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  1. I am noticing that with a new game, it no longer presets the chosen heads/suits I have in the cfg. Here is the cfg: Vorg.cfg TextureReplacer { // Reflection colour. Reflection is multiplied by this RGB colour before it is // added to the visor colour. visorReflectionColour = 0.5 0.5 0.1 CustomKerbals { // Jebediah Kerman Pilot Yellow // Valentina Kerman Pilot Yellow // Bill Kerman Engineer Red // Bob Kerman Scientist Blue // Colonist Green // Tourist Grey Jebediah Kerman = M S-kerbalHead Pilot Valentina Kerman = F S-kerbalGirl Pilot Bill Kerman = M S-kbGeneKerman_head Engineer Bob Kerman = M S-wernerVonKerman_head Scientist } GenericKerbals { femaleHeads = S-kerbalGirl f1 f2 f3 f4 f5 kerbalGirl1 kerbalGirl2 kerbalGirl3 kerbalGirl4 kerbalGirl5 kerbalGirl6 kerbalGirl7 kerbalGirl8 kerbalGirl9 necKros_fem_001 necKros_fem_002 necKros_fem_003 necKros_fem_004 necKros_fem_005 necKros_fem_006 } ClassSuits { // Pilot Yellow // Engineer Red // Scientist Blue // Colonist Green // Tourist Grey // Biologist = Biologist Engineer = Engineer Farmer = Farmer Geologist = Geologist Kolonist = Kolonist Mechanic = Mechanic Medic = Medic Miner = Miner Pilot = Pilot Quartermaster = Quartermaster Scientist = Scientist Scout = Scout Technician = Technician Tourist = Tourist } }
  2. Subject list this as a KSP version [1.2] mod. Typo?
  3. Looked through the RD containers again and Specialized parts are listed as "Sp". Who ever is helping with cfg's may want to add a "Sp" entry for the container that is part of the Workshop mod. I looked there first when I couldn't find it in the MOLE list since it was the workshop that called for it. Didn't see it in the Kontainers because I was looking for "Specialized Parts" and you only see it listed that way if you mount the part in the VAB and then look at the top of the popup box while "Sp" is listed.
  4. I got 2 Mk1's to dock, but it took awhile. However, it's the Mk1 and a stock Jr which the writing says should work, but won't even attract. 2 DR-18's attract and rotate align, but wouldn't dock. They also, didn't really even attract until I activated snap on both ports. They seemed to be pulling together, but got stronger when snap was activated. But a Jr and a Mk-1 don't even act like docking ports when together. AVC list 88 mods, so removing them would be a pain. And given it seems to only be the MOLE ports that are acting up...
  5. I thought the workshop mod was converted over to MK only to bring it inline with RoverDudes mods. His is the one adding SP back in? I looked through his container option, WorkShop container options and MOLE container options and I can't find anything that stores SP.
  6. Just tried to make a docking port Jr and it said I was missing specialized parts. Started looking through the parts and they all seem to need a mix of specialized parts and Material Kits. I thought the mod was converted over to using only Material Kits.
  7. A couple weeks ago, I tried to dock 2 ships both using the MK1 Docking Port. The magnets pulled them together but they didn't want to dock. Tried using RCS to back off and retry, but the magnets wouldn't allow the craft to fully back off. Tried turning the angle snap on and off and was about to give up when they docked. Tonight, tried sending a ship to a large station. The ship had a MK1 Docking port on the nose and then a DR-18 below the pod to leave part of it with the station. First I tried docking the MK1 to a Clamp-O-Tron Jr on the station, but there didn't even seem to be any magnetic pull. Tried angle snap on and off and nothing. Gave up, seperated the sections and tried docking the DR-18 to one on the station. Magnets pulled together, though not that much force. Angle snap turned on rotated it 180 from what mech Jeb and docking port alignment indicator mod said it should be. Again, tried turing snap on and off several times, tried with it turned on on one port and off on the other. But after several minutes, I gave up. They won't dock. Stock docking ports seem to be working and RoverDudes construction ports are working. But not MOLE ports.
  8. would be nice if there was a way to make it an optional part of launch clamps in place of adding more parts to the count of the launch.
  9. Something else I found but forgot to include in the post is, when using Automated Science Sampler you have a drop down list of parts on the ship that can store science, like command pods, etc.. The BigBy is listed twice exactly the same way even though there was only one of them on the station.
  10. Has any headway been made on this bug? I found if you put parts in the US science bay, they seem to work. It seems to be science parts that are made in the US module configuration that are broken.
  11. Gimp has a plugin for normals and such, but finding the right setting is....
  12. I got a station into orbit tonight, but ran into a problem. It looks like the BigBy workshop doubles as a science lab. But there doesn't seem to be a hatch to transfer data to it. The data is in another part of the station and when I review it, the lab button is greyed out. I see no other option to transfer the data between station section. Does it need a full crew of 3? I have 2 scientist on it now.
  13. Working on a certain StarWars Craft?
  14. I have found something. I have Roverdudes mods which I'm guessing is why modules use material kits to change their function. But the Bigby Orbital Workshop when set as Tinker shop still makes equipment which now seems to have no use.
  15. Could the extra mass be coming from resources loaded on the craft?