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  1. I've always taken after my mother a lot. On the one hand, it meant I could always find a sympathetic ear; on the other, I'd often come to her with a problem and have her nod and say, "Yup, that's a tough one. If you ever figure out a solution, let me know."
  2. *kettle drums* "Jeb Kerman, kerbonaut. A kerb barely alive." *wireframe diagrams and specs for MechJeb* "Gentlekerbs, we can rebuild him. We have the technology."
  3. "That's it, we're drawing the meridian right here. That side is your side, this side is our side."
  4. "Sir, it's quite possible that this asteroid is not entirely stable." "'Not entirely stable'? I'm glad you're here to tell us these things!"
  5. It's almost like you're playing around with mysterious, barely-understood forces of nature here... who could have imagined?
  6. Magnificent.
  7. ... if that last line has not already appeared in Plan Kappa, it must be in the next chapter.
  8. "They have no weapons": right. I trust we all remember the Kzinti Lesson?
  9. There was a thread. I don't recall exactly where at the moment, nor have the link - sorry.
  10. Having an accurate delta-V readout is not a "build my rocket" button or a cheat or any other sort of goosery. It's basic information, like the part count or the velocity readout or the altimeter. Do you use maneuver nodes, rather than plotting all your burns by hand/with protractor and slide rule? I mean, if you think that the game shouldn't give delta-V figures, it should be consistent and not tell you how much the burn is going to take, either. Figure it out yourself! How about orbital plots? I remember when the game didn't provide those, because they hadn't been coded yet. Would you like to go back to that?
  11. Seen on tumblr, here: Readers: We'd really like an update. Writers: Yeah me too.
  12. "Hi. I'm Jeb Kerman. Basically... run."
  13. Yay, a new chapter! And some nice designs (and pictures of them) in this one.