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  1. [WIP] Universal Storage

    Working out the shroud "cap" height (the part between the capsule and the core). Slimline type of decoupler\reaction wheel, or should it be a mix of both? Happy coincidence everything seems to match proportionately to the real thing though except the capshroud is too tall ignore the capshroud arrrghhh
  2. Everything (barring the fuel cells and recyclers) will be meshswitchable up to 4x high, KIS parts included Development's stopped on this mod in favor of Universal Storage's total revamp, but we're still looking into ways to properly ID parts that are hidden away.
  3. [WIP] Universal Storage

    0.625m shroud in Apollo metal. Slow going, things are heating up at work. Urgh
  4. That's a little infantile, isn't it? Nertea is entitled to reserve every right to the work he makes.
  5. [WIP] Universal Storage

    Yep, the hexcore and octocore have settings for both LF and crew passage.
  6. [WIP] Universal Storage

    Yeah, it's the same animation in reverse And yeah, it's tricky. I wanted to convey a bit more weight considering it's a larger bay mechanism than normal, but nothing seems to be working for me lately
  7. [WIP] Universal Storage

    Quality is a bit crunchy, but you get the picture
  8. [WIP] Universal Storage

  9. [WIP] Universal Storage

    Well, yes, but if the doors move the part will just float there There are flags in Unity to disable attachment on doors, which i might look into. The back lattice will act as the main attachment point. It's a fair bit thicker than the other structures, to avoid the issue that plagues stock cargo bays (parts clipping through on attachment, and not getting occluded).
  10. I've been looking for these parts for so long, so awesome to see them again after 0.24
  11. [WIP] Universal Storage

  12. [WIP] Universal Storage

    Starting work on the 2.5m shroud "payload" variant. Essentially a large (four high only) wide opening cargo bay for your own oversized bits of cargo. No cores or wedges required! Shamelessly reusing aspects of the 1.875m shroud though
  13. KSP Weekly: Expedition 1

    ...is Making History being released within that January time frame for the consoles too? How is that going to work? New entire game purchase, or a patch through the console stores?
  14. Very well, thanks! Pop over to the development thread here if you want, I try and get new stuff done every week