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  1. Not so much the size as the style. Makes it harder to read. It's 2023, Time to dump EGA graphics
  2. Here is an idea, the game hasn't even been out a week. The dev's have clearly stated they plan to support mods and others have confirmed the frame work is at least in part already in. Have some patience and see what they come up with. It might even be linked to the Steam workshop system and you won't have to worry about all these plugins to get mods working. Just select the mod from the Steam workshop. Just wait and see.
  3. Shouldn't be so easy to not get it plugged in correctly to the point that it melts down. It's a bad design for the power levels it's ment to handle.
  4. To a current gpu that uses way too much power, melts it's power connectors (nvidia ), or has faulty coolers that can't keep the card cool (amd) all on cards that are insanely over priced?? And I don't understand this obsession with 3 digit fps numbers and 4k. Just how big are your monitors? You playing in a home theater? My 24" monitor maxes out at 1080/60 and the pixels are almost too small to see with the naked eye unless you get VERY close. As for the fps, I've always been happy if I got at least 20-25fps. Looks smooth, no flicker or studder as long as the cpu/gpu can truly fully render each frame in that time. And someone else mention the heat these cards put out, but the quote system, didn't grab that. The cost of these cards goes WAY beyond the cost of the card. You have the cost of the larger power supplies to feed them, the extra cooling to get the heat out and the extra power to feed all that. And then, that heat has to go someplace and that is into the room. And how to you then get the heat out of that room? To those that say the card only pulls a couple hundred more watts, think about power cost to run that AC extra.
  5. I think it's just a part mod. shouldn't need updating
  6. I've been looking through this thread to see if TextureReplacer-3.7 is still working with v1.8.1. Not seeing any post that says it is or isn't.
  7. Thought I did have that orbital science mod. Maybe it got damaged. Now I know were to look. Thanks
  8. This keeps doing a popup but I don't know which mod is triggering it. Must have missed something when going through them:
  9. You can move those little windows. I forget how off hand but there is setting that unlocks them and then you can move them.
  10. This is for US2 right? US1 has been replaced?
  11. I thought Texture Replacer was no longer developed which was the reason for Texture Replacer Replaced. It is getting confusing.
  12. If you have engines on at a high TWR, you might be exccelerating to fast for them to have time to get clear
  13. If Tweakscale is installed, it was hidden in with some other mod. I don't use it or want it. As for logs, I saw the errors, removed the mod and restarted and errors went away. I didn't save any logs from when it errored. It was getting too late.
  14. When I start the game with the Legacy pack installed, MM says there are 4 errors.
  15. Not sure what this means: Added option to change research requirements to "Default", "Any", or "All"
  16. The magboom info says it can do ore scan with an orbit between 50k and 80k with 60k being ideal. That is what it says in the VAB part info. Put one in orbit of Mun and just under 60k and it says orbit too high. If you try to start the scan anyway, a second line shows that seems to say scansat is also saying the orbit is too high. Also found this section in the cfg: MODULE { name = ModuleResourceScanner MaxAbundanceAltitude = 60000 RequiresUnlock = True ScannerType = 0 ResourceName = Ore } MODULE { name = ModuleResourceScanner MaxAbundanceAltitude = 60000 RequiresUnlock = True ScannerType = 0 ResourceName = Ore } So what is the correct orbit range?
  17. Last night I landed a craft on the mun and when the kerbal got out, is jet pack wouldn't work. Turn it on and try to go up, you get the thrust effects but he doesn't move. Try to jump and he can't get more then a kerbal foot off the ground. Switched back to the craft and it looked like it was showing g-force at 1 which would be kerbins gravity, not the mun. I don't have any planet mods. Looks like maybe the gravity is not the problem because the ship can still take off with just a spark engine. But the kerbal seems to have had a HEAVY meal on the way there Found the problem. A couple people said check kerbal inventory. I forgot about the 3 cans of landertron fuel under the seat. Just 1 can was enough to ground him.
  18. Did you try putting a docking port on a clamp?
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