greetings to all. I am currently running dev #846, and having 'problems' in being able to launch to my target ship as i used to. I have tried the "Launch to rendezvous" and the "Launch into plane of target" but both are ignoring the target and its orbit. has the procedure changed? from previous runs? for rendezvous, we used to have to do one launch to 'train' mj, and then subsequent were right on the money. not seeing that here. I have been using MJ since i started (2013) and this one is befuddling to me. thanks for any help. Also, for this type of question, what .logs will you require? or debug settings or such. many thanks. EDIT: #814 works as expected. I will keep working my up the releases to see where it quit.