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  1. Get rid of that decoupler. The straight S-IVB spacecraft adapter has a BiG G node specifically designed for the spacecraft.
  2. Actually, SUZIE in KSP would be 3.125 meters in diameter, same as the Ariane 6 would be And what the Ariane 5 should be.
  3. While the Twin-Boar is BASED off Pyrios, Pyrios the Twin-boar is not. Twin-Boar is also way under-sized, Pyrios would be 3.125m or 3.75m diameter in scale. It also doesn't quite look like Pyrios. It has a similar shape, yes, but I'd rather have an exact replica.
  4. Don't use Shall Not Be Named. Besides, having an actual part and not a resized one is always better imo.
  5. lol, true, but I'm not asking for anything really other than Pyrios, as it was, and I think still may be, a contender for the boosters on the SLS. But I understand if you don't want to do it.
  6. @CobaltWolf @Zorg @Invaderchaos Got a part request. I was wondering if we could get a Pyrios booster like skirt for LDC so we can use LDC as Pyrios.
  7. The most expensive cubesat launcher ever. Also, is pyrios planned at all? Would like to have these sexy LRBs for SLS:
  8. I think they meant in KSP terms, which I think the top is 6.25m and the bottom is 10.625m.
  9. No worries. Also, 5 times the fuel for the same weight? If so, then that's really good.
  10. From what I can find, the C-X will be used once it becomes readily available. Also, is C-X going to be the actual denominator or are they going to switch it over to the C-4 once it becomes flight worthy? Anyone know?
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