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  1. I think it's just a part mod. shouldn't need updating
  2. I've been looking through this thread to see if TextureReplacer-3.7 is still working with v1.8.1. Not seeing any post that says it is or isn't.
  3. Thought I did have that orbital science mod. Maybe it got damaged. Now I know were to look. Thanks
  4. This keeps doing a popup but I don't know which mod is triggering it. Must have missed something when going through them:
  5. You can move those little windows. I forget how off hand but there is setting that unlocks them and then you can move them.
  6. This is for US2 right? US1 has been replaced?
  7. I thought Texture Replacer was no longer developed which was the reason for Texture Replacer Replaced. It is getting confusing.
  8. If you have engines on at a high TWR, you might be exccelerating to fast for them to have time to get clear
  9. If Tweakscale is installed, it was hidden in with some other mod. I don't use it or want it. As for logs, I saw the errors, removed the mod and restarted and errors went away. I didn't save any logs from when it errored. It was getting too late.
  10. When I start the game with the Legacy pack installed, MM says there are 4 errors.
  11. Not sure what this means: Added option to change research requirements to "Default", "Any", or "All"
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