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  1. Nah, nothing would break. You'd just have to edit out certain "require mod" fields in the .cfg and replace the resources with something useful I trust it'll be working fine, though I haven't got KSP installed at the moment to check. Can't really do another update with the patch without the authors permission, though.
  2. Thank you so much! There is only so much I can do as an artist, coding is not my strong suit and errors like those were way out of my reach If you're confident, would you mind if this is pushed and included in an official 1.12 release? Full credit to you of course
  3. Thankyou for the endorsement and kind words <3 @KSPStar I borrowed a lot from the 1950's - 1970's aesthetic in the things I made - It's the perfect excuse for grounded, 'realish' designs that could have possibly existed while maintaining a quirky Kerbal feel at the same time. I mean, I'm sure the logistics of shipping up hundreds of miniature CRT monitors on unmanned probes isn't that farfetched when you can ride a SRB up to orbit on a lawn chair. https://gfycat.com/glamorousunnaturalgerbil I personally love that era which is probably at odds with the more futuristic, end game focus KSP2 has; but if the sequel focused on reinforcing that sense of technological progression as you climbed through the tech tree, I'd certainly be keen to grapple with some early-game parts painted in teal with monochrome, phosphor displays
  4. I think Paul is taking a break, Dmagic is busy and i just lost my PC hard drive to a bootloader corruption issue. Data is still there but it means i need to rebuild all my unity projects in a fresh install of Windows 10 and reinstall everything. Not really feeling it on top of global & personal stuff. Was hoping to kickstart things with KSP2 but that's kinda gone quiet too. I'll see if i can push out my last few models that were pretty much done.
  5. One of a few new parts, the basic wedge-housed subsatellite (styled a bit off sputnik, or a fallout eyebot). There's an advanced one too, kinda to match the real life one they ejected from the CSM on Apollo 15 and 16. Ideally you'd launch them in orbit around a moon\planet while you're in the SOI, and they return new science experiment data until the batteries run out
  6. Not sure, but if it did it'd be through somebody else's patch. Could ask around on their thread I could put a node in there for ya, not sure about extending it out with size options sorry. Argh i thought i fixed those. I'll have another look. Cheers for having a look Star Back to it again. Getting the subsats all rigged
  7. I'll give that a look, cheers. I think a spark engine works well
  8. I'll get a few models made for the next update Yeah that's weird, been an issue for a while. I'm not sure we have a way to fix it :\
  9. Sure Linux, what kind of info? Are you aiming to augment the science parts?
  10. Thanks man, means a lot. Are the current builds incompatible, or are you just waiting for an official sign from me?
  11. I think we did at one point, but the explosions were too much >< Don't want to anger anybody further by reintroducing what some would consider a bug! I should have made that radiator piece hollow in the middle, an OscarB should fit perfectly. If you want you could inset it slightly into the radiator truss and fill it with fuel that way. Don't be too hasty, i'm still here Yeah I think Paul needed a break. I'm a bit strained creatively at the moment with everything that's happening in this crappy world, so I can totally understand the need for bowing out for a bit. I think i'm up for maintaining the cfg stuff in his stead in the mean time, but the plan was to get this mod feature complete and then port it to KSP2. I'm still unemployed. The mod is hardly going to get abandoned Next update, I promise. Sorry. Lander stuff is on the cards, i share your frustrations with the limitations of the current set of parts. Gotta find that elusive motivation!
  12. @Gyger @majNUNYes I might need the full set of logs, this is very strange
  13. A stock install, or with other mods? Might need to have a look at your log files if that's ok :|
  14. It's on its way lol, everyone asks about that piece Just omitted it from this release because it was taking so much time and I was keen on getting something out. It'll be in the next update, don't worry!
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