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  1. Sure thing. Pop me a link if you have one. Just be aware that if you have graphics that you've pulled in, they will be linked and I won't have access to them unless they're embedded or you package the file. (I can help with either, but packaging is easier to work with.) I also only have access to CS6 (we had some issues with CC so reverted back.) This is the new wing at the Air Force museum? That's so cool, will have to plan a trip up there. Kennedy is only 4-ish hours so I've been down there a bunch, but Ohio is a bit of a road trip for me.
  2. Version (or something like that ) has been pushed to Spacedock. All it does is rename the White Soyuz fairing part name so that it appears correctly. Thanks to @Phineas Freak for spotting the issue.
  3. I thought about hiding it further in the cfg, but at least this would appear in the part description in the VAB. Just a little shout-out. It should appear under SaturnMultibody, or if you have an older version (from the dev branch) ThetaCeres. If you have all the other textures installed, it should be loading as well. If not, please attach your output_log.
  4. The way that fairing config works is to have a blank placeholder texture in the Fairings folder along with the model file (fairing1.png) and the individual textures in subfolders (as not to duplicate the shared textures and model file for each variant.) Did you keep the fairing1.png file in the same folder that your file is in? You really only need one copy of the mu file which is referenced in each cfg. Changing the title should have no effect on part loading (it could be blank for all KSP cares.) Also, I don't know about the newer Unity 5 builds of KSP, but I know from back in the .25-era, Unity did not like parsing file names that contained spaces. I'd at the very least replace the spaces with a dash or underscore (i.e., ISS_Modules). It's completely possible that this is no longer an issue, but if we're troubleshooting, its worth considering.
  5. Same issue. I thought it might have been Interstellar Fuel Switch, but after removing that, the issue persists. It also happens if you revert to VAB.
  6. Heh yep. I'm in publishing and graphic design, and was brought up with Pagemaker. I know I should be using Photoshop or at least Illustrator but I'm the most familiar with ID so that's what I stick to.
  7. I thought what I'd do is, I'd pretend I was one of those deaf mutes. Sorry for the interruption, really love your name and avatar.
  8. I apologize, I have been away for quite some time. Many issues in both work and family life have prevented me from working on this/playing/generally being around, etc. @Caeden, did you ever get these to work? Have you tried with 1.1 yet? I admit that I tried them under many different scenarios and could not replicate the issue you were having, so I'm not sure that it wasn't some kind of a bug in an older version of pParts. I see it has been updated to...phew, 1.1.2(?) is the version we're on now. Some general news: Development of these is halted for the near term (over the summer.) I've been tasked with rebuilding a publication we produce at work that is ~600 pages, and trying to replicate the work of a former employee who didn't use Adobe programs and was not very knowledgeable in publishing. It's been a nightmare, to say the least. It was easier to start over from scratch than rebuild from their old document. I'm also looking to upload what will be a very large pack of source textures, most likely a package of PNG files that have not been resized or compressed for those that want to edit/remix these textures, and would be released under the same permissive license (Creative Commons CC BY NC SA). You're welcome to share your package as long as I'm credited as the original author, non-commercial (don't sell or ask for donations), and share under the same license. I would share the actual source files, but I do most of my work in InDesign and sharing those would be a non-trivial exercise (if you work in publishing, you know how much of a pain packaging INDD files can be.) I've been working on porting them over to pure Photoshop documents but that's a process that has been interrupted and isn't complete enough that I'd feel comfortable sharing those.
  9. I'm going to be taking a look at this issue some more this weekend, as I should have some time then to really dig into some issues. I'm also going to be looking into slightly reshading some of the textures as well, I noticed that 1.1 and Unity 5 looks slightly different (like there's a different gamma value in scene rendering) that makes the parts look brighter and have more contrast.
  10. OK I'm at a loss. The log indicates they are being loaded into memory without issues. Which means the game has them but for some reason pParts can't access them. Do you have Procedural Fairings installed? Can you see if those textures are coming in? If so, it indicates it's not the textures, it's a pParts issue. Unfortunately I don't have a way to pull an additional log for that (that I know of.) Heh same card, ok. So there's one variable I can cross off. Can you also do me a favor and select to show file extensions? I'm guessing your running Windows 10, so I'm not sure how to enable that there, but I know in Win 7 you can just type 'folder options' into the Start/Run panel and there's an option in there. Occasionally when files are named .DDS vs .dds, they will fail to be recognized (but I'm guessing this isn't the case, due to the fact they are loading according to the log.) The .zip file contains lower case, but sometimes certain programs can rename them (I had this issue testing on a Macbook.) I'm sorry for the rather delayed responses, I have been pretty busy at work this week and my wife is also out of town which complicates things a bit at home. Literally 7 am is about the only time I have to get on the forums right now
  11. OK thanks. As I suspected everything is in the right place, which means the game engine itself isn't loading them for some reason. The fact you have thumbnails even tells me they uncompressed correctly (and I'm sure you tried unzipping them again when you encountered the issue.) Can you also do me a favor and upload the output_log.txt file the KSP_Data folder as well please? Dropbox is also fine for that. I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking for, but if there's an error somehow pulling the textures in, it will most likely be noted there. The only thing I haven't done is tried OpenGL mode on my non-dev machine. I had no issues on my dev laptop, but that's an older card versus the GTX 970 that is in my gaming rig. Unfortunately I only have Nvidia cards in both of my KSP computers, by any chance are you using an AMD card? I can't see that being an issue but it's worth asking about at least.
  12. Also, make sure that your mod textures are all converted over to DDS format. The older mods uses TGA, PNG, MBM, etc, which take time to convert on load. DDS uses DXT compression which can be written to memory directly without conversion. Using this tool:
  13. Hmm unusual. Let me look through your video and see if anything stands out. By any chance do you have Dynamic Texture Loader installed (I have had issues with that loading them in the past.) OK it doesn't look like it. And you don't have issues with the other Procedural Parts textures either, so it's something specific to this pack. I haven't tried these in OpenGL mode as I typically use DX11, but I will try them with OpenGL. I don't suspect an issue there as other textures in the game are DDS and don't have issues loading either. Edit: OK no, you do have them in the correct location. Right in the main GameData folder. Can you please do me a favor and show me a screenshot of what files are in the Essentials folder? All of the configs currently pull from a common 'end' texture and while I can't see that causing an issue, that's the one that is common between all the other 'sub-folders'.