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  1. GoldForest

    KSP Loading... Breaking Ground: Hinges

    Is there crossfeed, or will we need to use fuel pipes?
  2. GoldForest

    KSP Loading... Breaking Ground: Robotics

    Do we know if the robot parts will allow fuel flow/crossfeed or will we need fuel pipes?
  3. GoldForest

    KSP Loading... Breaking Ground: Robotics

    Oh, you're right, I missed that.
  4. GoldForest

    KSP Loading... Breaking Ground: Robotics

    Is there going to be only hinges and rotary plates? Or will we get extending arms/rails as well? Will we be able to also make them free pivoting? Like the claw?
  5. During a loading screen? Where I cant pause when I have to walk away?
  6. We've all done it, we're loading up a vessel on the runway and we get called away so we leave the game. When we come back, our plane is either in the field off the runway, down near the end, or worse, in the water, sometimes with broken parts. So my suggestion, add a button that lets you deploy the brakes in the hanger, or change the default to brakes are deployed upon loading. And I know you can just undeploy the wheels in the hanger and the plane would sit still, but I've had stuff break a few times when making the plane stand up from the ground. Also, there's a chance the kraken could strike and make the plane bounce 25 feet into the air before falling on it's side and destroying a wing.
  7. I would like to request a simple light-weight plugin that allows you to set authority limiter based on speed. We've all had that problem of having too much authority when going too fast. Either the plane breaks apart or does back-flips till the cows come home. And yes, I know you can manually change authority, but we all forget to do it sometimes, and automation is convenient. Well, what I'm suggesting is a plugin that will change the authority limiter on control surfaces for you based on speed (Or if some could do it to where it automatically detects how the physics work and change the control surfaces to keep the plane balanced, that would be good too). For Example: If speed is equal to or less than 200 m/s, then set authority limiter to 100% If speed is greater than 200 m/s but less than 300 m/s, then set limiter to 75% If speed is greater than 300 m/s but less than 400 m/s, then set limiter to 50% So on and so forth. I would do it myself, but I have no coding abilities whatsoever.
  8. GoldForest

    A 'night mode' for VAB and SPH

    I agree. I don't think a simple on and off switch for the lights would be too demanding, and if anything, it would actually HELP with loads by turning off the lights. As for more stock lights, yes. I think there should be many more lights. Including, but not limited to: A tiny light about the size of the Linear RCS thruster New Launch Stabilizers with adjust flood lights Mountable flood light arrays Inline light modules And maybe some gimic lights. Such as a disco ball, a neon sign, and a neon strip (pimp my space shuttle anyone?)
  9. GoldForest

    A 'night mode' for VAB and SPH

    I'm suggesting this as a Stock implementation. I realize there is a mod, but I've been finding myself playing pure-stock a lot lately, and a lot of people do go stock only KSP runs, so I figured I throw on Squad's Suggestion desk.
  10. I was playing around with KSP and just realized, we have no way to see what our crafts would look like in the dark except to launch them, time warp to dark, then if we don't like it, go back into the VAB/SPH, edit, rinse and repeat. So my suggestion for this topic: Add a lights out or night mode in the VAB and SPH, to allow us to see what our crafts would look like in the dead of night. Further more, maybe add a slider to control how bright or dark the lights out/night mode is.
  11. GoldForest

