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  1. I'm using both. I completely uninstalled RealPlume due to performance issues (quad RD-180 boosters Energia style makes my RX590 cry.) Works very very well.
  2. Understood, no worries! I have been tuning my configs and literally playing by ear. I'll use your guidelines as I work on the remaining ones.
  3. I understand if it's proprietary, but any chance you could share the spreadsheet? I've been working on configs for the SSTU engines and I've been making some wild guesses based on using your stock engine configs. It's really (and seriously I mean really) early in the process, but these are the ones I have so far: https://github.com/MainSailor/SSTU_RSE/blob/main/SSTU_RSE.cfg In my sandbox playthrough I really only use the US Hydrolox engines, and occasionally an RD-170/180 family engine so that's mainly what I've built so far. I keep meaning to set up a stripped down dev build of KSP
  4. @Karin I'm trying a version of your script now, the problem is I've listened to enough of them, I can't tell whats the RP and what's the RSE sounds anymore, lol. I might have to strip down my KSP install so it's easier to reload, because every time I make a change, it's at least 5 minutes of loading to get back in. I might just have to apply this to only one part and then compare it like that versus turning them on and off globally. Edit: OK I'm being dumb. Am I missing that there's no engage sound in RSE? It sounds like they're just going straight into the running sound. I'm going to ha
  5. That's really cool to hear. I recently dropped in on one of Tyler Raiz's streams and saw he was still using the old pack. I'm surprised they're still in use despite being so old. I honestly didn't know how many players outside of the RO/RSS community still use pParts. I never really stopped playing KSP, but some bad experiences with various social platforms made me seriously pull back as a creator. I moved away from pParts when I went full in on SSTU, so I kind of lost the desire to design for KSP after that. Well, that and being a professional designer in my career (albeit at the time ma
  6. Thanks! I'll try that out. I have found that Module Manager syntax is largely not my forte despite me working with procedural languages like regex and CSS on the daily.
  7. This is shaping up to be a texturing master class. It's been a great read so far.
  8. The newest version of Procedural Parts from the RO folks might work with 1.9, but I've not personally tried it. There's nothing else specifically with the textures other than perhaps PBR support (which I don't even want to try to tackle) with 1.10. Because this pack is textures only, it only works where pParts does. Which texture apps are you running? In terms of fairings, I'd much rather point you towards Procedural Fairings for Everything. They include the Gamma texture, and the solid textures are easily recolorable via the Textures Unlimited support (which I haven't worked with yet.) T
  9. I've started a really rough set of configs for SSTU. It's mainly limited to the engines I use frequently, so it's far from exhaustive. I might share if there's interest. Shadowmage was very consistent with engine IDs and effects modules, so it might be something I can finish procedurally. The biggest issue I had so far was that RSE and RealPlume aren't 'aware' of each other. RealPlume apparently runs at a time after RSE has applied it's patches. Muffling and other effects work, but the individual engine sounds are RP's. I haven't dug into any of the cfgs yet to see about disabling RP's so
  10. Sure thing. Pop me a link if you have one. Just be aware that if you have graphics that you've pulled in, they will be linked and I won't have access to them unless they're embedded or you package the file. (I can help with either, but packaging is easier to work with.) I also only have access to CS6 (we had some issues with CC so reverted back.) This is the new wing at the Air Force museum? That's so cool, will have to plan a trip up there. Kennedy is only 4-ish hours so I've been down there a bunch, but Ohio is a bit of a road trip for me.
  11. Version (or something like that ) has been pushed to Spacedock. All it does is rename the White Soyuz fairing part name so that it appears correctly. Thanks to @Phineas Freak for spotting the issue.
  12. I thought about hiding it further in the cfg, but at least this would appear in the part description in the VAB. Just a little shout-out. It should appear under SaturnMultibody, or if you have an older version (from the dev branch) ThetaCeres. If you have all the other textures installed, it should be loading as well. If not, please attach your output_log.
  13. The way that fairing config works is to have a blank placeholder texture in the Fairings folder along with the model file (fairing1.png) and the individual textures in subfolders (as not to duplicate the shared textures and model file for each variant.) Did you keep the fairing1.png file in the same folder that your sideModel.mu file is in? You really only need one copy of the mu file which is referenced in each cfg. Changing the title should have no effect on part loading (it could be blank for all KSP cares.) Also, I don't know about the newer Unity 5 builds of KSP, but I know fr
  14. Same issue. I thought it might have been Interstellar Fuel Switch, but after removing that, the issue persists. It also happens if you revert to VAB.
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