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  1. This is for US2 right? US1 has been replaced?
  2. I thought Texture Replacer was no longer developed which was the reason for Texture Replacer Replaced. It is getting confusing.
  3. If you have engines on at a high TWR, you might be exccelerating to fast for them to have time to get clear
  4. If Tweakscale is installed, it was hidden in with some other mod. I don't use it or want it. As for logs, I saw the errors, removed the mod and restarted and errors went away. I didn't save any logs from when it errored. It was getting too late.
  5. When I start the game with the Legacy pack installed, MM says there are 4 errors.
  6. Not sure what this means: Added option to change research requirements to "Default", "Any", or "All"
  7. The magboom info says it can do ore scan with an orbit between 50k and 80k with 60k being ideal. That is what it says in the VAB part info. Put one in orbit of Mun and just under 60k and it says orbit too high. If you try to start the scan anyway, a second line shows that seems to say scansat is also saying the orbit is too high. Also found this section in the cfg: MODULE { name = ModuleResourceScanner MaxAbundanceAltitude = 60000 RequiresUnlock = True ScannerType = 0 ResourceName = Ore } MODULE { name = ModuleResourceScanner MaxAbundanceAltitude = 60000 RequiresUnlock = True ScannerType = 0 ResourceName = Ore } So what is the correct orbit range?
  8. Last night I landed a craft on the mun and when the kerbal got out, is jet pack wouldn't work. Turn it on and try to go up, you get the thrust effects but he doesn't move. Try to jump and he can't get more then a kerbal foot off the ground. Switched back to the craft and it looked like it was showing g-force at 1 which would be kerbins gravity, not the mun. I don't have any planet mods. Looks like maybe the gravity is not the problem because the ship can still take off with just a spark engine. But the kerbal seems to have had a HEAVY meal on the way there Found the problem. A couple people said check kerbal inventory. I forgot about the 3 cans of landertron fuel under the seat. Just 1 can was enough to ground him.
  9. I managed to get a couple of screen shots:
  10. Did you try putting a docking port on a clamp?
  11. Last night I got around to adding the PF for KW mod and found it has a feature that would be nice, in the VAB, a setting to auto eject the fairing at a set alt..
  12. I thought the mental picture of the effect orbit speed would have would explain it. Basicly you have to watch close and you see random puffs that are quickly gone. No plume, or smoke trail, just random flashes of puffs. But in space orbiting, the vapor should just kind of float away in what ever direction the vent faced because there is no air rushing over the craft to blow it away.