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  1. I don't remember Nate saying "no weather" but instead they are working on the "atmospheric system" which implies there may actually be weather. No guarantee. I think that they are doing this: They will work in the atmosphere system up until launch. The game will launch with clouds and very minor weather sounds. Whipping wind, the sound of ice build up on planes, maybe a thunder crackle or two in thick clouds. They will continue to work on the system to achieve one of two things. 1) the game will get a weather update 2) they will announce the atmosphere system can support weather phenomena and leave it up to the modders to implement different weather systems.
  2. Wonder what the limits on that are. Can we build a space bridge or is the runway limited to staying flat?
  3. Wasn't there a concept for a non-boil off fuel centaur stage that got scrapped due to costs or something? Wasn't it the shuttle centaur? Or am I remembering wrong.
  4. It was a considered concept. Along with the Gemini ferry. But anything you can give us to make the lander more transportable would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Huh, I could have sworn it did. But I just checked and you're right. Hmmm, well, I'm not getting the spacing that @Nucluer is getting.
  6. @CobaltWolf When do you plan on adding the ATV to 1.7? Just curious. Loving the new parts and would love to see the new Agena docking with Gemini. I know there's the Gemini lander docking port, but it doesn't look right.
  7. According to the video description, that mod is not installed.