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  1. To add to this. You could get the part count even lower by just having the probe core have a large electrical charge capacity, argon tank, and a powerful antenna. They don't NEED to be specific parts really, although it would be nice (maybe make the parts anyway if you do want to build them yourself?). So you could really just have a probe core, decoupler, and solar panel to have 3 parts per satellite. SpaceX launches 60, not 70 so max 180 parts which isn't that bad!
  2. Do the TE's have throwback animations and built in decouplere? I tried the SLC-40 one and only had the option to put it into the pre launch configuration and had to add a decouple onto the bottom to actually release the rocket. Am I doing something wrong?
  3. Am I doing something wrong? Because when I try and dock two BFS's together they just bounce off and never connect. Using the Pre-Built ones btw
  4. Which addon pack has the landing pads that i'm seeing on reddit?
  5. I'm so sorry, I never use dropbox or anything. Try this one and see if it works. https://www.dropbox.com/s/zo249r56v2e9uvf/output_log.zip?dl=0
  6. Ok, thanks. Is this the right log? https://www.dropbox.com/h
  7. Do you need another mod for Kerbal Konstructs to work? I put the Kerbal Konstructs folder into my GameData folder like any other mod but it just keeps crashing when I try to load the game up. I even did a fresh install with only this mod and it still crashed.
  8. Can't wait! Also, I know the extra buildings and landing pads are a separate mod, but do you have a link to the forum page for it?
  9. Any plans on making black grid fins? When SpaceX rolls out Block 5 they will all have them
  10. How do I switch to the block 5 textures? I click on the interstage and don't get an option to change it. And there is no black interstage part
  11. This is great! Thank you so much! I've noticed something though. I can't actually make the full BFR because the decoupler has no node to attach to.
  12. These looks amazing! Just watched Kattaboses video on this! Will you ever make an updated BFR?
  13. Yes. I have both installed. Here is what my ckan looks like. Galileo's Planet Pack I installed manually. I was playing it without SETI contracts and the contracts were there. http://i.imgur.com/TkQASo5.png
  14. I installed SETI Contracts, Probe Parts, and Unmanned before manned along with Galileo's Planet Pack and I don't get any contracts when I start the game up. Is SETI not compatible with Galileo?
  15. That looks amazing! Just one tip for it though. Make it a little over powered so its not limited to a few tons to orbit since the weight of parts in KSP is unrealistic anyway.
  16. Looks great! I love how the flaps actually function as well!
  17. Will you make the engines for the Booster 3 parts instead of having 42 engines? It really makes my game lag having all those engines going at once. You could make an Outer Ring, Middle Ring, and Inner Ring.