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  1. Well something must have gone wrong during unity exporting, 'cause they are no where near the same length. Daleth tanks left - Fenris stretched tanks right. The Fenris tanks also lower the ribbed section at least a meter or two. . It's not till I add the Fenris-400 tank that the Fenris Delta II becomes as long as the total length of the Daleth II first stage.
  2. Delta II made out of the new parts. To make the Delta II tank with the new parts, I used: Fenris 1300 Upper Stage Tank Fenris 1300 Lower Stage Tank Fenris 800 Tank The tank is longer below the Ribbed section than it is above it, but this was the only way to get the right tank length. Even then this configuration is just a tiny big too long compared to the Daleth II tanks. Also, this custom configuration actually has less fuel even though it's longer. Daleth II total fuel = 4000 Fenris custom Delta II First stage tank = 3400 It still gets the job done, putting a payload into pretty much any orbit up to or below Keostationary, but it's still a limiting factor.
  3. What evidence do you have that they are going to limit the player cap just because hardware? And if we're just going to assume because of hardware limitations, I'd say 8 players will be the cap. The Xbox one X is more than powerful enough for 8 players to comfortably play together, especially if they have dedicated servers. As for PC cap, there will absolutely be none, I can almost guarantee you that. If they allow for custom servers, you can bet anything that people will make the most powerful servers they can to host 100 players. KSP is about no limits, and Star Theory knows that. I don't see them placing any limits on KSP 2. If the consoles get limited, it will probably be Microsoft or Sony that forces it upon Star Theory.
  4. They have not said it has been moved from Spring 2020, so Summer is out of the question until we hear otherwise. Star Theory now does not have the restraint of getting KSP 2 out by March 31st, so they can slow down, just a little bit. Also, Take-Two's fiscal year, not Star Theory's. If I had to guess, Star Theory will push the release date back into June, I'd say June 19th (Friday) is the last date for Spring release, since Spring ends June 20th, on a Saturday. This hype train has no reason to slow down guys. Three more months to the release date is no reason to slow down!
  5. I know this is kind of late, but to me the satellites and the truss structure are too small. In all the concept artist renditions you've shown, they show the truss structure is the same width as the Transstage. And I think the real life photo in your same posts shows the truss baseplate is wider than you have it in game. Why the size difference?
  6. Right, forgot it hasn't been a full 10 years yet. Feels like it sometimes. This is true, only the big name games really make it past 10 million, or even 20, but that is still a good amount.
  7. 3.5 million I would consider niche. Especially when you consider a good amount of games sell well over 10 million copies, with some games reaching 20 million. Also, you have to remember that's 3.5 million copies in the span of over a decade.
  8. They say FY2021 then say FY2021 lasts from April 2020 to March 2021. If I had to guess, i would say KSP 2 has been delayed only a few months, to around May or June, possibly July of 2020. These companies like to play silly stupid games like this, giving misleading info. Also, if you can find only one source, it's more than likely not true and the company jumping the gun on a rumor. I'd wait till multiple outlets report on it before believing this.
  9. Well I was going of the multitude of pictures that showed the a skinny Centaur on top fo Vulcan as well as a comparison of DCSS, Atlas V Centaur and Vulcan ACES. Are they making 2 seperate Centaurs now?
  10. Like the title says, I would like to be able to make folders inside the save craft tab. This is mostly so I can save multiple versions of a craft to one place and to have it neat. So let's say I make a rocket called the Titan. Let's say I create six of them. Titan I, Titan II, Titan III, Titan IIIB, Titan IV, Titan V. I would like to place all Titans in a Titan folder so that I can click the folder and be able to see them easily sorted by themselves. And this also extends to the sub assembly tab as well.
  11. Vulcan ACES 564 Analog Vulcan ACES will use the same nomenclature as Atlas it seems. (Fairing size) (# of SRBs) (Number of RL-10s on the second stage) for those not well versed in the system. So that means, 5 = 5.4 meter fairing, 6 = 6 GEM-63XLs, 4 = 4 RL-10C-1. Some fun facts about the Advanced Cryogenic Evolved Stage: ULA is planning to have it be fully reusable... ish. They plan on giving it the ability to dock in space with another ACES module. This would allow refueling of stages in orbit. This would in essences allow ULA to launch heavier payloads. They would launch the payload into LEO, and use either an ACES already in orbit, or send a second no payload ACES up to orbit, rendezvous with the payload fitted ACES, dock, refuel, then send the payload fitted ACES on to its designated target. ULA plans to make the ACES have a lifetime of weeks, not hours. ACES will be the same length as Centaur V, but wider at 5.4 meters. ACES will use the RL-10 in a 1 to 4 setup.
  12. Try making it an energia style setup instead of a shuttle setup. Put Vectors on the bottom of the EFT and don't turn on the J-2s until EFT sep.