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  1. June 24th, 2011 is the fist release date of KSP for anyone wondering. Version 0.7.3
  2. And I really hope Squad has something big planned. What do you guys think it's going to be? 1.12? Brand new DLC announcement? KSP 2 surprise launch date?!?!? I kid on that last one. But seriously, this is a big occasion and it needs something to go with it.
  3. Download a fresh mod zip file and delete the old one. Then copy the new one into your gamedata see if that helps
  4. It works fine in 1.11.1. No need for it to be updated, except maybe to deal with the new cargo system, but that's such a minor quality of life thing that it's not a big concern.
  5. Doubtful. If you're looking for a Saturn V mod, use BDB. Just had a huge update, and they're starting on revamping the Saturn V soonish after they finish up with bugs and parts that were meant for the update.
  6. The Cormorant and SOCK EFT decouplers are weird if they're not used with anything but a shuttle. Use a regular stock decoupler instead.
  7. Actually the Jupiter III doesn't use RS-68s, it would have used a brand new engine. RS-100s. 50% more performance than the RS-68B. Still nice to see. Good job.
  8. I think @CobaltWolf Has said they won't do paraglidier Gemini. If you want Paraglider Gemini get KNES and the mod that allows its parasail to work.
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