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  1. You can reverse the control direction on the probes. Generally speaking, the text label on the probe denotes the standard control direction.
  2. Hope that this helps and doesnt come off as condescending, I felt showing would be better than explaining. When the rendered line turns green, I got a boost of 2,000,000m to the feedercone.
  3. @IgorZ, oh I know. I just would hate to see someone break their game using that to DL other old and decrepit mods.
  4. Careful with that. Part-based mods with no dependencies will work so long as they aren't using stock textures, or version specific coding to work. Function-based mods (KJR, IR, Cact-eye) may not work if not compiled for 1.6.X, as they might try and call a function that has changed or has been removed all together. More of a PSA, than being directed at you, @Tonka Crash. Edit, and if you do list 1.4-1.6, ensure you are paying attention to versions. I've seen multiple versions of the same mods. Just be attentive to what you are downloading.
  5. @sumghai Just as a heads up, Nertea's ReStock resizes the top of the Mk 1-3 Command Pod to be 1.25m, and breaks the clean lines of the docking port, and the SMA umbilical port. Now there's a way to patch ReStock with a MM script to whitelist the parts, I just haven't had the time to figure out how to write one. Not asking you to, just bringing it to your attention.
  6. Congrats on a release! Do you see maintaining this becoming a huge slog every update?
  7. Having never used Kerbal Konstructs before, I saw your mod and figured I'd give it a try. 1) K&K as a base mod really needs instructions on how to bring up menus. Not directed at OP at all but that was annoying to have to figure out. 2) Standard height scaling for the statics. Trying to get stuff to be level was time consuming, and did not match between objects. For instance, some statics required a height of 14.89 or so to be level with the stock KSC. Other pieces needed a height of 24 or so. Consistancy would be a nice if possible. 3) Adding some airfield apron tiles would be awesome. It would allow creating customizable easements taxiways to and from runways and hangars. Edited for clarity and additions. 4) Swappable variants for the roads. The ditches and pipes are a nice touch, but not always wanted or needed. I like the stockalike feel of this package. Outside of the obtuse, unwieldy controls and lack of in-game documentation for K&K itself, you've done an outstanding job reading and mimicking Squad's stylization. I'm looking forward to more of your work.
  8. What about the new KAS tether cables? They have some give, I'd imagine a handful for pylons and anchors would help to keep a moderately-sized flexibly immobile. The floating point error has always been a pain though, and it is terribly unfortunate that it has always been a major issue with multipart bases. I'm curious as to what it would take to fix.
  9. Why are the proposed layouts any better than dropping mods in their entirity into the GameData folder? Mods are self-contained, and in an easily recognizable and easy to find folder. yes load times are long with 100+ mod lists, but for the average player most of these proposals seem overly complex and time-consuming. That doesn't even begin to touch the havoc caused to 3rd party utilities and sites like Curse, Space Dock and CKAN.
  10. I mean, the ISS doesn't have "beds" either. Just velcro the kerbals to the wall in sleeping bags and call it a day.
  11. So here's a short album showing off how cool these parts look in space as a craft!
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