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  1. @DaveLChgo I agree but you could subscribe to all the threads of the mods you use and you will then get the notifications to your email of all the changes reducing the pain of sudden changes when they occur. And yes I am subscribed to over 80 threads.
  2. @AYes Have you tried it under 1.6 ? because as far as I can tell it works fine... The usual procedure is to try first then point out any issues if there are any.. regardless its rude to ask Mod makers about updates as per forum rules.
  3. @tonimarkyou do know it works ok in 1.4.4 as most mods do when its only a point release, plus it's rude to just post asking for an update they do this for free not your convenience.
  4. @Darthiir It is compatible, CKAN may say it isn't but it does work and if you DL it direct it will work perfectly fine as you could see if you read back a few posts and pages
  5. @tonimark How is that going to get any support.. how do you know its this Mod ? it could be your setup or other mods. The min required for mod support is copy of logs and screenshot of your game data file as 99% of time its conflict with other mods or how you installed it. As I use this mod and have no issues what so ever its very likely something your doing causing the issue.
  6. @mrstoned Will that work I thought DIY kits were hardcoded to only allow construction in the VAB ? and as EL is no longer officially supported by @RoverDude I can see how it would actually work.
  7. @Kit the kite Ok CKAN is a lovely mod and very convenient for some but it relies on every Mod having compatible version no. to match the current KSP version no. if it doesn't it says no.. The problem is most mods don't need to be updated every time a patch is released most will still work perfectly ok, the best way to know if your mod works is just to read back a few pages on each mod page you will soon know if it doesn't work by the comments from the users and the author of the mod. That's why a lot of us don't use CKAN and use the download links on every mod page and combine it with following each mod on the forum so we get updates via email and also using a mod called KSP-AVC which checks version numbers and provides links for updates if required or available,
  8. @DiscoveryPlanet and @GippoHippo Have you tried it ? because it does work the only thing wrong is the version no. you can run mods perfectly ok with an incorrect version number. if you read Nertea's post on this page all he changed for 1.4.2 was the mini avc which again is just a version checker.
  9. @tytyguy15 Yes the word is "Don't" ask, Mods get updated when the author is ready to do so and asking is against forum rules, also constant requests have been known to stop updates completely. If your new to this every update breaks mods and OP will if still active update as soon as they are willing and able to. don't forget they do this for free in there own time so don't have to update at all if they don't want to.
  10. Thanks for the reply about the Making History for early adopters.  The thread got locked by ambitious mods before I could post my thanks there.  =)

  11. look here your question is answered...
  12. @matthew3181 Then don't be... all requests for updates can result in you being banned from the forums, mods get updated when or if the Author wants to some due to RL stuff never get updated others just take a while and you have to learn to be patient or play something else. Or learn the code and work out how to do it your self. I know the above may sound blunt or even rude but a lot of mod authors have stopped making there creations public due to people constantly badgering them for updates.
  13. Ok, to help the guys on here will need to see your logs and also does this happen with only MKS loaded or do you have lots of other mods as well
  14. I agree considering its only one click to clear the warning as well
  15. As far as I am aware no it doesn't. but I may be wrong Yes there is I have over 70 mods and I don't use CKAN you can install KSP-AVC checker and just update the mods as and when it says they are out of date, tbh its probably more reliable than CKAN.