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  1. Daishi

    Universal Storage II

    Can you at least attach it to the kerbal? Hold g and drag it into their inventory (or whatever key it was?) I'd rather get some fancy new parts done first, to be honest, but maybe in the future. I think it is TAC, i remember having the same problem ages ago with the stock system. Might just be a limitation of their processing? Not sure.
  2. Daishi

    Universal Storage II

    A few posts above you had a small hotfix release to solve that problem, KAS did indeed change the way they dealt with part attachment, so we had to update all the code and stuff to match. USII should fix that problem Thanks for the praise, we aim to please! So we have a rough roadmap going forward... * Solar panels are planned * Radiator systems are planned * Antennas are planned * Stock science parts are coming * Radial wedge mounting trusses are coming * Control (probe) brains are coming * Jettisonable doors of certain shrouds are being looked at * Bulk tanks (one day, urgh!) ..but I think starting on crewed parts would be such a massive undertaking i'd rather not even think about it. Not sure about RCS systems but if i were to make them, they'd be 'built in' to the doors so the structure existed under the shroud, and the nozzles stuck out from the surface. It's how i'll be approaching the low gain scimitar antenna like the Apollo CSM used - you'll have the immobile blade structure on the outside of the craft, and a bit of machinery in the bay underneath it. I dunno.
  3. Daishi

    [WIP] Universal Storage

  4. Daishi

    [WIP] Universal Storage

    True true! Material bay blocking in
  5. Daishi

    Universal Storage II

    Do you mean part testing contracts? We can always try implement that if people want it
  6. Daishi

    [WIP] Universal Storage

    Depending on how far we want to stray from just using the stock experiment system (probably a lot, we have Dmagic's help after all!) - we could definitely shake it up. I am planning a little centrifuge in the containment unit, so in total there'll be like three different 'states' of goo. Spherical on the left (pressurised?), two vials of environmentally exposed goo in the middle, and highly spun samples on the right. Might have to place it higher in the tech tree or make it expensive, don't want to make it too OP.
  7. Daishi

    [WIP] Universal Storage

    Conceptualising some mystery goo
  8. Daishi

    [WIP] Universal Storage

    Right, all the fixes and upgrading has been done! Took a heck of a lot longer than i had hoped, but at least the project is now sitting in a modern version of Unity, and ready for any fancy new thing Squad'll throw at us with 1.6 Alongside the mesh fixes, i've redesigned the first two heights of the 1.25m Porkjet themed shrouds to better fit alongside it's main pairing (the new MK1), plus created a "MK1" variant for the 1.25m ACD. In addition... * The 1.875m -> 2.5m and the 1.5m -> 1.875m adaptor shroud\fairing have had their deployment limits extended, so now the bays can be used for rover pods, with ramps you can drive down... * No more holes in the bottoms of the 2.5m doors, or random parts of the other shrouds. I've essentially rebuilt these all over again * Collision meshes have been redone (more on the perks of this later!) * Added CMs to the inside panels of the BDB shroud, so it's now easier to attach other odds and ends inside * 0.625m shroud has had its door hinge pivoting fixed, plus it now has a thicker mounting mesh at the back * Tidied up the external shroud textures, and fixed a lot of the bleeding colours from the other variants in the Saturn and Gemini pallets. With all that out of the way, i'm now tearing into the soon-to-be stock-US2 science parts! We have a combo Thermometer\Barometer on the left, and a combo Accelerometer\Gravioli on the right. These will both be one wedge high, with the Mystery Goo (maybe?) and Materials bay coming in at double height units.
  9. Daishi

    Universal Storage II

    Sorry about all the confusion, we seem to get these questions about the two mods quite a lot :\ It was only to keep legacy crafts from breaking, so we just decided to keep the old mod around to make it easier for people to upgrade their saves. I don't really think US1 has anything in it that US2 doesn't do better.
  10. Daishi

    Universal Storage II

    I think KIS\KAS the stock rigs got changed and broke the bone system KAS used to stick parts to the kerbals. There's a post here i just found. We'll start working on a patch.
  11. Daishi

    Rack Mount Spcecraft Parts [Dev thread]

    Oooo is there an upda.... oh. Cinebox please come back
  12. Mom with her bebby tanks catching a ride. ...you should really consider calling this part the Wolfspider. Just sayin'
  13. Daishi

    [WIP][RSS/RO] Alternate Apollo

    Damn that's pretty. Endorsed!
  14. Nice work Squad - it's the last part i expected to get touched Although it seems a little... geometric to me? I mean i know it's a lander can and it needs to fit inline with the 2.5m stack, but there's been so much creativity with the other parts this doesn't seem very inspired. That MH Apollo LEM can was top notch, the probe revamps look amazing.. this doesn't fit in the design language. The peak of the space race was in the 70's and that time period was all about the curves, and a lot of my work tries to marry that into the "Kerbal" aesthetic. Curved windows, punched holes in the metal structure to save weight, structural ribbing to add strength with the bare minimum of mass. Hard rules in real life spacecraft design! That, and those elements make for great visual interest, and draws your eye to the part and helps sell it as something that could physically exist. Excuse my blotchy photoshop, but i think doing revamps is a great opportunity to be creative and have fun with new directions with your designs. I mean, your art team have shown it with that beautiful MK1 pod, the probes, the MH parts. Don't restrict yourselves to basic shapes