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  1. Non-crunchy version here. Think this came out well, just have to make an ACD to match and then we're onto something new!
  2. Urk, that's an old bug. It's only cosmetic so it shouldn't harm the aero, but it has been fixed and will be pushed out in the next update Sorry it's taken so long, but yeah they are coming as Paul said. I'm also working on a new profile of shrouds right now to tie in with @Beale's work, but they do take forever to complete. Unlike the creation of normal parts, you've got the deployment animation, internal mechanism, external skin, height variants, and all of the unity work so they shroud their contents properly. Not to mention the solar goodies we have coming
  3. Yep i'm slowly working my way through a new set of shrouds. They'll be in the next update.
  4. Sure, that doesn't seem like much work So like, a hollow cargo bay part that is shaped to slot under tanks?
  5. Thank you so much, that means a lot
  6. Ah well, that's a shame. Still for the scope of this mod, i'll just keep it as a basic tank. There'll be no end to this mod if I start making parts like that
  7. From what's I've read, it was a fuel tank used to extend the spacecraft's range during the early days of the Russian moonshot program. Retained until the 7k-OK model, then removed once they realised Soyuz was only going to be used in LEO from 1970 onwards. Considering the Vostok\single height variant has built in fuel, would be a nice distinction for the other variants to have something too
  8. Blocking in a generic-ish Soyuz!
  9. Huh, Is the stock sabatier unit actually producing it? Methane's coming in the far future with full ISRU, odd that we have production of a resource we don't have tankage for. In the meantime we are including support for nitrogen (alongside that quirky, particular service module that used it as a propellant). For use in the stock game however, this part will just use monoprop. Thanks for the kind words
  10. Interior structure all done, time to get the outside looking nice
  11. Interior texturing almost complete, alongside the two, three, and four high Soyuz-profiled inner structures. I'll see what's possible
  12. If that were to ever happen, I'd be expecting serious compensation. This project has been in the making for at least a year with several very skilled people working on it. It would be almost insulting to the community's most talented artists to frame their project as a free crutch for a game that Squad\TakeTwo has more than enough money to pay for. I'd say Squad have made their decisions regarding the ongoing art direction, so yeah. I don't think incorporating Restock would really help push the game into a more cohesive style. Not to say there isn't one - the recent revamps are amazing - but as the Restock thread states, it is a different approach to what most modders (and ex-employees) want the game to look like.
  13. Slow progress. Blame the Russians D:<
  14. Congrats on release @Well Also @IronCretin cuz i'm dumb and had a senior moment Looks amazin!