    A change to how thrust works

    I fully understand that a system like this would restrict part limits even further, so I was thinking maybe making it an optional thing in the menu settings, or one further, the save file settings, so that it doesn't effect all saves, just the one where you enabled, what I'm going to call, 'Physical Thrust'. Or another thing could be an Engine check box, allowing for more controllability of Physical Thrust. I think this would be the most likely answer. As @Aeroboi said, some people make uber space planes with 50+ Rapiers, so having the ability to make only about 4 to 8 of those physical thrust and have the rest be non-physical thrust would be beneficial. I know the rapier has thrust vectoring, but it's miniscule compared to say the Panther. If you could put a control surface behind the rapier engine and have it redirect the thrust, it would give the space craft a lot more maneuverability. The same could be said about rockets, though, I don't know why you would use flap thrust vectoring on a rocket engine. Maybe if you were making a stealth rocket and the engine was hidden away inside.
  12. Right now, thrust is pretty simplistic. You engage thrust, it pushes your craft forward. If any part of your craft blocks said thrust, it negates all thrust and stops it from working. So, my suggestion is this: Thrust is physical Reason I'm suggesting this is for the problem of blocked thrust due to a wing or control surface or part. We've all been there. Built a plane and placed a part behind the jet engine, go to launch, turn on the engines, full thrust... and... you go no where because the thrust is blocked. So what I suggest is to make thrust act more like physical particles than a static invisible force. This would allow control surfaces and wings to be placed behind the engine inside the jet stream. It would also allow control surfaces to act like thrust vectors, pushing the thrust in any direction. I can also see this being useful for hidden engine builds like replica B-2, in which the engines are hidden inside the wings and there's exhaust ports for the thrust to come out. Since the wings wouldn't block the thrust, and instead direct it, it wouldn't have any problems.
  13. GoldForest

    A few jet part suggestions

    I just feel that we need more plane parts in general, and all of these are just my suggestions and ideas to Squad. I feel there is a place for bigger plane parts. I respect your input, and have thought about it, but I still feel like bigger engines, fuel tanks, passenger section, cockpits, etc would be beneficial. Bigger engines do exist. The GE9X is pretty huge in its own right, being about the size of a 737's fuselage, so bigger engines wouldn't be fictional. And the rapier isn't fictional either. It's based off the Skylon engines which are a hybrid rocket/ramjet engine As for the Mk4 mod, I feel it's too extreme a leap for stock.
  14. GoldForest

    A few jet part suggestions

    For the Mk3 Drone core, eh, maybe not a whole new part. Just cover the windows of the Mk3 cockpit in a new model and remove the interior. Make it an alt model for the MK3 cockpit Mk1 Drone core, I would agree, but the 1.25m probe core works fine. It looks ugly, but imo it works fine.
  15. GoldForest

    A few jet part suggestions

    Well, the higher you go, the poorer the performance of the engine. The Goliath has a sweet spot of around 11-15km imo. I feel that a 3m engine would provide better performance, enough that it would be able to easily operate at 15 - 20km, or even higher. Of course, the same could be said about the Goliath getting a buff. Increase the thurst, and it would be able to work pretty well at higher altitude. Hmmm, and I just had another idea. Instead of giving us Mk3 rounded parts, add a Mk4 part family. Now, 5m plane parts are a little big I would think, but instead of going 5m, go 4m. 4.375m to be exact. I feel like this would be a good size for jumbo planes in KSP. And I know I haven't made a case for a 3m engine, but I'm going to go ahead and say add the 3m engine to the 4m airplane parts. 2.5 engines to 4.375 fuselage and wings would be a little small imo. So I am now adovocating for a 3m engine to go with the mk4 parts. And actually, there would be two mark 4 parts, or mark 4 + mark 5): mark 4 rounded (Or MK4A) and mark 4 blended body(Think NASA's SSTO, the X-33 SSTO. Or the NASA VentureStar) (Would be known as MK4B or MK5) Mark 4A part list ideas: Mark 4A Rounded Cockpit Mark 4A Passenger section Mark 4A Liquid Fuel only MK4A LFO tank MK4A Mono MK4A Large wings (Bigger FAT-445's) MK4A Large Tail MK4A Double height passenger section MK4A Double height cockpit MK4A Double height Tail MK4A Cargo bay MK4A Double height Cargo bay MK4A Wheels Mark 4B/Mark 5 part list: MK4B/5 Cockpit MK4B/5 Probe core MK4B/5 Passenger Fuselage (Will be more like a larger Mk3 passenger section) (All tank parts come in two types. Straight or angled. This is to give the triangle appearance of the X-33. Straight vs angled would be done via in game model switching) MK4B/5 LF tank MK4B/5 LFO tank MK4B/5 Mono tank MK4B/5 Wings MK4B/5 Tail MK4B/5 Linear Aerospike Engine MK4B/5 Cargo bay (Only comes in straight sections, no angled sections) MK4B/5 Wheels MK4B/5 Nose/ Nose Cone MK4B/5 Sized RCS Thrusters