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  1. My Starlab concept was launched on a somewhat Saturn MLV-V-25(S). The Second S-II is part of Starlab. Kind of based it off Von Braun's Saturn V conversion wetlab drawing.
  2. Full Album: Imgur: The magic of the Internet And yes, I did make a makeshift Cassini out of Pioneer 10/11 parts. I call her, Piosini.
  3. It was mostly because the US had and could purchase RD-180s but not RD-170s I think. That and you can easily cluster more RD-180s in the space given versus the number of RD-170s you could cluster in the same space, allowing you to possibly have more thrust. Plus, Atlas already used RD-180s, use what you know.
  4. Use the Github link in the OP. Click on "Code" in the top left. Click on the drop down where it says "Master" near the top left Select "apollo-saturn-revamp" Click the green "code" button "Download zip" ??? Profit
  5. I think it's because F-1A only changed internal components, it never changed the size of anything externally. H-2 added a bigger turbopump as well as bigger pipes, so the the look of the engine changed externally
  6. Did a quick throw together of those two engine layout options. Double 5 pointed star fits just fine. 1+4 works fine as well, though the H-1s will be angled outwards. Your 4 + 6 ring works as well.
  7. Moved the booster out of the clamp area. Yes, the booster now floats in the air, but nothing we can do about that. I see only two options available to fix the issue, and both require the mod devs to make the change. Either the BDB team makes the collider on the nozzle smaller, or even non-existent or Alpha changes the milkstool's colliders. Well, there is a third, we just don't use the milkstool for the AJ-260s.
  8. Full Album: Imgur: The magic of the Internet Bonus image: Welp, turns out that the nozzle is not narrow enough to avoid the hitboxes on the launch clamp platforms of the milkstool platform.
  9. If I had to guess, the launches would be 24 hours apart, like Atlas Agena + Titan Gemini missions. The first launch is a wetlab and the second launch is the Venus/Mars transfer stage which would dock less than 48 hours later. Just my take on it, I could be wrong.
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