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  1. I'd love pictures of that! You can always, always build your own lander legs. I've never had something so heavy that I couldn't build a leg to hold it. I took off and landed this thing, even lost a couple of legs thanks to me getting to close to that tank. But she still held in this landing gear test. I think that's the "An Exercise in Absurdity Mk8"

    On a side note, I think I'm gonna tinker around and redo that first one for the heck of it.

    Sometimes if ya wanna build big, you gotta build small.
  4. What did you do in KSP today?

    I didn't play today, but I remenisced on old, old designs, made well before I had any idea what it was I was doing. I did have the occasional early success, though.
  5. Is this an SSTO to everywhere or not?

    I never did a grand tour, much less an SSTE. One day, I'll get around to doing one, I hope. Except it won't be single stage nothing. A tower lander, for every surface! Spent stages and trash everywhere! It could be fun. Very well done, Kergarin. That's a brag-worthy feat of engineering.
  6. What's your biggest KSP achievement?

    This. It wasn't my biggest lander (by far), the fastest, or the most efficient, but it's my favorite screenshot out of all the ones I took from any game or any flight here. That's the original Arkingthaad tower lander, on Duna, refuling via the Kethane mod.

    I'm partway there already.

    I feel the need... the need fer... schpeed.
  9. The trusses are part of the truss cage reinforcement system I pioneered. It lets you launch really large and asymmetrical things without giant chunks calving off.
  10. I'll have to go to old archival screenshots.
  11. When did you "get it" with KSP?

    I notice I failed to actually answer the question. I first got it when I watched the Scott Manley videos. I kid you not, that's what got my career really going. Once I learned how to orbit and rendezvous, that was that!
  12. When did you "get it" with KSP?

    Welcome aboard! You are good enough with English. You have no reason to worry!
  13. How Do You Name Your Craft?

    If I'm making a tower lander, it's some version of Arkingthaad. If it's a round flat plate with fifty to a hundred engines or higher, it's an AEIA (An Exercise in Absurdity) MkWhatever. If it's a big rover, it's a Whackamo. If it's something else, it's a Brick.
  14. You know your rockets are REALLY big when...

    Okay, this thread is Whackjob bait like no other. I'll contribute. ... when the smartest place to put the crew can is on the *bottom* of the rocket. ... when the rover you want to launch requires unique embarking procedures. ... when you build tall enough to smell the grass burn while the air at your head is as thin as your hair.