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  1. Sorry I've been away, folks. Got a bad fever last wedensday and I'm still recovering from it.
  2. Right now the Arkingthaad NEXT Mk2 has 288 Mammoth motors for a combined in-atmosphere thrust of 1,078,857.216 kilonewtons and in space she'll have 1,152,000 kilonewtons. I hope to launch tonight. She's half built. Delta-v at the moment is five thousand-ish.
  3. Well, usually I do a hex stack for them crisp 60 degree angles, but I suppose I could have an additional set of triangles outside. And it would give my landing legs a wider gait. I will look in to it.
  4. I love boosters. One of my favorite things is making my own boosters.
  5. And moving the new build further along, the *Price* named motor group has gotten some tweaking. This subgroup engine cluster rates a quarter million thrust in air and probably about three hundred thousand in space. I'm gonna put six of 'em on my next munar lander.
  6. I wish to report that I have achieved the near impossible. Having gotten making history, and the new largest tank and the largest engine, I have done it all. I have VAB extender mod or whatever, that lets you go above the roof of the VAB. Not only did I build to the top of that, but I also pushed as much as I could into the floor, and hooked it together. With a new motor on the bottom I'm calling *Price*. I put it on the pad, and I launched it. It broke after a while, but here it is. Ladies and gentlemen, what you're about to see is a native screenshot, and photoshop hasn't touched it.
  7. Ok. I can see that it isn't global, and I really do need to go along from the beginning. Welp. I guess this means a re-build. EDIT: And I just bought "making history" because I hear its got larger tanks. EDIT2: Oooh, we're in trouble, people.
  8. Well... normally I absolutely HATE using shortcuts. But, as you so tantalizingly put it, it would allow me to put in more actual parts. I will have to experiment. Do I have to do this with each part? Or is it a global setting?
  9. Thank you very much! The launch clamps have barely fallen away, and momentum is only beginning to build. EDIT: If anyone's curious about the rental bit, I'll explain. I'm gonna take a moment to plug this little company because I think they're worth it. I'm basically renting a high performance workstation with a four thousand dollar graphics card in it for about twenty bucks a month. They maintain the hardware and update it at no additional cost, though they're late on improving hard drive space. It's a virtual machine off that thing. So I stream it from a client, and then I can pl
  10. She's got legs. You can see the custom truss legs in some of the pictures.
  11. Munar lander. Also, I figured out what's going on with the crashes. When something breaks and I get a RUD, the game crashes. It just can't handle that much boom. SO, theoretically, I can still get to space, if I figure out what's breaking and how to fix it.
  12. No, there are at least two thousand struts! They are just too small to see. I'll get a closer picture tonight. Hours. Here's a fun fact. At that many parts, there is about a 45 second delay between attaching a new part and when the game unfreeze and resumes. Patience is mandatory. Oh, and struts get that penalty TWICE, one for each side.
  13. Nope, i haven't got it, but I think I am going to. As far as part count goes, I think 4,300. I haven't made orbit yet. Last launch attempt, I got a few kilometers up, and the game crashed.
  14. I had fun watching Geoff from Rooster Teeth who took a stint at playing the game. He was abysmal, but I enjoyed watching him try.
  15. H AH AH AH HA HA HA A THIRTY TWO. Thousand. Eight hundred and five. TONS EDIT: My god. I've almost doubled the mass just from the boosters. And I'm getting *less* seconds per frame, a performance boost. It's a christmas miracle. Edit2: The game crashes after a few thousand feet. This is beyond the kraken. I don't know how to fight this.
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