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  1. Almost there! Unfortunately the 1.875m cylindrical will have to wait (again); i'd rather get this next update out within the decade and not draw things out even longer. Just the import into unity and a few final specular and normal map steps to go, and fingers crossed we'll have a beta build very soon!
  2. The quadcore got some really bad oscillation with autostrut turned on, so we removed it a while back to stop peoples craft exploding under stress. Sooo you guys seem to have a current dev build instead of an early release build Solar isn't ready yet, so the development tools are still turned on in the configs. In each parts corresponding .cfg file there is a USSolarSwitch module, with a DebugMode set to true. Setting it to false will turn off the directional indicator lines. Coming soon!
  3. Are you sure the mod updated fully? Overwrite and replaced the files when it asked? Those parts should have a little teardrop in the thumbnail - i have a funny feeling the UniversalStorage2.dll is outdated. Hard to say what's going on without a log, but if you are running mods that interact with science collection it's probably it.
  4. How is life pain when we have such a wonderful modding scene. Thanks for pouring more love into Tantares, these look awesome
  5. We'll take a look, thanks for letting us know Edit: All fixed, it was due to some overlooked material settings on parts that didn't have normal maps. Seemed to only happen under KSP 1.8, fixes should be available to download soon.
  6. We used to do that in the old version of the mod, but I think people had a few too many accidents during staging and we rolled it back. We are planning on a specific part to do what you want though, i'll post a bit about it when we're a little closer to releasing it. And yes, development is still ongoing! Just want to get things right before showing the new stuff off
  7. I think there is something wrong with that probe core, we'll have another look at it. I'm sure the tank reset bug only happened with the KIS wedges but apparently not.
  8. Hey guys, i assume silence is golden, and the mod still works in 1.8?
  9. I think we were gonna make those specific resource tanks anyway, but sure Thanks for being a fan
  10. Hi guys, had a bit of a lul in my motivation but trying to get back into it now. This next update is going to be a bit larger than I envisioned, but we're getting there! Solar is coming in a big way, we're adding panels to mostly all of the petal shrouds and a few of the larger cylindrical bays, as well as a few wedge-mounted parts. Those profiles are coming! I wasn't too sure about the 1.5m profile but i can always downscale the 1.875m set without too much grumbling, i assume We are adding a few extra sizes to the probecore parts, but i've always thought they were a bit too small to act as true satellites. Would a dedicated decoupler work between the wedge and the bay? But thanks again for all the nice feedback guys, it's heartening to check the forums to see everyone enjoying our work. Helps to keep things going, so to speak Feature list for the next update! * Russian skins for nearly every existing shroud, with a few colour variants of each. Main skins will be set to Tantares olive, alongside a few unique white versions * New Russian inspired parts - namely a early tech tree Vostok\Voskhod shroud with internal monoprop, an extendable four high Soyuz\Progress shroud with internal fuel, and a 1.5m and 1.875m cylindrical bay. * A new mini-Gemini shroud that is skinned to match with the Restock MK1 capsule. * Solar panel integration on the inside of mostly all of the petal shrouds, plus a large (Gigantor XL) and small (OX-4L) wedge mounted versions * Core trusses! These will act as cores that you can attach wedges to, but shaped to act as convenient bodywork for lander designs. * Smaller combo lifesupport parts, to make the early game a little more forgiving. * A smaller probe core variant for the late game * Ore and Xenon wedges * Wedge mounted ore drills * ISRU parts (maaaybe?)
  11. Congrats on release Well! The mod looks amazing