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  1. [WIP] Universal Storage

  2. [WIP] Universal Storage

    Bit more polish.
  3. [WIP] Universal Storage

    Large 2.5m fuel tanks count as "storage", right?
  4. KSP Weekly: Cassini’s Grand Finale

    Two choices. You either contribute to this thread with healthy, civilized discussion; or don't say anything at all. Squad has no obligation to share anything with us, and speaking like you're somehow magically entitled to content is childish. They have a business to run and game development is complicated, even more so with an international team. Show a little respect.
  5. [WIP] Universal Storage

    Thanks Paul - i hate having to give you all the frustrating work!
  6. [WIP] Universal Storage

    Oh, and a few material types for the capshroud before i forget
  7. [WIP] Universal Storage

    In game! Featuring our resident WolfieBoi @CobaltWolf's capsule and engine, to make the Apollo CSM look complete!
  8. [WIP] Universal Storage

    Apollo 2.5m shroud heights, a proper specular map isn't on there yet so this'll be way shinier in the future Shiny! Like a treasure on a sunken pirate wreck. Scrub the deck... ♪♫
  9. [WIP] Universal Storage

    So, going by what we did with the TAC capacities originally, were they set correctly to real life and then shrunk down to Kerbal scale? That did end up working well with the resource parts imho. I'd say all we need to change is the output FC levels based on what an equivalent sized stock part would be. If we use the CRP with liquid hydrogen anyway, what is that value based on? Been a while since i looked at this side of it, tbh
  10. [WIP] Universal Storage

    Not a problem, will keep things separate
  11. [WIP] Universal Storage

    Yeah it's tricky - because this uses an atlas that is 99% full, the UV space for those petals are borrowed from segments of my CSM shroud textures. Can't tone it down without changing everything
  12. [WIP] Universal Storage

    Remember it's still in development, and that part will probably end up with far more polish and functionality than mine. Don't speak too soon! Just a happy coincidence Oh and it's got a lip, pull the part out a little bit with the inset tool if you want to see the hinges\ attach stuff around the base.
  13. [WIP] Universal Storage

    Apollo nosecone shroud done and done. With the crew tube variant (pictured), the most you'll be able to fit in there is small stock batteries, antennae, and a gravitron or two. With the truss variant, there's probably room for two wedges or so. Haven't done the nodes yet. Shoutout to @CobaltWolf for providing the capsule, yet again