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  1. Doubtful. If you're looking for a Saturn V mod, use BDB. Just had a huge update, and they're starting on revamping the Saturn V soonish after they finish up with bugs and parts that were meant for the update.
  2. The Cormorant and SOCK EFT decouplers are weird if they're not used with anything but a shuttle. Use a regular stock decoupler instead.
  3. Actually the Jupiter III doesn't use RS-68s, it would have used a brand new engine. RS-100s. 50% more performance than the RS-68B. Still nice to see. Good job.
  4. I think @CobaltWolf Has said they won't do paraglidier Gemini. If you want Paraglider Gemini get KNES and the mod that allows its parasail to work.
  5. The Apollo Saturn update is right after this update (1.7). There's a google doc for update 1.8 where you can suggest your ideas to the team. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PwBgY6SWmrqPFAQ4OMHrwMrEJtN1CjBwg2ZiiJAzrtE/edit
  6. Hmmm, well, I have trouble placing the wings. I can't seem to get them just right. Any time I do use them, the shuttle doesn't want to pull up.
  7. I looked in the folder and didn't see a cfg patch. Unless you're talking about the .txt files. Yeah, I've had to Jerry rig something up due to the parts not allowing surface placement. Well, SOCK uses attachment node surface controls, maybe talk to @benjee10 for help. But I was mainly just wanting the wings, not the control surfaces themselves, but noded control surfaces would be nice as well.
  8. @Angel-125 Belated congrats on release. Three questions: Are you planning to do a hydrolox version of the engines? The real X-33/Venture Star's engine ran on that. Could you add a special decoupler and attachment node to the belly of the Mid-Fuselage so we can make a belly to belly X-33/X-33? There's some concepts about a space shuttle launched by another space shuttle attached to the belly. I think the X-33 would benefit from this. Could you add nodes to the wing and rear fuselage to make it easier to attach the wings?
  9. If you're having the parts falling off problem that I think you are having, don't use Autostruts at the same time as Rigid attachment. Tantares does not like them. Only uses autostruts, leave rigid attachment off.
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