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  1. @Shadowmage Is that the TKS return capsule? Does this mean Proton is in the works to come to SSTUL?
  2. Oh. Could you provide blank engine cluster mounting plates with the ability to change how many attachment points are on said plate? That's one way to get the engines to multiple using ksps own codes so TAC sees them as different engines.
  3. You have 4 clusters so TCA sees 4 engines that need controlling. Build a Saturn one or five with one cluster on the bottom of them. TAC sees that cluster as one engine and does not activate thrust controlling to turn the rocket. And yes there's gimballing on the engines, but I believe, and correct me if I'm wrong, Saturn V lowered thrust to one engine to turn the rocket with the F1s.
  4. Not really a problem, per say, just a... missing feature? I guess you can call it. There's no problems with either mod, they talk to each other great. It's just when you have the engine clustered, so say like.... the Saturn V five F-1s. When you have them on one mount and just cluster then, they act like one engine for TCA. What I'm asking/suggesting is can you make it to where each engine inside the cluster gets TCA controlled. Here's a picture I made, excuse my artistship lol, to represent what I mean.
  5. @Shadowmage I haven't been following this thread for a while, life, but I'm back now. I wanted to ask if there was any chance of TCA integration or if you're already working on it for the grouped engines?
  6. Is the SSTU -ST-GEN - DSP-DOS-T solar panel supposed to be broken? One of the inner panels is rotated about two to four degrees outward while the others stick straight out.
  7. Redownload SSTUL and see if that does anything.
  8. Hmmm. Get MechJeb and see if that shows your TWR.
  9. Did you do anything to the thrust curve?
  10. Your welcome. Yeah, SSTU is an amazing mod. It almost makes other mods worthless... almost lol
  11. No, there is nothing wrong with the ships. They are just made for 1.0.5. Also, many parts have undergone changes in the name and in the part itself. There won't be any ships until SSTU is in full release.
  12. Here's some info about the engine, thrust, isp, etc.
  13. 1) Well, sticking a box on the side of a rocket isn't always appealing to the eyes, and some people don't play with mechjeb, so it makes deorbiting 3m stages a little hard. Fitting a 2m probe core to a 3m tank with a 3m fairing on top is also kind of hard to achieve without the fairing either being ontop of the probe core and making a giant gap between the fairing and tank, or putting the core on the inside of the fairing where it could get ejected accidently. Also, see Sudragon's response to Avionics Rings. 2) Awesome! 3) Not a Proton engine, the Proton rocket's engines. Preferable the first stage engines. The Proton is Russia's heavy lifter rocket, much more powerful than the Soyuz, and it can deliver stations up into LEO. 4) Then can you add rcs pods to the fuel tank code? I mainly ask for this so I can recreate the Saturn I/V which had 3/2 rcs pods on the second/third stage. 5) Stage recovery is the big thing. It really helps in KSP when you have the mod installed during career mode. Given, it's a task to recover the Saturn V first stage or the SLS's core stage, but if done, it saves a lot of money for you. 6) Yeah, I realize that now.
  14. Nothing wrong with that lol. I like the abbreviation. Anyway you could increase the engine cluster count to 30? I would like to make the MM-S10R/E-1
  15. @JoseEduardo You do realize that the Saturn Nova/C-8 never had more than 8 or 9 F-1s for the main stage right? Unless you're going for the Martin Marietta Nova 1B or 1C, which based off this pack is what you were going for. Picture