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  1. [WIP] Universal Storage

    @Nertea's mods are a huge inspiration - but I'd rather make my own models instead of riding off his hard work. The profile of the wedges changed so they've had to be remodeled from scratch. We all have the same aesthetic goals, so our parts should tie in well together, I hope Yeah it's taken far too long to release. I'm going to have to cut some parts out just so i can release the mod, but they'll be coming in future updates. Gotta make sure they don't float away!
  2. [WIP] Universal Storage

    Water tanks redone
  3. There was an announcement a few days ago (a banner on the forum) saying the store would be unavailable for a little while. Should be back up soon!
  4. [WIP] Universal Storage

    Redone food\supply bags
  5. Thanks Jade! Keen to patch it again when it US reaches version 2?
  6. [WIP] Universal Storage

    0.625m ACDs, to round out the set. At this size, the reaction wheel torque is probably going to be a little weedy, but they should still (hopefully) be able to decouple things. No promises! Revision of the 1.25m one, adding a bit of colour. Also, finally set all the (70+!) attachment nodes on all of the cores, alongside getting the final wedges transferred into the game.
  7. [WIP] Universal Storage

    Windows 7. I dunno if i can justify the cost; and i guess every drive breaks eventually, regardless of their setup. This one just caught me off guard :| It's always run hot so I might have to invest in some sort of cooling pad, or a mini USB fan going forward.
  8. I think after all this amazing work, don't you think he deserves a bit of a break?
  9. [WIP] Universal Storage

    I'm glad i'm responsible for pulling you back in
  10. [WIP] Universal Storage

    ACD's all done, barring the spec and normal maps. Shouldn't be too tricky, seeing as i can just use the shrouds as a reference. Now to finish the last tanks, and we're almost set for alpha release!
  11. [WIP] Universal Storage

    Not much i'm afraid, been pretty busy. Lost another hard drive yesterday, so scrambling to do 3TB of backups\retrieval before the thing dies properly. Nothing lost with US, don't panic!
  12. [WIP] Universal Storage

    Xmas in retail sucks. Ah well back to it. ACD Animation! Edit - Gfycat seems broken. Try this https://giant.gfycat.com/CloseNastyCopperhead.mp4
  13. [WIP] Universal Storage

    Unwrapped, and working on the meshswitching textures now Not sure about the hazard stripes on the 1.25m one, might make them optional