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  1. I surrender.  I give up.  More importantly, I retire.

    Thank you, everyone.

    1. Avera9eJoe


      All I could think of was this:

      It's been an honor, Whackjob ;.; Do note though that "Whackjob" has become part of my normal diction because of you. :)

    2. r4pt0r


      Always was nice seeing your outrageous creations. Shame about the seeming crackdown on fun in the general.

    3. Spyritdragon


      Shame to see you go - just came back after years of absence, and you were one of the genuine lights I remember about KSP. The true fun in this game for me wasn't just the spaceships, but sharing all of it, experiences and everything, here on the forums.

      Here's to see you again one day perhaps, and good luck whereever you go o7

  2. I must have missed the link where I offered it up for exchange. Honestly, it's real tough to delve back in and lurk here where every thread I make is shuffled off to where it can be ignored and forgotten. It's a crazy thing where general stuff about the game, like engineering, isn't general enough to stay in general. I'll go take a walk.
  3. Sigh. What spacecraft, and what am I exchanging? Is there a ban on me having a thread in general anymore?
  4. I'd call it a rover, if anything. It just happens to, I hope anyway, have SSTO and refinery capability. I'm putting it down for the night, but here's what I ended up at. I was unable to get her airborne. I'm not surprised, I've got a lot more wing to build. The overall structure of it, the wings will comprise the "top" layer, and the rest will hang below. Kind of like old-time planes... the fuselage center of mass is below the primary wing. This should give me a little extra stability. The engines in the front are purely for braking. I really don't think the wheels braking alone will cut it. To pick up another night.
  5. I may very well have to create something more powerful than just elevons. I'm considering setting up a control group of mainsails in lieu of elevons. There's also the possibility of vernor thrusters, a dozen or so in each cluster.
  6. Hallo, Mikki! Wing construction has begun. Barely. Come see the mass inherent in the system! Do you see it oppressing me?! The only reason that appears airborne is because it was doing 200m/s and the end of the runway dropped sharply.
  7. Remember the big rover? I thought I should take some time to attempt a newer version. A larger one. One that I actually took somewhere interesting. But, I had a thought. Why not not just a big rover? What if it was a spaceplane? What if it was an SSTO? What if I put a refinery on it? I have started testing large landing gear assemblies. Per my usual proclivities I will keep it stock. Friends, you know how my life is like, these days, so I feel like I can promise you nothing in the long term. It could evaporate again in the fuzzy see of other greater responsibilities. I will try.
  8. Sorry I am very late in my replies. I shall answer both with a few screenshots. When it failed: When it worked:
  9. I remember when this made sense to me. Those sideways Rockomax32s were actually drop tanks...
  10. I'm torn between "firing 80 mainsail engines at once" and "firing 168 aerospike engines at once."
  11. Oh, I still lurk. I still have the replacement machine I slapped together when I fried the old one, so I can't go as big as I like, but I'm still dabbling here and there, as it were.
  12. To my understanding, he's still got that pieced together potato computer he got back online with after he ruined his gaming laptop. He'll get a machine he an build big with again at some point, but I know he and his girlfriend just went halfsies on a house,and homesteading is a crazy crazy thing with all sorts of surprise expenses.
  13. Spunky fellow, that one. He still pops in, from time to time.