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  1. I believe you're saying that the blue line uses the 'orbital' frame of reference rather than the 'surface' frame of reference. This makes perfect sense, reflecting the orbital frame of reference, if the player is using it -- e.g. during orbital maneuvers. I think this is not ideal however. It would make better sense for the blue line to be calculated using whichever frame of reference is selected on the navball. Alternatively, switch the blue line to a surface frame of reference whenever 'time to impact' is less than some threshold, perhaps as much as 15 minutes. Observe that in the screenshot Dale Christopher posted, his velocity, relative to the surface, is straight downward, not off to the side. In particular, there is no circumstance in which the vessel will appear to follow the blue line at all: the camera moves along with the vessel (i.e. it is stationary in the vessel's frame of reference), and the vessel and surface position are similarly stationary relative to one another (except for vertical motion). I believe this is equivalent to automatically toggling 'fixed body' mode on when the player is in 'surface' mode (or when there's a nearby time-to-impact), and off when not.
  2. @enceos That was already fixed in Kopernicus 1.7.1-5, 29 days ago. Update.
  3. Are the navball circle and square indicators supposed to be medium gray and black? They look more like a bugged or missing texture than a deliberate design to me, which is why I ask.
  4. I am also getting the Trajectories.bin hang after upgrading Kopernicus. I completely deleted Kopernicus to reinstall it. However, immediate minimal testing suggests it's not actually Trajectories that's breaking things. Testing in KSP with no other mods loading: Kopernicus 1.7.1-4 + Trajectories official release ---- loads into game, but (duh) trajectories doesn't work Kopernicus 1.7.1-4 + Trajectories after copy/renaming the 16 file to Trajectories17.bin ---- loads into game, trajectories button appears and I assume it works [EDIT: I didn't notice Kopernicus depended on ModularFlightIntegrator, because I was doing things manually instead of through CKAN. Once it's included, you get the hang on loading.] Kopernicus 1.7.1-4 + Trajectories (official OR with 17.bin, makes no difference) + ModularFlightIntegrator ---- hangs on kopernicus\plugins\trajectories.bin during load
  5. BlocNumber never seems to get used. Not with changes made to a ship, not even with completely different ships with no parts in common. I've made templates that force it to be displayed, And I end up with a vessel named " [blocNumber].blocmark 008.num". Arabic/Roman makes no difference. Tested in 1.7.0 and 1.7.1 Mod version installed through CKAN.
  6. Big ugly box around the stars, which aren't vertical either. KSP 1.7.1 Tested on a PortraitStats (only) install, no other non-dependency mods.
  7. I really wanted this to work. For me, it did fix the invisible-parts problem. However, the engines and fueltanks behaved as if they were larger than they actually were - so that there were gaps between connected parts.
  8. My rover took a tumble and apparently killed Bill; he went ragdoll and the craft stopped taking input. Unfortunately for me, this means it kept the previous inputs I'd given it just before that point. The tumbling slowed and slowed more, each time spending more and more of its motion doing a loop on one of the wheels, until... Words don't really do it justice. This would've gone on for days, I suspect, until that patch of Mun was totally without sunlight.
  9. Mk1 cockpit lights: RCS and SAS toggle green/off matching the normal navball RCS/SAS indicators. GEAR and LIGHT toggle green/off matching the normal altitude-display indicators. STAGE is the staging lockout - green when the normal indicator is green, off when the normal indicator is purple. (?) HEAT - obviously related to overheating but unsure of the lighting conditions. (?) HIGHG - obviously related to g-meter but unsure of the lighting conditions. (?) TWR is orange at a fractional (0.8, I assume all of 0.01-0.99) thrust-to-weight ratio. I assume it's green above 1.0 and off with no engine (or fuel?). (?) FUEL - unlit at 40%, unsure of conditions. The six unlabled lights to the right of the indicator lamps are: [blue SAS] [Purple GEAR] [??] [Orange RCS] [Yellow LIGHTS] [??] These light in the named color when the associated lamp is lit. Anyone want to fill in the missing pieces?
  10. Instruments button seems to always read 'no data'. This button does what, exactly?
  11. What determines what category things end up in right now? I'm not sure I understand the difference between 'lander' and 'base' for example.
  12. When was this fixed? The last time this was addressed, dual joysticks were nonfunctional because the game didn\'t distinguish axes/buttons on one from the other.
  13. Very nice. Any thoughts on (in the future) using the data to generate ground tracks? Example (a Molniya orbit):