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  1. It's on its way lol, everyone asks about that piece Just omitted it from this release because it was taking so much time and I was keen on getting something out. It'll be in the next update, don't worry!
  2. Version is now live on Spacedock -> https://spacedock.info/mod/1933/Universal Storage II Bugfixes Added Kerbal Attachment support to both probe cores Added Snacks support to EVA-X Added Snacks Soil recycler (uses Water Purifier model) Added wider mod support to the Combination lifesupport bag; added Hydrogen and Oxygen for stock US2 (fuel cell support) Increased 1.5m Cylindrical shroud torodial tank capacity to a reasonable amount Liquid waste tank meshswitching no longer breaks capacities Solid waste tank meshswitching no longer breaks capacities Radial tank no longer broken when Snacks is installed Solid waste wedge now supports Snacks as a Soil canister Community Resource Pack is included in the mod again Module manager included in the mod again, updated to 4.1.3 Waste tanks no longer default to filled, and are empty on attachment. Big thanks to Wyzard, Jognt, Zorg, and other keen-eyed bugfixers!
  3. @Wyzard Thanks for being so thorough, I definitely dropped the ball and forgot about those. I'll see if i can get those important ones sorted ASAP!
  4. The 1.9.1 Spacedock\newest release is the Beta 5 version of the Pioneer update, which is a few months old now. Most of the reported bugs above have been fixed (missing octocores, ACDs, etc), so I hope we're stable enough to go mainstream now Changelog is as follows: New parts and edits: This update is themed around interfacing with Beale's Tantares revamp, focused around the Russian segment of 50's to 70's space exploration. Most parts now have colour variants that match Tantares and Restock, with some parts made to the same size profiles. New Vostok 1.25 -> 1.5m service module, with integrated monopropellant spheres, and an optional toridial fuel tank. This includes a socketed top to interface with a 0.625m acd\decoupler, and his equivalent Vostok crew capsule. Four bay, early tech tree. Integrated quadcore. Includes optional radiator module (cosmetic). New Soyuz 1.25 -> 1.5m service module, adjustable to 1 - 4 high. Heights 2,3,4 have solar panels integrated into the doors. This also features the toroidal fuel tank, with fuel options. Four bay. Olive, white, grey, black themes. New 1.25 -> 1.875m mini gemini service module, designed with an inset socket to house an 1.25m ACD\decoupler and the Restock MK1 capsule. Five bay. Two colour variants, two interior variants. New variants to most of the ACDs to match their corresponding shroud. Olive, tan, silver, black, grey, etc. New 1.5m cylindrical shroud, made to emulate the Vostok transfer stage\SM. Adjustable. Five bay, with toroidal tankage. Olive, tan, silver, grey. Solar panels in the main bay doors. New rounded domes on the 0.625 adaptor shrouds, designed to appear when the bottom node is used. New Olive, white, grey, black skins on most existing shrouds. 0.625 adaptor shroud, 1.25m cylindrical, 2.5m cylindrical, 2.5m ACD. The 2.5m Olive and Tan variants are based off the Mir space station core body, and the Zvesta (ISS) core body. Both have modelled radiators. New solar panels built into large bay doors on most shrouds. New single high advanced probe core New single high combo food and water bag, for early pioneering flights. Two variants. New Breaking Ground equipment storage wedge. Known Bugs: 1.5m Cylindrical Shroud cannot use bulkhead alongside torodial switching, config locked to one or the other.
  5. Updated officially to 1.9.1 on Spacedock, fixed as many bugs as i could. The 1.5m cylindrical shroud still has a torodial\bulkhead issue until Dmagic has time. https://spacedock.info/mod/1933/Universal Storage II
  6. Sorry for the delay, alternative Dropbox download link for Beta\Hotfix 5 is here https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fjosxxf5ojuhu75/AADKtg3KqcDlvtVsGVra0sS8a?dl=0 Copy and replace over an existing Universal Storage 2 install. Onedrive link remains at https://1drv.ms/f/s!As-w_rlhH66Hl7QLCNdqc4h37igUJg
  7. Any one in particular? I'm pretty sure I patched that with Beta 5 :\
  8. Who doesn't like bees?
  9. Thanks so much! I do want to try and make the mod more useful outside service modules, especially when they're designed to fit against other mods that some people might not have installed. Might see if size profile adaptors or something will be easy to make going forward.
  10. Yeah, the bag was duplicated from the same mesh as Variant 1 and totally identical, but just refused to render in the world. No idea what it was, maybe Unity can't handle two nested blendshapes on the same part? Ended up splitting the bag off separately and having it as a single consistent element, with the two mesh variants switching around it. I think so! Please if you're not sure, try it on a fresh install of KSP first, or deorbit crafts with US2 parts in them before updating. I'd hate to break anyone's save games This build here is what you'd want. https://1drv.ms/f/s!As-w_rlhH66Hl7QLCNdqc4h37igUJg
  11. All fixed! The "ComboLifesupportWedge.mu" file in the Standalone Beta Five has been updated, redownload and overwrite that one and you should be set There's a bit of a weird delay with closing it but at least you can see it now lol
  12. Prob just a slipup keying in the numbers, shouldn't cause too much of an issue. And yep the translation cfgs for the other languages are going to be out of date until people want to tackle them again ..what a strange bug. I'll have a look! CKAN currently hosts an out of date file, those bugs should be fixed in this upcoming release. We just want to stamp out the current bugs before we push it to the public properly
  13. Good spotting, I've updated the files within Beta five. Also noticed the Advanced single height probecore was missing its "Probe" definition so that should help fix crafts that define themselves as debris on reload. Redownload (localization\en-us.cfg, Command\DoubleProbeCore.cfg, and Command\SingleProbeCore.cfg) and any new craft with probecore wedges on them should show these changes * Swapped probe core masses, adv. single height now weighs half of double * Added missing "probe" definition to advanced single to allow it to act as a probe core (crafts are defined as debris on reload otherwise) * Added reaction wheel module back to double core, as it's part of the intended function of the gyroscope. Added small reaction wheel to advanced single, to allow some control * Added basic SAS attitude control features (prograde only) to double core, improved advanced single core SAS feild to level 2 (prograte, retrograde, normals, etc) * Small balance tweaks to adv. Single Probecore (reduced battery capacity so it's not on par with Double, improved data transmission efficiency, added biome detection, reduced reaction wheel strength to reflect its limited size) * Fixes to spelling, changes to part descriptions * Added cck-lifesupport tags to lifesupport parts to enable proper filtering