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  1. Put the large trapazoid like petals against the craft, and put the tiny notches facing away from the craft. The "Front" of the CBM is shown in the picture. See the tiny fork like notches? That's the "Docking/Berthing" side.
  2. @CobaltWolf Has stated they do not wish to go past the Saturn Era iirc. The only reason Delta II, Delta III and Atlas V are in game is because they were added before Cobalt figured out what they wanted their mod pack to be. They will maintain and update the parts, but as far as new rockets or space capsules, don't get your hopes up. If you want Starliner, you'll have to wait for a mod to add it, or make it yourself using different parts from different mods. I suggest downloading ReDIRECT mod so you have a 3.125 capsule, then jerry rigging the Starliner service module using other parts. Then you can use the Atlas V from BDB. Edit: Nevermind... didn't realize you were joking. Sorry.
  3. I see two reasons: Sales vs Sales. Will KSP 2 sell better/more on Next Gen or Current Gen. And Certification process. The reason KSP 1 and its updates takes so long to get on to XBO and PS4 is Microsoft's and Sony's aggressive certification processes. That's why it can take up to six months to a year for the updates to hit the console versions, because Microsoft and especially Sony demand so much of the game. If they find one thing wrong, they send it back and the process starts all over again. I feel that Sony with double down on certification process. Video games aren't suffering, no. That's thanks to digital platforms such as Steam. But consoles are physical hardware. Much different than a digital game. Games are also far cheaper than a console. It's easy to buy a sixty dollar game from paycheck to paycheck. Buying a $400 console on a paycheck to paycheck life style is not. Furthermore, there's talks about new lockdowns. If Sony or Microsoft have to halt production due to a lockdown, it will delay the sale of the PS5 and XSX. This will also force games to either delay release, or go with current gen releases, and I think they'd rather recompile the game and release with a slight delay on current gen consoles, than having to delay until the new consoles are out.
  4. I'll be very surprised if we get an XSX and PS5 release before an XBO and PS4 release, seeing as I don't see the XSX or PS5 selling that much. PC is selling more and more, and people are switching from consoles to PC. They'll want to go where the market is. If there's more people on XBO and PS4, they'll go with XBO and PS4. There's also the issue of the worldwide pandemic going on right now, which is expected to last well into next year. People won't have money to buy next gen consoles.
  5. Nope. Cheaper and easier to do it for old consoles. We'll get a XBO and PS4 release before we get an XSX and PS5 release. We may get backwards compatible versions for the next next gen consoles.
  6. It says nothing about PS5 or XBSX. It says KSP2 will becoming to PS4 and XBO
  7. KSP 2 might use single core physics. It's easier and actually better in most cases, faster too. Doing multi-core physics can lag the machine and cause bugs.
  8. 1) We have no news. 2) Clouds seem to be in the game as we've seen screenshots of clouds, though they might just be seen from orbit and you can't fly through them. 3) KSP's framerate is mostly tied to physics, and KSP physics loves single-core performance, meaning the faster your CPU, the better the game runs. Will this be the case in KSP 2? Probably. The devs have not given us any information on the performance of the game, but then again, the game is not finished. Performance changes all the time. The end result? Sit and wait like the rest of us. The game has been delayed to fall 2021, so I suspect a October or November release. The closer we get to those months, the more information we will have. Then again, there is PAX and E3 next year, I definitely believe we'll get a new trailer and a dump truck of information then.
  9. I guarantee that if they made it, that would have gone to Mars, hence the large amount of people. More people, less insanity.
  10. To fit that many people, it would be 3.125/3.75 for the CM and then the SM would probably be 5 - 6.25, so we would definitely need one of the Bigger Nova or the Sea Dragon for that CSM.
  11. Looks like it was designed for Sea Dragon or one of the bigger Nova's, so I doubt we'll get it as @CobaltWolf has said they have no desire to make any of the Nova's, not even the C-8 or Saturn Nova. I'm not speaking for them, I'm just going off past information as I recall it.
  12. A beautiful shot of FSS from below and slightly behind. Shot taken from Apollo 21 CM. A good look at the science section. "Kouston. This is Serenity. Apollo 21 has docked. Freedom is fully operational." (Freedom was designed to be manned by 10 people for those wondering why it's now fully operational.) Apollo 21 Crew: Pilot: Corford Scientist 1: Miney Scientist 2: Merfurt Engineer 1: Leafurt Engineer 2: Jerberry
  13. Space Station Freedom in complete form, from Eyes Turned Skyward, with Apollo 20 just docked. Apollo 20's crew consists of Jebediah, Bill, Bob, Valentina and Bartfal. Image was taken right at sunset, hence the low light. Apollo 20 is a Block IV design. (Block IV's service module is slightly longer than the Block III's service module, hence the Restock reaction wheel to elongate the service module to around correct length.)
  14. Will you guys be doing conceptual rockets such as the Europa 3, 4 and 5?